Amelia’s Magazine | Tent London 2014: Lighting, Furniture, Jewellery and Interior Design

melanie porter sheep
Continuing my very late review of the 2014 edition of Tent London, here is some wonderful furniture, lighting, jewellery and other finds.

Melanie Porter
First of all, Snarfle astride a knitted rocking sheep (top) by Melanie Porter, who is also responsible for these sophisticated shadow lights woven with metallic thread.

Haidee Drew
These lovely ceramic ducks are by Haidee Drew.

Sevak Zargarian
Sevak Zargarian made these beautiful porcelain bowls, and has recently completed some awesome pendant lights for Heals.

turner furniture
These stunning inlaid wood cabinets are by Turner Furniture.

Christine Meyer-Eaglestone
More amazing marquetry in a mirror surround by Christine Meyer-Eaglestone.

Dan Heath studio
Daniel Heath created this Memphis inspired printed wood coffee table using a new printing process. I just love the pattern and what an innovative idea!

Nicholas Collins
And now for something pretty unique: Tumbling Blocks glass plates by Nicholas Collins.

Korinna Mei Veropoulou
The London Met University took a stand at Tent, and I particularly liked this fluoro illustration by Korinna Mei Veropoulou.

Melody Rose
Flying acrobats featured on the new range of Melody Rose china mugs.

Chromatic jewellery
Chromatic jewellery by Inca Starzinksy gives a new twist to perspex.

On a similar tip are these colour wheel balls by Kolormondo, created to help designers.

Summer will be back
I first met the lovely Lisa of Summer Will Be Back when I visited her studio in Copenhagen. These origami mobiles are a beautiful addition to her print based ranges. I am very impressed by how prolific Lisa is.

Manufract jewellery from Germany features some unusual broken maple and resin pendants.

Andrew Luddick
At the Irish showcase I was drawn to playful ceramics by Andrew Luddick.

These fun ‘Chalet’ tables are by Woodenleg.

Louise tucker
Cardiff based Louise Tucker makes gorgeous woven lampshades.

Clare Millard
This geometric optical jewellery is by Clare Willard, currently stocked in the Design Museum.

Claire Loderheads
Humorous ceramics by Claire Loder stood out as hand made craft objects in a more design orientated show.

From Africa
These stylish monochrome woven lampshades (I sense a theme) are From Africa.

Glassmania czech
Glassmania was a fun stand featuring unusual and playful designs by students from the Academy of Arts in Prague.

Korean metal gongs
These giant metal gong balls were an eye catcher at the Korean showcase.

Alfred and Wilde
Finally, I absolutely love the Platonic Solids inspired collection by new brand Alfred and Wilde from designer Simon Mitchell. These mugs come in 5 designs and are fired with dishwasher safe 9ct gold. I had a great chat with Simon, who still works two days a week in a marketing job to support his dream to run his own design brand. Simon contributed writing about the Platonic Solids for my 10th anniversary book That Which We Do Not Understand, and I recently interviewed him here.

All of these images were first shared on my instagram feed.

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Amelia’s Magazine | Review: Made in Clerkenwell – Winter Open Studios at Craft Central 2011

Made in Clerkenwell Winter Open Studios - Rachel Black

At number 21 Clerkenwell Green I found twinkly fairy lights, colourful textiles and rooms full of friendly faces. The Winter Open Studios is a weekend where designers within the Craft Central network are able to exhibit and sell their work, and for those onsite, an opportunity to open up their workshops to the public. The opening night I attended last Thursday was something of an after work treat, and how reassuring to find that there are communities out there who enjoy crafting art and objects from hand, buying these things in person and meeting their makers. It’s a wonderful antidote to Amazon, self-checkouts and anonymous, ill-informed purchases.

My first stop is at the top of this tall, skinny building, with milliner Rachel Black, who is here for her first open studio. Her ‘less is more’ ethos is clear from the clean lines of her pieces, but they have a touch of whimsy too – I especially loved her Forest hat, a thick, wavy, green felt piece perfect for the winter months.

Made in Clerkenwell Winter Open Studios - Rachel Black

I spend a little while chatting to Amy Twigger Holroyd, who trades as Keep and Share –she’s an approachable knitwear designer whose work I hope to see a lot more of in the future. Amy has a combination of machine and hand knitted jumpers and scarves, and works on a ‘hand feel’ basis, meaning that there are a range of UK-produced alpaca, Italian wools and natural materials to choose from. As well as clothing, Amy makes knitting kits, perfect gifts for existing or would-be knitters. You might also be interested in learning about Amy’s Prick Your Finger event which Amelia’s Magazine listed in October.

Made in Clerkenwell Winter Open Studios Keep and Share

Made in Clerkenwell Winter Open Studios Keep and Share

Silversmith Alex Ramsay’s workshop has a creative buzz about it, with mulled wine and Christmas baubles. She explains that she is interested in shadows and layers, and creating depth through piercings – her bowls and jewellery look exquisitely haunted and are unlike anything I’ve seen.

Made in Clerkenwell Winter Open Studios - Alex Ramsay

Photography by Caitlin Sinclair

Next I’m lured in to Sonia Cheadle’s cabinet of wonders, where she lets me try on a black diamond beaded bracelet that catches the light, and a yellow gold beaded ring which is impossible not to smile at. Sonia specialises in clasps which are integral to the overall design, so for example, when a necklace’s clasp falls to one side, it looks as though it is intentionally placed. This is thoughtful, contemporary jewellery, at the top of my wish list.

Made in Clerkenwell Winter Open Studios - Sonia Cheadle

Image courtesy of Sonia Cheadle

Julie Vermeille’s worry dolls and illustrated prints are a real highlight. She is inspired by folk tales, and focuses on bringing these stories to life using different textiles and inks. I love her delicate hand-bound books, print series and vintage lace brooches, all of which have stayed with me long after seeing them. Take a look at some of Julie’s earlier work featured in Amelia’s Magazine.

Made in Clerkenwell Winter Open Studios - Julie Vermeille

Made in Clerkenwell Winter Open Studios - Julie Vermeille

Images courtesy of Julie Vermeille

Down on the ground level Haidée Drew and Jo Davies are exhibiting together, next to the main entrance. It’s a great social spot, and I am immediately taken with Haidée’s fun Ara mirrors, as well as Jo’s stripy porcelain cups. These are clever, affordable pieces, and the two designers complement one another’s work well.

Made in Clerkenwell Winter Open Studios - Jo Davies

A two minute stroll down the road and I’m at St John’s Square, where the second half of Made in Clerkenwell takes place. Bunting and wine tell me this venue is having even more of a celebration, and I kick-start it all by taking in a festive cabinet display by Abby Monroe, whose lacy porcelain necklaces and decorations are a delight.

Made in Clerkenwell Winter Open Studios - Abby Monroe

Around the corner I spot Selina Rose’s felt owl rugs, a marvel of colour and felt cut outs, and Charlene Mullen’s embroidered pillows featuring famous cityscapes, and her toy bird collection, which I very much want to take home.

Made in Clerkenwell Winter Open Studios - Selina Rose

Made in Clerkenwell Winter Open Studios - Charlene Mullen

Pastel shades and tree themes characterise Kate Rawlinson’s one/ of a kind section, filled with badges, pillows and sweet decorations—it’s a popular stand and hard to get a look in, but definitely worth the wait. Given Kate’s focus on sustainable production and trees as subject matter, she recently formed a partnership with charity Trees for Cities—I’m interested to see what the results are.

Made in Clerkenwell Winter Open Studios - one/of a kind

Anna Alicia’s A Alicia brand is all about creating jewellery from ethical, organic and fair-trade materials, but the feel-good factor is only half the fun. Her jewellery features beads and ribbons galore, and hand-knitted necklaces that resemble giant petals. See more of A Alicia’s work in this Amelia’s Magazine review of The Papered Parlour: Fashion in the Age of Austerity.

Made in Clerkenwell Winter Open Studios - A Alicia

Made in Clerkenwell Winter Open Studios - A Alicia

I think TheBigForest display’s colourful pillows, toys and decorations are created for children, but an awful lot of the adults gathered around seem to be having a good time foraging through the felted toys and stitching. The work of this textile label is hugely appealing, and left me wanting to know more about the stories behind some of the creatures.

Made in Clerkenwell Winter Open Studios - TheBigForest

An inspiring, enjoyable evening, it’s left me on the lookout for what these amazing designers create next.

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