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OPEN flyer Etsy show
Celebrating London Art Month, online marketplace presents OPEN: An exhibition of Art on Etsy. OPEN features exceptional contemporary work by 15 UK artists, specially selected to showcase the diverse range of artistic styles, practices and subjects found on From painting to fine art ceramics to printmaking, celebrate all things 'art' in the broadest sense of the word! Here are a few sneak previews of exhibition artists, including a few friends of Amelia's Magazine.

Kethi Copeland Balloons Etsy show
Kethi Copeland, Balloons.

Kristi Cumming lives and works on the remote island of Shetland. Kristi's work aims to convey the emotions of fleeting memories; trips to the beach; trooping down through the dunes in battered trainers filling with sand. The abstract beauty of the piece encourages you to read your own memories. (Kristi's piece Path to the Beach is on the flyer)

Dawn by Midori Takaki Etsy show
Dawn by Midori Takaki.

Lucy Pass 'Rare Bird III' Etsy show
Lucy Pass left college in 2005, since when has been practicing as an artist and designer in Lancaster. The intention of Lucy’s work is to produce intimate portraits which give an opportunity to take a curious gaze into the face of a stranger. The stillness of the images and absence of any background objects is intended to enhance the viewing experience, cutting out extraneous information and allowing the viewer to see beyond the immediate appearance of the subject.

Lou Taylor swimmers print
Lou Taylor is based in Brighton, where she makes acrylic jewellery and intricate artworks inspired by a love of Art Deco, lidos and vintage quilts.

Ness Donnelly weave Etsy show
Ness Donnelly is based in Manchester and studied at Manchester Metropolitan University. She is interested in line, repetition, time, space and the process of making. The use of repetition is as much about the physical act of making as the appearance of the work. Lines of thread are overlaid almost resembling weaving, allowing the colours to interact with each other and produce new ones.

Maya Mladenovic You are my rock Etsy show
Maya Mladenovic, You are my rock.

Duck Ceramics
Alice Duck Green Vessel Etsy show
Duck Ceramics is run by Alice Duck, a self taught potter with a whimsical style inspired by traditional ceramic ware with a modern twist. She makes one of a kind crockery in stoneware and porcelain.

Becci Maryanne Habitat Etsy show
Becci Maryanne, Habitat.

William White Beach Huts Etsy show
William White, Beach Huts.

All exhibiting artworks can be found here. Information regarding the event and further artist profiles can be found here.

Opening Times: Friday 17 October: 10am – 8pm, Saturday 18 October: 11am – 6pm, Sunday 19 October: 11am – 3pm