Amelia’s Magazine | Abigail Wright

Abby Wright is a Yorkshire based illustrator, cure currently completing the third year of her Illustration degree.

She enjoys incorporating hand drawn line work with colour and textures to produce her illustrations. Her favourite type of illustration is fashion. She loves the beauty and texture of the clothes and this certainly inspires her. She also enjoys working on editorial and portrait illustration, and when she gets chance she loves print-making!

Most of the time she can be found doodling, cooking, singing and playing with her trusty macbook. She draws inspiration from other illustrators, the outdoors, colour, cats and her boyfriend. She has already produced work for a number of online magazines, and her work can be found in Amelia’s Compendium of Fashion Illustration.

She collects art books and has a soft spot for handmade cards and books. She has recently joined forces with five like-minded illustrators, together forming Tea&Crayons.