Amelia’s Magazine | AOI Illustration Awards 2014 Exhibition

Category: Art

AOI Illustration awards flyer
The AOI Illustration Awards 2014 Exhibition showcases work by category winning illustrators and highlights from this year's shortlist. The show includes emerging and established talent from across the globe. Two overall winners, The AOI New Talent Award 2014 and The AOI Professional Award 2014, will be announced at the private view and awards ceremony. After the show at Somerset House, the exhibition will continue on its tour across the UK. Some of the winners are profiled below, to find out more about their individual projects click on their names:

William Grill, the New Talent winner for the Children’s Book category, with his first book Shackleton’s Journey, which he started as a third year project whilst at university.

Andy_Ward_UCSC Cares_University_of_California_1
Andy Ward won the Professional award for the Advertising and Design category. His winning entry formed part of a mental health awareness campaign for the University Of California's Santa Cruz campus.

Doran_David_Editorial_Going Home_The New York Times Book Review_1
David Doran’s illustration for The New York Times Book Review won the New Talent category winner award. The piece titled ‘Going Home Again’ accompanied an article reviewing Dennis Bock’s novel. The story follows a man that spends a strange year at home, in Canada, after separating from his wife in Madrid.
Laurindo_Feliciano_Editorial_Fabricating_Flaunt Magazine_1
Laurindo Feliciano is the Professional Editorial category winner. Flaunt Magazine commissioned the winning entry ‘Fabricating Art’, to accompany an article based on Laurindo’s answers to questions set by art director Jim Turner, on the topic of his work process.

Thoka_Maer_It's_No_Biggie_Self Initiated_1
Thoke Maer’s self initiated project ‘It’s No Biggie’ won the New Talent award in this category. The project is an ongoing series of animated GIF’s based on moments that are all too familiar and perhaps even nostalgic.

Opening times: 10am – 6pm

Amelia’s Magazine | The Making of Mordor at Black Country Echoes Festival

Category: Art

Wadsworth_ In the Black Country
Wadsworth, In the Black Country.

Mordor conjured images of a charred wasteland exploited for its resources. The Making of Mordor exhibition at Black Country Echoes Festival explores the links between J.R.R. Tolkien’s depictions of this fantasy region in The Lord of the Rings and the Black Country of the 1900s, which lay a few miles from his childhood home.

Empire Marketing Board poster
Empire Marketing Board poster.

Alongside images from Tolkien’s sketchbooks, signed first editions of his novels and iconic illustrations by concept artist Ted Nasmith, The Making of Mordor features works by other 20th century writers and artists who have been influenced by the industrial powerhouse of the West Midlands. Contemporary responses to the post-industrial Black Country will also be on show, including works by Turner Prize nominee Richard Billingham, photographer Brian Griffin and artist Euripides Altintzoglou, along with an indoor forest by internationally-acclaimed installation artist Olafur Eliasson.

Richard Billingham, Black Country Night
Richard Billingham, Black Country Night.

Opening times: Monday – Saturday: 10am – 5pm

Amelia’s Magazine | Miniature Ink: Tattoo Art Exhibition

Category: Art

miniature-ink-flyer-atomica gallery
Opening on the eve of The London Tattoo Convention and with the popularity of tattoos on the rise, Atomica Gallery and Things&Ink magazine have collaborated once again to present an exhibition that celebrates the very best in contemporary tattoo artistry. Miniature Ink will feature miniature originals by 100s of tattooers from around the globe and showcase a diverse array of styles, techniques and subject matter. The exhibition is being held to raise awareness for Sarcoma UK, with profits from sales being donated to the unique cancer charity. 

Miniature Ink_drew_linden
Drew Linden.

Miniature Ink_alexis_camburn
Alexis Camburn.

Each artwork in Miniature Ink will be for sale at the same affordable price of just £60 and there is no preview list for this exhibition, work will be sold on a first-come first-served basis. Everyone is in with a a chance to own an affordable original artwork from some of the industry's most highly sought artists, or pick-up a hidden gem from a future star! 

Miniature Ink_paupiette_scorbut
Paupiette Scorbut.

Miniature Ink_jack_thomas_newton
Jack Thomas Newton.

Miniature Ink_eva_huber
Eva Huber.

The opening party takes place on Wednesday 24th September at Atomica Gallery from 6-9pm, with complimentary drinks from Sailor Jerry Rum and The Brooklyn Brewery. Everyone is welcome, just or join the Facebook event here.

Opening times: Mon – Friday 12-6pm, Saturday 12-5pm, Sunday 12-4pm 

Amelia’s Magazine | OPEN – An Exhibition of Art on Etsy

Category: Art

OPEN flyer Etsy show
Celebrating London Art Month, online marketplace presents OPEN: An exhibition of Art on Etsy. OPEN features exceptional contemporary work by 15 UK artists, specially selected to showcase the diverse range of artistic styles, practices and subjects found on From painting to fine art ceramics to printmaking, celebrate all things 'art' in the broadest sense of the word! Here are a few sneak previews of exhibition artists, including a few friends of Amelia's Magazine.

Kethi Copeland Balloons Etsy show
Kethi Copeland, Balloons.

Kristi Cumming lives and works on the remote island of Shetland. Kristi's work aims to convey the emotions of fleeting memories; trips to the beach; trooping down through the dunes in battered trainers filling with sand. The abstract beauty of the piece encourages you to read your own memories. (Kristi's piece Path to the Beach is on the flyer)

Dawn by Midori Takaki Etsy show
Dawn by Midori Takaki.

Lucy Pass 'Rare Bird III' Etsy show
Lucy Pass left college in 2005, since when has been practicing as an artist and designer in Lancaster. The intention of Lucy’s work is to produce intimate portraits which give an opportunity to take a curious gaze into the face of a stranger. The stillness of the images and absence of any background objects is intended to enhance the viewing experience, cutting out extraneous information and allowing the viewer to see beyond the immediate appearance of the subject.

Lou Taylor swimmers print
Lou Taylor is based in Brighton, where she makes acrylic jewellery and intricate artworks inspired by a love of Art Deco, lidos and vintage quilts.

Ness Donnelly weave Etsy show
Ness Donnelly is based in Manchester and studied at Manchester Metropolitan University. She is interested in line, repetition, time, space and the process of making. The use of repetition is as much about the physical act of making as the appearance of the work. Lines of thread are overlaid almost resembling weaving, allowing the colours to interact with each other and produce new ones.

Maya Mladenovic You are my rock Etsy show
Maya Mladenovic, You are my rock.

Duck Ceramics
Alice Duck Green Vessel Etsy show
Duck Ceramics is run by Alice Duck, a self taught potter with a whimsical style inspired by traditional ceramic ware with a modern twist. She makes one of a kind crockery in stoneware and porcelain.

Becci Maryanne Habitat Etsy show
Becci Maryanne, Habitat.

William White Beach Huts Etsy show
William White, Beach Huts.

All exhibiting artworks can be found here. Information regarding the event and further artist profiles can be found here.

Opening Times: Friday 17 October: 10am – 8pm, Saturday 18 October: 11am – 6pm, Sunday 19 October: 11am – 3pm

Amelia’s Magazine | Emberfest 2014 in Devon

Category: Earth

Emberfest flyer
Relax in comfort at Embercombe, which is a community set in a beautiful valley in the heart of Devon, with views over the Dartmoor National Park. Find out more about the location of Emberfest here. At this small family centred festival you will learn how to pickle, preserve, forage and ferment, bread bake and make fruit wine! Visitors will stay in cosy yurts, eat delicious food fresh from the garden, opt in to a range of food related workshops and enjoy all the wild resources that Embercombe has to offer, including lake swimming, woodland walks and a fabulous children's play area. Find out more details and book your place here.

Emberfest stone circle
Emberfest sunset

Amelia’s Magazine | Fashion Illustration Gallery Summer Show 2014

Category: Art

Richard Bernstein Stevie Wonder
Stevie Wonder by Richard Bernstein for Interview, June 1986. Photo (Albert Watson), pastel, pencil, airbrush and collage on foam board.

As part of the FIG Summer Show the Fashion Illustration Gallery presents a collection of works created by artist illustrator Richard Bernstein (1939 – 2002) for the cover of Andy Warhol's infamous Interview magazine.

Richard Bernstein Aretha Franklin
Aretha Franklin by Richard Bernstein for Interview, December 1986. Photo (Albert Watson), charcoal, pastel, pencil, airbrush and collage on foam board.

Bernstein made the up-and-coming celebrities of the 70s and 80s such as Sylvester Stallone, Mick Jagger, Diane Lane, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Susan Sarandon et al, look sleek, sexy, glamorous and forever young. The covers were designed in such a way that people would think that Andy Warhol had made them because Andy’s signature was printed above the masthead. Interview became iconic and Warhol would autograph the covers of fans’ copies, never disabusing them of the notion he had done the covers himself but Richard never signed a cover and Andy never made one himself.

It is estimated that Bernstein made 120 actual portrait painting covers for Interview (starting 1972) and very few are outside the control of the estate. The group at FIG are brilliant examples including portraits of Aretha Franklin, Mick Jagger and Stevie Wonder.

Opening times: 11am – 6pm. (Closed Sunday 10th & 17th)

Richard Bernstein Mick Jagger
Mick Jagger by Richard Bernstein for Interview, February 1985. Photo (Albert Watson), pastel, pencil, airbrush and collage on foam board.

Richard Bernstein Diane Keaton
Diane Keaton by Richard Bernstein for Interview, January 1987. Photo (Herb Ritts), pastel, pencil, airbrush and collage on foam board.

Amelia’s Magazine | Ellie Foreman-Peck Solo Show

Category: Art

Ellie Foreman-Peck show flyer
Ellie Foreman-Peck will be showcasing a series of limited edition prints that focus on Japan's influence on advertising art in Western Europe during the 19th Century. Azuri-E is the term given to Japanese prints predominantly printed in blue.

Ellie Foreman-Peck 3
Ellie Foreman-Peck 1
Ellie Foreman-Peck works as an illustrator from her studio in East London creating portraits and editorials for a wide range of clients including GQ, The Telegraph and CBBC. To see more of her work please go to

Ellie Foreman-Peck  2

Opening times: 8:00 am – 12:00 am. Private View: 24th July from 6pm.

Amelia’s Magazine | Atomica Gallery presents HOME SWEET HOME

Category: Art

Home Sweet Home_nicholas_stevenson_bear_fight
Nicholas Stevenson, Bear fight.

Home Sweet Home is a exhibition of new paintings at Atomica Gallery from Art Brut enthusiast Angela Dalinger and young British illustrator and artist Nicholas Stevenson. Offering viewers a snatched glimpse into a series of imaginary homes, both artists indulge in depicting domestic voyeurism which treads a thin line between the whimsical and the worrying. As we trespass through these residences, we may encounter anything from illegal pets to resident ghosts and wizard’s gardens.

Home Sweet Home_nicholas_psychic_interior
Nicholas Stevenson, Psychic interior.

Home Sweet Home_angela_dalinger_psychic_exterior
Angela Dalinger, Psychic exterior.

Indulging our curious natures, the paintings in Home Sweet Home portray private moments in which viewers may pass unnoticed and draw their own conclusions. Often the paintings will be in direct communication with each other, both artists offering an alternative view point of the same scene, other times the dialogue between the paintings will be more covert.

Home Sweet Home_nicolas_stevenson_kitchen_ghost
Nicholas Stevenson, Kitchen ghost.

Home Sweet Home_angela_dalinger_dead_giant
Angela Dalinger, Dead giant

Hailing from a small village on the edge of Hamburg, Germany, Angela Dalinger's seemingly naive style is absent of current cultural or artistic influences, something her relative isolation no doubt has a hand in. Nicholas Stevenson is an illustrator, artist and musician currently based in North London whose chalky gouache paintings have appeared in the likes of The New York Times and the cover of Belly Kids book, Thrill Murray. The two artists have been virtual friends for some time, but will meet for the first time at the Home Sweet Home opening!

Home Sweet Home_nicolas_stevenson_bug_problems
Nicholas Stevenson, Bug problems.

Home Sweet Home_angela_dalinger_swansea_noble
Angela Dalinger, Swansea noble.

Home Sweet Home_angela_dalinger_bed
Angela Dalinger, Bed.

Opening times: Mon-Fri: 11am – 7pm, Sat: 12pm – 5pm, Sun: 12 – 4pm
Opening reception: Thursday 14th August, 6-9pm

Amelia’s Magazine | Lynn Hatzius – A Journey into Printed Matter

Category: Art

Lynn Hatzius_show_firefly
Lynn Hatzius is an illustrator, collage artist and printmaker living in London. Her work crosses boundaries of fine and applied art with regular commissions of commercial illustration alternating with personal self initiated projects. She designs book covers for a variety of publishers and her illustrations have appeared in various magazines and newspapers as well as on album covers. Lynn Hatzius completed an MA in Printmaking at the London Print Studio, where she continues to explore traditional printmaking techniques to translate her imagery into printed form. She regularly exhibits and sells her work in London and elsewhere.

Lynn Hatzius_ByTheSea
By The Sea (2013) Paper Collage

Lynn Hatzius_Patience
Patience I (2012) Vintage postcard, Paper Collage

A Journey into Printed Matter is the title of Lynn Hatzius's latest solo show, which will bring together a selection of her collages and prints. The venue is Firefly, a small second hand book shop on the corner of Chatsworth Road and Glenarm Road in East London. This place is the perfect setting to show some of Lynn's more delicate collage pieces, which themselves include elements chosen and extracted from old books. For her the images on dusty pages open up endless possibilities for new compositions, which reveal hidden meanings and unexpected ideas. She is in constant search for new material to add to her vast collection of printed matter, so the surroundings are a source of inspiration as well as a backdrop to her work.
For more details see the First Thursdays website.

Lynn Hatzius_Stillness
Stillness (2013) Paper Collage

Lynn Hatzius_Derailed
Derailed (2014) Paper Collage

Shop opening times: Thursday-Saturday 10AM-6PM, Sunday 10AM-5PM

Amelia’s Magazine | Garudio Studiage presents BESTIARY LAGOON at Lik + Neon

Category: Art

This August Lik + Neon invite Garudio Studiage to launch their new range of screen printed products with a 3D window installation. This is exhibition No.4 in the Lik + Neon Summer Series 2014 in collaboration with People's Park Tavern, an exciting new pub and brewery on the edge of Victoria Park, East London.

Garudio Studio presents BESTIARY LAGOON window bestiary lagoon
Garudio Studio presents BESTIARY LAGOON into the aquarium bestiary lagoon 1
New screen printed products include cushions, acrylic bracelets & brooches, and bespoke stationary all with the theme of the 'Bestiary Lagoon'- a tropical aquatic world of whales, parrots, pelicans, palms, tortoises, monkeys and brightly coloured sea weed. Bestiary Lagoon sees the L + N window and light box transformed into a life-size 3D aquarium! The installation is on view 24/7 between the dates listed above, but will be lit up during shop opening hours only.

Garudio Studio presents BESTIARY LAGOON palm stationary
Garudio Studio presents BESTIARY LAGOON tortoise and crab brooches
Garudio Studio presents BESTIARY LAGOON sea cushion covers
Garudio Studiage is an exciting design collective based in the South London creative hub of Peckham. Founded in 2003 by Chris Ratcliffe, Laura Cave, Anna Walsh and Hannah Havana, each artist specialises in a variety of skills such as screen printing, jewellery and painting. Setting to work in a space literally defined as a 'Studio Garage' the collective, with their sharp minds and clever wit came up with a spoonerism to great effect – thus the mighty Garudio Studiage was born!

Garudio Studio presents BESTIARY LAGOON whale bracelet
The collective also work together and with friends, taking part in a wonderfully bizarre array of exhibitions and events as well as making props, displays and products all with a good dose of British wit and wry humour. As part of the London Design Festival 2013 the team took over the L + N windows with the famed 'Lik + Neon Cats on Tour' installation to celebrate the launch of a Lik + Neon commission of bespoke 'Flat Pet' cats. In addition to the 4 founding members, the installation and new products for Bestiary Lagoon were made with Molly Lattin.

Other projects include 'Lucky Skip' where a life-size rubbish skip constructed by Garudio Studiage is moved about to various locations inviting people to 'dive in' and rummage through an array of prizes ranging from high art to low humour, shop windows for Paul Smith in Covent Garden & Sloane Avenue, and participation in the V&A fete 2009 and V&A Friday Lates 'Peckham Takeover' in 2013, the list goes on!….

Opening times: Mon – Sat 11am – 7pm, Sun 11am – 6.30pm
Private view: Thursday 7th August, 6-9pm