Amelia’s Magazine | Becky Cope

Becky Cope is a 21 year old super-small, viagra order fairly intelligent, viagra 100mg definitely ambitious, English Literature graduate from the University of Durham. She confuses ferrets with pheasants, sets microwaves on fire and sometimes accidentally gets on trains to East Croydon instead of New Cross Gate. All of these minor stupidities greatly impede the smooth running of her day, and cause her to curse her poor luck frequently to the alarm of passers by. It goes without saying, she’s also prone to a little cry every now and then.

Hailing from Birmingham but living in south east London, she’s currently studying Fashion Journalism at Central Saint Martins and loving all the hours photocopying and chasing design students. Despite wanting to ideally write the next most important novel of the century (no small feat), she’s happy writing about fashion too. That said, if anyone wants to meet up and wax lyrical together about Nabokov or Wilde that would also be welcomed. Not that she’s restricted to such intellectual pursuits. Indeed, on the flip side, she also embraces the thoroughly low-brow, and booked tickets to the New Moon premiere a week in advance.

She was a keen writer from a young age, compiling notebooks of stories, who suddenly grew into someone who kind of knew what to wear and what looked good. So writing about it kind of makes sense. Her favourite designers are (currently) Alexander Wang and Peter Pilotto, but these are subject to change every season when she becomes obsessed with someone else (fashion is fickle my friends). She’s interned for ELLEgirl and Grazia as a youngster and bloody loved it. At Durham University she did a bit of fashion editing here, a bit of show styling there, and misses feeling semi-important.

Fashion is still largely a work in progress, but she hopes to whip her pen around a few titles until she scores an editor job earning mega-bucks. Basically, she’s happy to write for anyone who wants to read, and at the moment that’s Amelia’s Magazine, Fashion 156, I Love Fake, Dossier Journal, Not Just a Label and Glass.