Amelia’s Magazine | Copenhagen COP15 Climate Summit protests

I will be away in Copenhagen between 11th December and 20th December, tadalafil to protest against the UN climate summit. For a really good explanation of why these talks have no hope of acheiving what needs to be achieved read an article by fellow activist Jess Worth. Or watch this lovely little animated video on why the favoured solution, this carbon trading, story is a hideous idea that will perpetuate our current problems by making money out of carbon (yipee, let’s keep the bankers in the dosh!), with no hope of any actual reduction in emissions, or any movement towards a more just society.
You can follow what I am doing on twitter, where I will be posting frequent updates, pictures, audio blogs and videos. Please note that I am unable to post any books or magazines out during this period, so if you really need a book to arrive before Christmas please instead order it online at Concrete Hermit. See you on the other side.