Amelia’s Magazine | East End Prints: an interview with Helen Edwards

make ideas real print dale edwin murray east end prints

Make Ideas Real by Dale Edwin Murray.

Next in my series of interviews with my new market place stall holders, I am pleased to introduce Helen Edwards, the talented lady behind East End Prints. Her little boy is almost exactly the same age as Snarfle and although I have been aware of her for some time (read our introduction, written in 2010) we finally met on the Shoreditch mummy circuit, bonding immediately over our shared histories and careers in design. It’s been wonderful to make friends with someone who shares my situation so closely – juggling motherhood with running a business – and I’m very pleased that she will be part of my website relaunch (now due to happen in the New Year).

Cops by Dale Edwin Murphy

Cops by Dale Edwin Murray.

You have had a varied creative career: what led you to set up your own company and what has been the best part about setting up alone?
I worked in fine art publishing for 8 years and there was also someone above me calling the final shots on what we we finally published. I guess I got so frustrated with seeing all this great art that wasn’t getting out there. I volunteered for redundancy and then spent every hour of the day focussing on growing my business. The best part of running your own business is you are your own boss which is good and bad. I love working in a team and I found I spent a good deal of time at my laptop. I now have an apprentice and freelancers which really adds a buzz in the office. Now I have my 18 month old son, my focus is more than ever on making the business a success to secure his future. Plus as all working mums know, with the school run looming it makes it practically impossible to get a 9 to 5. 

play more work less print by anthony peters east end prints

Play More Work Less by Anthony Peters.

How has East End Prints developed over the three years since you launched and we first met you at the East London design show?
We launched in 2010 as a small publisher – mostly friends and since then we have been picked up by Habitat and Urban Outfitters who we feel are a perfect brand match! The range has moved on so much in those three years as we have started to respond to what the market likes, but still being a little esoteric.

Dancing In The Rain print by Stacie Swift east end prints

Dancing In The Rain by Stacie Swift.

What has been the most successful thing you have produced since then?
My most successful achievement has been the trade deal but commissioning new, young talented artists is still the thing that gives me the biggest buzz. I am working with two new paper cut artists who I found at D&AD Awards.

Hackney Empire by Lee Haydock

Hackney Empire by Lee Haydock.

You deal with a lot of artists at the same time; do you have any tips on how they can make the whole business run smoothly for everyone concerned?
Artists (typical artists!) never ever market themselves. They need to put us as a supplier of their prints and always back link, follow our tweets and generally be more proactive. The more chatter about the work the more people are inclined to purchase it. 

cute black and white cat print by dicky bird east end prints

Cute Cats by Dicky Bird.

What kind of imagery sells best, and what are you looking for when you scout for a new artist to join your stable?
What I like is not necessarily what we sell! Our Fiona Watson singing tree just keeps on selling because it is beautiful and seems to appeal to the hippest types. I think its the bedroom colourways… blue blue and more blue! 

given enough chocolate i could rule the world by of life and lemons east end prints

Given enough chocolate I could rule the world by Of Life and Lemons.

You collaborate with lots of other companies, what are the most exciting things that have happened in 2013?
Habitat: love the brand and have wanted to work with them for years since I used to research the images for them during the noughties, so we have come full circle. We are product developing too, which is all a bit hush hush actually! 
East End Alphabet by Pate at east end prints

East End Alphabet by Pate.

Where can we find you in the run up to Christmas?
We will be at Spitalfields Art Market every Thursday to Sunday until Christmas .. great for those last minute bargains! We have our special London themed editions being launched at the East London Design Show on 5th-8th December… very excited to be back there after a year out!  

vinyl print by dale edwin murray east end prints

Vinyl in Turquoise by Dale Edwin Murray.

Which is your favourite piece amongst my curated selection for the new Amelia’s Magazine market place and why?
You have selected one of our bestsellers, Vinyl in Turquoise, by Dale Edwin Murray. We LOVE this work, it’s so bold and clever. There is a record fair on once a month at Spitalfields so we usually shift a few then and this obviously appeals to suited city boys who hanker for a bit of retro vinyl!

You can check out fab prints from East End Prints at the East London Design Show this week and on my new market place soon.

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Amelia’s Magazine | Finding 50 Fridas
: Artist Open Brief from East End Prints

Twitter: @mattbramf
Finding 50 fridas flyer
Can you help Find 50 Fridas?

Kris  Tate
Kris Tate

Fiona Watson
Fiona Watson
Fiona Watson

To celebrate Women’s History Month this year, more about East End Prints are hunting down a selection of decorative Frida Kahlos to show in an exhibition at their new location at Fount London near London Fields (London) later this month. A percentage of sales will be donated to womens charity Margaret’s Fund.

Tracie Andrews
Tracie Andrews

Villan art
Villan art

The call for submissions is now open, so if you would like to contribute your version of Frida Kahlo get painting, stitching, printing, drawing etc. Please submit it by post before Friday 11th March 2016. You can see some of the artworks already submitted through this blog!

Studio Cockatoo
Studio Cockatoo

Sal Jones
Sal Jones

About Frida Kahlo:
Considered one of the Mexico’s greatest artist, Frida Kahlo was born on July 6, 1907 in Coyocoan, Mexico City, Mexico. She grew up in the family’s home where was later referred as the Blue House or Casa Azul.
Life experience is a common theme in Kahlo’s approximately 200 paintings, sketches and drawings. Her physical and emotional pain are depicted starkly on canvases, as is her turbulent relationship with her husband, fellow artist Diego Rivera, who she married twice. Of her 143 paintings, 55 are self-portraits.
Frida Kahlo’s fame has been growing after her death. Her Blue House was opened as a museum in the year of 1958. In 1970s the interest on her work and life are renewed due to the feminist movement, since she was viewed as an icon of female creativity.

Siobahn Tarr
Siobahn Tarr
Siobhan Tarr

Important info:
Please send your artwork by post to the address below.
Clearly label your artwork with a name, title, RRP price, medium & size.
Please include a biography.
Artwork must be collected at the end of exhibition.
Join the facebook event here.
Use the hashtag #find50fridas

Orsin Kartt
Orsin Kartt

Chris Wharton
Chris Wharton

For inspiration check out this Frida Kahlo pinterest board, an article: 20 things you didn’t know about Frida and What Would Frida Do?

Kirsty Mckenzie
Kirsty Mckenzie
Kirsty Mckenzie

Cate Haplin
Cate Haplin

Exhibition venue: EAST END PRINTS, Fount London, Arch 359, Westgate St, London E8 3RN.

Private View: Thursday 17th March 6-9pm

The exhibition runs until 3rd April 2016.

Pam Glew
Pam Glew

Lucy Schmidt
Lucy Schmidt

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Amelia’s Magazine | An interview with The Moth and The Mirror with review of new album Honestly, This World

The Moth and the Mirror by Sarah Austin
The Moth and the Mirror by Sarah Austin.

Honestly, This World, is one of the most marvellous albums I have heard this year – made all the more thrilling in the knowledge that it is merely the side project of a host of talented musicians more used to playing in better known bands. From anthemic opener Everyone I Know to the delicate chimes and scuzzy reverb of Boxes, the laid back jazz/trip hop inflections of Beautiful Creature and gentle lull of Oceans and Waves this is a fantastically diverse collection of songs that are drawn together perfectly by the pure vocals of Stacey Sievwright. I spoke with guitar and keyboardist Gordon Skene.

YouTube Preview ImageEveryone I Know

The Moth and Mirror by Jacqueline Valencia
The Moth and Mirror by Jacqueline Valencia.

You are a very exciting sextet of Stacey Sievwright, Gordon Skene, Louis Abbott, Kev McCarvel, Iain Sandilands & Pete Murch, with members coming from the bands Frightened Rabbit, Admiral Fallow, The Reindeer Section and Arab Strap. How on earth did you all get together? I hear the Scottish music scene is quite small, does it ever get a bit difficult because of this (you know, relationships etc)?
Well I suppose we started out playing together as a backing band for our friend Colin (The Boy Who Trapped The Sun) – that was Stacey, Kevin and myself. When he moved down to London we decided we liked hanging out and playing together so we kept going, and wrote some songs of our own. Later we were joined by Stacey’s old bandmate Iain (the Professor of Percussion) and Pete, and we recruited Louis as a sort of stand-in for me while I was away fulfilling other touring commitments. But he was ace so I came back and we both played guitar. I suppose the music scene is quite small up here, but everyone is pretty friendly towards each other and helps each other out. It’s not good for personal relationships though, no. Bumping into your exes is all too easy. I suppose in a way that’s good for the music, in turn.

The Moth And The Mirror
What differentiates The Moth and The Mirror from your other respective bands? What makes this unique combination sound so fresh and new?
I suppose because we don’t take it too seriously, that lifts a certain amount of pressure off us. If there’s one thing scots aren’t good at it’s performing under pressure! Because of the way we formed (slowly, organically) there’s a genuine family feel. We have a wide range of influences too, gathered from our time apart and brought together when we do get a chance to meet.

The Moth and the Mirror by Sarah Austin
The Moth and the Mirror by Sarah Austin.

Your name is quite memorable, how did you come up with it and does it have a meaning?
It’s the title of a children’s story, from a dusty old book we found in Stacey’s cupboard. About how the King Moth fell in love with his reflection in a mirror in an abandoned mansion, but the mirror broke and he sends his minions out nightly to search for his estranged Queen. Quite dark and romantic. At the time, there weren’t nearly so many ‘and the’ bands around.

The Moth and The Mirror by Gareth A Hopkins
The Moth and The Mirror by Gareth A Hopkins.

How do you go about writing together, can you describe a bit of the process?
Usually Stacey brings us an idea or a snippet of a melody, and we take it from there; just a couple of us at first, then on to the rehearsal room. But a few were written straight off, as a band together. You can tell if it’s a good idea because someone will add a part to it instantly and it blossoms from there.

Moth and mirror photo
How do you all find the time to get together: is there a secret formula to juggling so many musical ventures, and what do you do when you all get together (apart from make music)?
It’s really hard! That’s why it’s taken us this long to make an album, and then almost the same time again to release it. There’s no secret, I guess just perseverance and a genuine fondness for the project. When we do get together, we mostly waste the time by talking nonsense and taking the piss out of each other. Or Stacey cooks.

The Moth and the Mirror by Jacqueline Valencia
Stacey of The Moth and the Mirror by Jacqueline Valencia.

We’ve just missed your mini launch tour – where else can people see you over the coming months? 
I couldn’t say at the moment unfortunately… nothing is planned (see above!), so it might be quite last minute. Best to keep an eye on our twitter feed @mothmirror or facebook page.

the moth and the mirror Album Artwork fiona watson
Who created your album cover and what was the brief, it’s really quite beautiful?
Thank you! It’s a piece by an artist called Fiona Watson – she also has an excellent flickr page – who Iain and Stacey discovered one afternoon last winter at an exhibition above a lovely wee bar/cafe in the merchant city. She’d already done it, and we asked her if we could use it – she very kindly agreed.

YouTube Preview ImageFire

Are there any great Scottish bands that you recommend we check out that perhaps don’t get the attention they deserve?
Endor and Open Swimmer just opened for us at our Edinburgh launch; both lovely, and beautiful songwriters.

Honestly, This World by The Moth and The Mirror, is out now on Olive Grove Records. Go grab yourself a copy.

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