Amelia’s Magazine | Introducing True Romance: Print Designs chosen for an exhibition curated by East End Prints

True Romance East End Prints Flyer
I am really pleased to share the designs that have been chosen by East End Prints to appear as part of the True Romance exhibition opening today at 70 Paul Street (full listing info here). Helen Edwards of East End Prints has picked the following work, made in response to my Valentines Art Open Brief, to feature on a specially curated wall alongside the rest of her prints. She will offer the ones which are best received during the show a publishing deal to be sold online, and all works will also be available to buy at True Romance. Scroll down to read more about the inspiration behind these pieces and the process of creating them. I’ll be sharing the rest of the designs that were sent in over the following week.

Wuthering Heights by Ashley Le Quere
Ashley Le Quere: Wuthering Heights
My submission is based on Wuthering Heights. I wanted to create something that was a bit whimsical as well referring to what happens in the story, so I started to draw icons that I thought represents parts of the book and the different parts of the story and I loved this quote! It feels very deep and reflects the obsessive, passionate and doomed romance that is the focus of the book. I hand drew the text so it would feel like the diary that Catherine writes about Heathcliff. I think that the texture in the ink reflects the stormy and miserable nature of the book but wanted the icons to be quite whimsical.

Ashley Le Quere is an Illustrator and Surface Pattern Designer. You can see more of her work here.

Carly Watts: Only Lovers Left Alive
My illustration is based on Jim Jarmusch’s ‘Only Lovers Left Alive’. The movie is based on two, centuries old vampire lovers called Adam and Eve. Adam is a musician who reconnects with Eve after a period of separation after he becomes depressed and melancholy. I wanted to create a highly stylised and graphic piece that would capture the main themes of the movie, Adam’s darkness, his love of music, and the quest to find where we fit into society. On a more visual level, Adam is primarily dressed in dark colours, and Eve in light throughout the course of the film; I thought this could be portrayed well through the guitar graphic.

See more work by Carly Watts here.

Death Valley Illustration Annie Hall
Death Valley Illustration: Annie Hall
The poster is designed to resemble a minimalist book cover, and includes the most romantic quote from the film, delivered in Woody’s inimitable style.  The paired back design also reflects the way that both of the characters approach their relationship throughout the film, and the cold reasoning that Alvy uses to reflect back on their time together.  The glimmers of romance in the film are shown by the sparing use of the vibrant pink. The fonts used were Rockwell, Futura and Georgia.

Gavin Shepherdson of Death Valley Illustration has been working as a freelance illustrator and designer since graduating from an Animation degree in 2009. See more work here.

emma russell casablanca
Emma Russell: Casablanca
For this print, I started by making line drawings of Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman at various points in the airport scene of Casablanca. I added colour and hand drawn type. As I worked I pared down and simplified the image until the two figures made a single silhouette framing Bogart’s parting words.

Emma Russell is a London-based freelance illustrator specialising in line drawings, flat colour, patterns and 3D paper sculptures. Her work often features unlikely champions, jokes and puns, memory, animals and fairy tales. Find Emma at 

Jessica Courtney-Tickle: My Fair Lady
I have recreated the film poster for the 1964 film and musical, ‘My Fair Lady’. At the heart of this love story there are (in my opinion) two very different characters with very different morals, lifestyles and ideas about falling in love. I wanted to describe how free and expressive Eliza the flower girl is compared to the upper classes who are shocked by her accent and way of life. But as you can see if you look closely at Professor Higgins he is actually intrigued by her character rather than put off. The florals are inspired by the very first scene of the film where Eliza is selling flowers in Covent Garden Market. This is the very first place the two characters meet. I created the work using gouache which I then scanned in and played around with on the computer. I added some digital colouring to give the poster more vibrancy and a smoother texture. I was most inspired by vintage picture book illustrations and posters which are rich in colour and character.

See more work by Freelance Illustrator and Designer Jessica Courtney-Tickle here.

Jordana Globerman: Edward Scissorhands
Growing up, I thought Edward Scissorhands was the most romantic film. It captures the fairy-tale feeling of a first love so perfectly. I created my homage to this wonderful film with a mix of media, laying out and ink drawing first before incorporating elements of collage and painted-in details. Different brush work was used to achieve the splashed figure of Edward and the lightly falling snow. I wanted to capture both how the town begins to see Edward and how Kim sees Edward. His figure looms ominously, evoking the fear he instills in the town toward the end of the film. Despite this, Kim can only think of him with a real love and devotion, which is why I made this same figure of Edward hunched into the shape of a heart. This was a fun image to create because the film is so nostalgic and romantic to me. I enjoyed playing with different textures and line quality to create a graphic, yet painterly poster.”

See more work by Jordana Globerman here.

Katie Edwards - True Romance
Katie Edwards: True Romance
I love animals, who doesn’t, I decided they were a great way to convey the idea of Love, Affection and Companionship. I think most people could relate to the imagery I used and feel some emotions. Using traditional photographic and screen printing techniques to produce my conceptual screen prints, which are occasionally combined with collage or freehand textures. My work is largely influenced by the animal world focusing on photographic representation, what images symbolise and their use metaphorically. Objects are often isolated and placed in unusual compositions to result in a surreal, humorous or thought-provoking illustration. Animals often feature in my illustrations because they are very symbolic, as they don’t change with time or technology. They will always stay the same, and so will their symbolic meanings.

See more work from Katie Edwards here.

Lindsay Lombard: The Notebook
The Notebook is one of my all time favourite love films, I love the setting of the film and the whole premise of the movie. The first quote that came to mind from the film was ‘If you’re a bird, I’m a bird’; meaning I’ll be whatever you need me to be to allow us to be together. I then set about creating the imagery – I developed some pencil drawings of two birds taking to flight. I then scanned these in, and set them upon a light background just to soften them slightly. I wanted the placement of the birds to be a representation of them flying freely away together. I added text and the cut out of an open book at the bottom, I tried drawing the book first but I couldn’t get the right amount of detail into the image so I decided to go with a white cut out – I think it works well to have the suggestion of a book but not be too obvious about it.

See more work by Lindsay Lombard here.

La-vie-en-rose by Sophie-Heywood
Sophie Heywood: La Vie En Rose

La Vie En Rose is probably my favourite love song. The melody is enchanting and somewhat haunting, uplifting yet sad, and I feel it conveys the different emotions of being in love more accurately than any other song. I love the original Edith Plaf version, but I think the Louis Armstrong version is my favourite rendition. When painting the hand drawn lettering, I let the soulful vocals dictate the shape of the composition. I wanted to create something simple, yet with an eye-catching pop of colour, creating a piece that can easily be framed and hung in someone’s home. The trouble with the theme of Valentines is creating something timeless and relevant all year long, but I feel this song is something everyone can relate to.

See more work by Sophie Heywood here.

All are welcome to attend the Private View on Thursday 12th February, 6-9pm. Don’t forget, the exhibition also features the beautiful gold leaf prints made for That Which We Do Not Understand.

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Amelia’s Magazine | East End Prints: an interview with Helen Edwards

make ideas real print dale edwin murray east end prints

Make Ideas Real by Dale Edwin Murray.

Next in my series of interviews with my new market place stall holders, I am pleased to introduce Helen Edwards, the talented lady behind East End Prints. Her little boy is almost exactly the same age as Snarfle and although I have been aware of her for some time (read our introduction, written in 2010) we finally met on the Shoreditch mummy circuit, bonding immediately over our shared histories and careers in design. It’s been wonderful to make friends with someone who shares my situation so closely – juggling motherhood with running a business – and I’m very pleased that she will be part of my website relaunch (now due to happen in the New Year).

Cops by Dale Edwin Murphy

Cops by Dale Edwin Murray.

You have had a varied creative career: what led you to set up your own company and what has been the best part about setting up alone?
I worked in fine art publishing for 8 years and there was also someone above me calling the final shots on what we we finally published. I guess I got so frustrated with seeing all this great art that wasn’t getting out there. I volunteered for redundancy and then spent every hour of the day focussing on growing my business. The best part of running your own business is you are your own boss which is good and bad. I love working in a team and I found I spent a good deal of time at my laptop. I now have an apprentice and freelancers which really adds a buzz in the office. Now I have my 18 month old son, my focus is more than ever on making the business a success to secure his future. Plus as all working mums know, with the school run looming it makes it practically impossible to get a 9 to 5. 

play more work less print by anthony peters east end prints

Play More Work Less by Anthony Peters.

How has East End Prints developed over the three years since you launched and we first met you at the East London design show?
We launched in 2010 as a small publisher – mostly friends and since then we have been picked up by Habitat and Urban Outfitters who we feel are a perfect brand match! The range has moved on so much in those three years as we have started to respond to what the market likes, but still being a little esoteric.

Dancing In The Rain print by Stacie Swift east end prints

Dancing In The Rain by Stacie Swift.

What has been the most successful thing you have produced since then?
My most successful achievement has been the trade deal but commissioning new, young talented artists is still the thing that gives me the biggest buzz. I am working with two new paper cut artists who I found at D&AD Awards.

Hackney Empire by Lee Haydock

Hackney Empire by Lee Haydock.

You deal with a lot of artists at the same time; do you have any tips on how they can make the whole business run smoothly for everyone concerned?
Artists (typical artists!) never ever market themselves. They need to put us as a supplier of their prints and always back link, follow our tweets and generally be more proactive. The more chatter about the work the more people are inclined to purchase it. 

cute black and white cat print by dicky bird east end prints

Cute Cats by Dicky Bird.

What kind of imagery sells best, and what are you looking for when you scout for a new artist to join your stable?
What I like is not necessarily what we sell! Our Fiona Watson singing tree just keeps on selling because it is beautiful and seems to appeal to the hippest types. I think its the bedroom colourways… blue blue and more blue! 

given enough chocolate i could rule the world by of life and lemons east end prints

Given enough chocolate I could rule the world by Of Life and Lemons.

You collaborate with lots of other companies, what are the most exciting things that have happened in 2013?
Habitat: love the brand and have wanted to work with them for years since I used to research the images for them during the noughties, so we have come full circle. We are product developing too, which is all a bit hush hush actually! 
East End Alphabet by Pate at east end prints

East End Alphabet by Pate.

Where can we find you in the run up to Christmas?
We will be at Spitalfields Art Market every Thursday to Sunday until Christmas .. great for those last minute bargains! We have our special London themed editions being launched at the East London Design Show on 5th-8th December… very excited to be back there after a year out!  

vinyl print by dale edwin murray east end prints

Vinyl in Turquoise by Dale Edwin Murray.

Which is your favourite piece amongst my curated selection for the new Amelia’s Magazine market place and why?
You have selected one of our bestsellers, Vinyl in Turquoise, by Dale Edwin Murray. We LOVE this work, it’s so bold and clever. There is a record fair on once a month at Spitalfields so we usually shift a few then and this obviously appeals to suited city boys who hanker for a bit of retro vinyl!

You can check out fab prints from East End Prints at the East London Design Show this week and on my new market place soon.

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Amelia’s Magazine | East End Prints launches at the East London Design Show

Hang on, information pills by Fiona Watson. All images courtesy of East End Prints.

After a few hours of wandering wide-eyed between the stands at the East London Design Show, advice you start to wonder why anyone would ever go to Oxford Street for their Christmas shopping. The event, viagra sale running since 1994, claims to be London’s ‘alternative department store’, but the East London Design Show is much more innovative than any High Street I’ve ever visited. Not to mention that it offers a range of affordable, unique products – from illustrators, jewellers and designers of furniture, fashion, homeware and beyond.

This was also the big night for Helen Edwards, who was launching her new print publishing company, East End Prints. Having run pop-up shops through the East End Arts Club for the past four years, she is now taking her love for print to the next level.

Skull, by Bangkokney Belle

‘With East End Prints I have curated a collection of work. I get to source it, I publish it, and I am much more in control of the outcome,’ says Helen. ‘At the East End Arts Club we would send out briefs to artists, and get varying quality work back, if that doesn’t sound too harsh,’ she laughs. Over 100 prints from 40 emerging as well as established printmakers are available from the shop, representing Helen’s favourites from her ten years in the industry. ‘I gained a lot of loyalty from working with the Arts Club. It’s a two-way symbiotic relationship, working with artists.’

Found reds, Anthony Zionos

Prints start at £25. ‘I believe in art for all, so I wanted to make it affordable. I also wanted to give the works longevity, so many have open-ended print runs.’ The works in the collection are very varied, but Helen says she doesn’t like ‘grotesque’ art; ‘You have to live with it on your wall, don’t you. I believe art should have humour. I like the fun and edgy stuff.’

Rock out!, by Anthony Peters

A wander around the East London Design Show means discovering one treasure after another. With many local London designers present, the love for this city is clear in many of the works, such as Vic Lee’s intriguing prints of London neighbourhoods. ‘People Will Always Need Plates’ has a range of kitchen wares with elegant industrial motifs, while Natalie Reed’s ‘Little Object’ encompasses stunning, very simple silver jewellery. I was also drawn to the Reiko Kaneko stall, displaying a very clever range of handmade bone china from Staffordshire. Adding to the unusual and crockery was a selection of Christmas baubles so excellent I might just have to get a tree to have an excuse to buy them.

The Anonymous Shop also displayed a clever range of Christmas cards, as well as printed soft furnishing. One of its themes was the‘Yorkshire nectar’, an idea stemming from designer Alex’s great-great grandfather. His idea of a moment of bliss was a quiet pint of bitter, explained Alex. But we will each have our own idea of what makes our Yorkshire nectar, said Alex, be it a quiet drink, going to the theatre or just a walk. Sounds like a good recipe for holiday bliss to me.

For your pleasure, by Amy Douglas

Visit East End Prints online, or at this weekend’s East London Design Show, Shoreditch Town Hall, 380 Old Street, London EC1. East End Prints is running a pop-up shop between 9th and 12th December at Maiden, 188 Shoreditch High Street, London E1. For more information see our listing.

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Amelia’s Magazine | East London Design Show: Christmas Gift Ideas 2013

Hokolo London

I’ve shared my favourite finds from the 2013 Bust Craftacular, now here’s what I loved at the East London Design Show, held for the first time in the Truman Brewery. The Hokolo London stand, above, looked absolutely marvellous. Designer Jen has a great eye for striking colour combinations which she utilises in great graphic style to decorate homeware and accessories.

De Casa squid print

This squid is by DeCasa, which specialises in bold unusual print designs. Also check out their eye-catching caterpillar pattern.

Rosie Sanders baroque necklace

This super cool golden baroque necklace is by Rosie Sanders, whose work I have been admiring for some time on instagram. She had put together a beautiful festive display with a bunch of other jewellers.

Phoebe Jewellery moonstone moon pendant

I didn’t manage to look at all the other jewellery designers closely, but I absolutely adored this moonstone moon pendant by Phoebe Jewellery. She also does the cutest acorn pendants.

Quirky Curios glass lollipops

These are really fun; glass lollipops from an unidentified second year student at Havering College, part of the Quirky Curios collective. The Havering College 3D design course always churns out incredible talent – read one of my end of year reviews here to see more.

Really Mad Scientist- saucy Christmas games with fantastic illustrations by DJ Wheelie Bag

He’s a Really Mad Scientist: saucy Christmas games featuring fantastic illustrations had been put together by DJ Wheelie Bag, who drew me right in with his clever banter. We’ve now got the perfect game for New Year year festivities.

Malcolm Morris HoT gold plated earrings

I adore these beautiful gold earrings by Malcolm Morris, who was inspired by the Greek Galleries in the British Museum to create these articulated circular beauties that swing when worn in the ears.

Amberwood big pendant

It was great to see Polish designer Amberwood back in London, this time with some really big amber pendants. Love them.

Branch on the Park earrings

I always admire delicate gem jewellery in the Branch in the Park shop near Victoria Park, so it was good to see a big range on display at the East London Design Show.

East End Prints

What a great graphic print: this one is available from East End Prints. Read my recent interview with owner Helen Edwards here.

Sarah Hamilton mugs

These delightful fish and bird print mugs are by Sarah Hamilton, a friend I often chat to on twitter.

Kinetica Museum mike booth

Snarfle liked the stand showcasing kinetic art from the Kinetica Museum – this sun trap is by Mike Booth.

Charlotte Valkeniers rings

And lastly this somewhat fuzzy close up is of some very cool jewels by Charlotte Valkeniers.

Don’t forget to come follow me on instagram if you want to share my designs first.

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