Amelia’s Magazine | D&AD New Blood 2014 Review

New Blood review 2014
This year the D&AD New Blood show returned once more to Spitalfields Market. The overwhelming emphasis was on work aimed at the more commercial sector of the graphic arts, with less colleges than in previous years choosing to showcase pure illustration.

New Blood Don't be a Dick
Straight away, I picked up a copy of the Don’t be a Dick newspaper by Shellsuit Zombie, offering some salient graduate advice in a nicely edited one page form.

New Blood Southampton type
Nothing was labelled on the otherwise always excellent Solent Illustration stand, so I tried to match up artwork to illustrators using their A4 hand out and nicely produced newspaper. It wasn’t easy! And even harder to locate websites in quite a lot of cases… The funky circus inspired typography above is by Laura Hunt. Dontcha just love the word funky?

New Blood southampton
Luke Baker is responsible for this gridlocked city scene.

New Blood southampton skull
Kirby Pyle made this skull and other wooden cut outs.

New Blood southampton stencil
Hannah Bartlett’s stencilled lady looks into her looking glass.

New Blood southamption grace williams
In the newspaper: I liked this abstract image by Grace Williams.

New Blood southampton emily wilks
Emily Wilks made this cool pattern of animals and foliage. We were not officially invited but I picked up an invite to the students’ stand alone show at the Coningsby Gallery, and asked former student Jenny Robins to cover the Wooly Bully studio work in more detail… to be posted soon.

New Blood Jennifer Humphreys
These decorative blue hands by Jennifer Humphreys at Gray’s School of Art went down a storm when I shared them on instagram.

New Blood Hannah Botma
Dinosaurs in bottles were held up by the ever popular bulldog clip method, by Hannah Botma at Edinburgh College of Art.

New Blood Caitlin Parks
I was most taken by this exploding bird from Caitlin Parks, part of a series designed to draw attention to the plastics found in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

New Blood troll lips
At the University of the West of England Holly Dennis made this arresting image: the word Troll collapsing over overprinted neon lips.

New Blood 2014 -Mark Cook
At Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design the designer Mark Cook had produced this very appealing poster of fish lures.

New Blood David Hill
This tram coming up a hill is by David Hill at Sheffield Hallam University.

New Blood Emily Elvin
At Edinburgh Napier University Emily Elvin explored sleep in this rotating paper sculpture.

New Blood  By Heather McCarthy at Sussex College Hastings
At Sussex College Hastings Heather McCarthy had created some wonderful cards and posters designed to promote foreign destinations.

New Blood Dream Good by Hilary Newman
Colour, type and pattern were used to great effect in this Dream Good pamphlet by Hilary Newman at Bath Spa University.

New Blood Hipsters by Jacqueline Fryars at Blackpool & Flyde college
These hipsters are by Jacqueline Fryars at Blackpool & Flyde College. So true… beards and tattoos… everywhere. I have to say though, that it’s not the greatest to discover one of my own tweets (and that’s all) when trying to track down a student’s presence online.

New Blood Sophie Heywood
The trend for all things handmade shows no sign of abating. I like this risograph print for Handmade Studio by Sophie Heywood at UCLAN.

New Blood Midwinter Mischief by Dawn Williams
I was very sad to have missed the Middlesex University illustration show (no invite) because a small selection will never give me a full view of the talent on any one course. At New Blood I was drawn to this wonderful Midwinter Mischief fold out book by Dawn Williams.

New Blood Kayleigh Pavelin
I also liked these strong images of an African wild dog and giraffe by Kayleigh Pavelin.

New Blood Gary Curzai
Typography by Gary Curzai was clearly inspired by traditional Indian signage, but his is a fresh new update for a modern world.

New Blood David Doran
David Doran from Falmouth University already has an impressive list of clients to his name. I’m not surprised, his colourful patterned work is extremely clever and hugely engaging.

New Blood Dream Alphabet by Lauren Humphrey
Lauren Humphrey has adopted a similar curvaceous outlook, rendered in an appealing neon colour palette. I loved her humorous Dream Alphabet.

New Blood Rachel Saunders- Let's Play PeePo
The sea air must nuture illustration talent. Rachel SaundersLet’s Play Peepo! features lots of fabulous animals and foliage.

Falmouth students are also notable for their hearty online presence: I always find it intriguing how students at one college can be so incredibly useless at self promotion, whilst at another they are all on top of it. Can it all be solely down to talent that so many Falmouth students are doing well professionally before graduation? Maybe, but it doesn’t hurt to put yourself out there, and the sooner the better.

New Blood Necklace by Kristi Minchin
This quirky and colourful laser cut necklace is by Kristi Minchin at Arts University Bournemouth, who had also created a bizarre greeting machine replete with waving hands. I will be covering other discoveries at their High Noon stand alone show in another blog post.

New Blood Annabel Davis cats
Daft but brilliant. Annabel Davis imagines kittens and cats as kings and queens.

New Blood Strange animals by Dan Widdowson
These strange animals are by Dan Widdowson.

New Blood Lauren Rothery at Plymouth Uni
Lauren Rothery at Plymouth University had created these pamphlets with titles such as ‘How to Interact Socially.’

New Blood Norwich uni
I really liked the little hand out sheets about artists at Norwich University of the Arts: a nice touch.

New Blood Oddities by Tim Blann
These oddities are by Tim Blann, who has an appealingly blobby style.

New Blood Chris Shuttleworth - Learn to Sail
New Blood Shuttlefingers Pitch a Tent
Chris Shuttleworth at Leeds College of Art made these eye catching promotional posters adorned with the slogans Learn to Sail and Pitch a Tent.

New Blood staffordshire dogs
Finally, I didn’t record the name of the designer behind these marvellous pink Staffordshire Dogs. Sorry!

The hall was buzzing on my visit to New Blood, and I thought it interesting to hear from one graduate that it was a great opportunity for her to meet all the other students she had been following online for so long. Times have changed! How wonderful that nowadays the most engaged illustrators can discover and friend each other from across the UK before they have even graduated. Just think of the potential work partnerships.

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Amelia’s Magazine | Best of D&AD New Blood Illustration & Graphic Design Graduates 2012: part two

§New Blood graduate show 2012 -Andrew Duncan
New Blood graduate show 2012 -Andrew Duncan
Images by Andrew Duncan.

Continuing on from my introduction blog here’s the next load of design talent discovered at the D&AD New Blood show this year…

New Blood graduate show 2012 -Andrew Duncan
New Blood graduate show 2012 -Andrew Duncan
Andrew Duncan‘s NU(UN)CLEAR prints at the University of the West of England were an example of eye-catching screenprinting in colours that seem to be indicating a bit of a trend: mint green, neon orange and salmon pinks.

New Blood graduate show 2012 -Pete Adam
Pete Adam‘s calligraphic type updated the old with a beautifully loose feel.

New Blood graduate show 2012 -Philippa Lightburn
New Blood graduate show 2012 -Philippa Lightburn
Stockport College showcased fabulous fox themed surface design from Philippa Lightburn.

Lisa rockall new blood
Lisa rockall new blood
Lisa Rockall‘s dancing teacup paper cut outs were a lot of fun.

New Blood graduate show 2012 -Holly Mcloughlin
New Blood graduate show 2012 -Holly Mcloughlin
Holly Mcloughlin‘s mutant critters danced with babies and letters.

dominiquebyron_lobster-rocket-2-with-flames-in-shape-Dominique Byron
Dominique Byron‘s spaceship is modelled on a lobster: love it.

New Blood graduate show 2012 -Jack Johnson
Jack Johnson at Southampton Solent University imagined engineering minds for the future in this bold monochromatic poster.

New Blood graduate show 2012 -Carlie McGarity
New Blood graduate show 2012 -Carlie McGarity
The trend of futuristic collage was alive and strong with Carlie McGarity in Cerulean, a project interpreting how the brain responds to music.

New Blood graduate show 2012 -Rebecca Roberts
New Blood graduate show 2012 -Rebecca Roberts
New Blood graduate show 2012 -Rebecca Roberts
There was some impressive art at Sheffield Hallam University. I was captivated by ‘trout tickling‘ and teacups decorated with illustrations inspired by idioms by Rebecca Roberts, yet another Best New Blood.

New Blood graduate show 2012 -Chris Stanley
New Blood graduate show 2012 -Chris Stanley
New Blood graduate show 2012 -Chris Stanley
Chris Stanley‘s stylised animals would definitely appeal to small children.

New Blood graduate show 2012 -Maria Midttun
At The Arts University College at Bournemouth Maria Midttun‘s Oh-Damnit-Dagny was a strong series. Yet another New Blood winner.

New Blood graduate show 2012 -jack reynold
Jack Reynold‘s bold illustration of Fears and Loathing was a real eye grabber.

New Blood graduate show 2012 -Emily Hughes
Beautiful watercolour work by Hawaiian student Emily Hughes (love the pic of her as wee nipper meeting her illustration idol!)

New Blood graduate show 2012 -Natasha Durleyq
Love the little people and surreal vignettes in work by Natasha Durley.

New Blood graduate show 2012 -Kate Rowland
Beautifully realised spaceships and shells by Kate Rowland.

New Blood graduate show 2012 -Sally Hackett
At University of Dundee Sally Hackett‘s Streaker Euphoria in porcelain was offset by abstract neon patterns.

New Blood graduate show 2012 -Ken Iizuka
At Southampton Solent University Ken Iizuka picked out elongated figures on a black background.

New Blood graduate show 2012 -Joe Staples
Joe Staples stuck to a simple colour palette for his bold hand made prints.

New Blood graduate show 2012 -William Brant
William Brant chose dinosaurs for a repeat pattern that appealed to my inner textile designer.

New Blood graduate show 2012 -Christopher Todd
New Blood graduate show 2012 -Christopher Todd
Christopher Todd won a Best New Blood award for his intricate rendition of the age of industrialisation.

New Blood graduate show 2012 -Holly Harwood
I liked Holly Harwood‘s painterly typography for a La Haine poster.

New Blood graduate show 2012 -Christopher Bayley
Beautiful illustrations of people by Christopher Bayley at the University of the Creative Arts in Maidstone.

New Blood graduate show 2012 -Amanda Jackson
New Blood graduate show 2012 -Amanda Jackson
Dark drawings by Amanda Jackson at Hull School of Art and Design: piggy gamblers and a rabbit transforming in an eery wood.

There’s more to come… oh yes, I’m not done yet! Read my final New Blood review here.

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