Amelia’s Magazine | Keiko Nishiyama: Ones to Watch S/S 2015 London Fashion Week Preview

Keiko Nishiyama by Sarah Rossignol
Keiko Nishiyama by Sarah Rossignol.

Japanese born fashion designer Keiko Nishiyama is another LCF graduate, whose work I fell in love with last year, so I am super excited to see her new collection on the Fashion Scout Ones to Watch catwalk tomorrow, where she will debut her S/S 2015 collection.

Keiko Nishiyama by daria hlazatova
Keiko Nishiyama by Daria Hlazatova.

Keiko Nishiyama mood board SS 2015 3
Keiko Nishiyama S/S 2015 mood board.

When did you first begin your love affair with print design?
I really grew to treasure the way that print could be used on my MA course at London College of Fashion, but I have always loved colour and painting. My parents took me to museums on many occasions and gave me painting tools when I was young, so I have been surrounded by creative inspiration since I was child.

Keiko Nishiyama mood board SS 2015
Keiko Nishiyama mood board SS 2015 2
Keiko Nishiyama S/S 2015 mood boards.

What inspirations have influenced your new collection?
This season the collection is inspired by the themes of Aquarium and collections of objects known as Wunderkammer, or Cabinets of Curiosities. These have again become a forward-looking movement in museums today, with the creation of interesting, odd collections or rooms that are designed to provoke people’s curiosity. The S/S 2015 collection’s iconic model is a mermaid that was inspired by the film Night Tide, directed by Curtis Harrington.

Keiko Nishiyama 2013 aw collection by Ema Koshigoe
Keiko Nishiyama A/W 2013 collection by Ema Koshigoe.

What were the highlights of studying at the London College of Fashion?
The LCF MA course gave me a chance to become accomplished in my style and techniques of creation, as well as teaching me time management as a professional designer. Through my final collection, I learned how to minimise and balance my garment silhouettes with the print design. I was very pleased to have the opportunity to go on this course and gain so much experience in fashion.

Keiko Nishiyama
What are your hopes for the future?
I want to create collections that feature highly ornate design, especially where the print of the textiles is concerned. I hope that my designs will give women the chance to gain another dimension and confidence both introspectively and physically. In the future I want to help women coordinate my print world in both their clothing and lifestyles.

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