Amelia’s Magazine | New Designers 2015: Floral, Jungle and Narrative Textile and Surface Design

New Designers Emily Ward
Next up in my coverage of New Designers 2015 part one I present more favourite textile and surface design – this time concentrating on florals, narrative designs and a popular jungle theme. Emily Ward at Norwich Uni put together a fabulous display showcasing her designs on lampshades.

New Designers Zoe Cook
Beautiful birds feature on this lovely silk scarf by Zoe Cook.

New Designers Marcia La Madrid
This lovely knitwear installation from Marcia La Madrid makes creative use of the very popular rubber plant motif.

New Designers Krupti Valgi
This lovely rich textile design is by Valgi Krupti at Bucks New University.

New Designers Wendy Connington
The 50s influence was strong with Wendy Connington at Loughborough Uni.

New Designers Alice Greaves
Fun prints from Alice Greaves have a narrative feel.

New Designers Izzy Dryburgh
Izzy Dryburgh pursues the ever popular butterflies theme.

New Designers Rachel Whichelow
Juicy florals by Rachel Whichelow at Huddersfield make brilliant use of sunny colours.

New Designers Hannah Reuters
Hannah Reuter had fun with this lovely liquorice allsorts textile design.

New Designers Emily Downer
A Day at the Zoo is by Emily Downer at Falmouth Uni.

New Designers Jemma Scanlon
Sophisticated embroidery created by Jemma Scanlon.

New Designers Jessica Boulton
Jessica Boulton was inspired by A Midsummer Night’s Dream to create this stunning scarf – a firm favourite with my followers when I shared this on my instagram feed.

New Designers Emma McClusky
At University of Dundee award winner Emma McCluskey created this gorgeous leafy print design.

New Designers Sophie Rolley
Extravagant painterly florals are by Sophie Rolley at Leeds College of Art.

New Designers Suzannah Marakova
Suzannah Marakova created these glamourous decorative designs.

New Designers Hannah Edmonds
This cool scissor pattern is by Hannah Edmonds.

New Designers Joe McFadden
Joe McFadden at Herriot Watt worked the hipster look with dark floral sophistication.

New Designers Hatty Atkins
And finally, pretty patterns inspired by curios by Hatty Atkins at Nottingham Trent Uni.

All of these images first appeared on the New Designers instagram feed (they very kindly asked me to guest post a favourite selection from both part one and part two of the show) or on my instagram feed: follow me there to catch my discoveries as I make them!

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