Amelia’s Magazine | New Designers 2015: Floral, Jungle and Narrative Textile and Surface Design

New Designers Emily Ward
Next up in my coverage of New Designers 2015 part one I present more favourite textile and surface design – this time concentrating on florals, narrative designs and a popular jungle theme. Emily Ward at Norwich Uni put together a fabulous display showcasing her designs on lampshades.

New Designers Zoe Cook
Beautiful birds feature on this lovely silk scarf by Zoe Cook.

New Designers Marcia La Madrid
This lovely knitwear installation from Marcia La Madrid makes creative use of the very popular rubber plant motif.

New Designers Krupti Valgi
This lovely rich textile design is by Valgi Krupti at Bucks New University.

New Designers Wendy Connington
The 50s influence was strong with Wendy Connington at Loughborough Uni.

New Designers Alice Greaves
Fun prints from Alice Greaves have a narrative feel.

New Designers Izzy Dryburgh
Izzy Dryburgh pursues the ever popular butterflies theme.

New Designers Rachel Whichelow
Juicy florals by Rachel Whichelow at Huddersfield make brilliant use of sunny colours.

New Designers Hannah Reuters
Hannah Reuter had fun with this lovely liquorice allsorts textile design.

New Designers Emily Downer
A Day at the Zoo is by Emily Downer at Falmouth Uni.

New Designers Jemma Scanlon
Sophisticated embroidery created by Jemma Scanlon.

New Designers Jessica Boulton
Jessica Boulton was inspired by A Midsummer Night’s Dream to create this stunning scarf – a firm favourite with my followers when I shared this on my instagram feed.

New Designers Emma McClusky
At University of Dundee award winner Emma McCluskey created this gorgeous leafy print design.

New Designers Sophie Rolley
Extravagant painterly florals are by Sophie Rolley at Leeds College of Art.

New Designers Suzannah Marakova
Suzannah Marakova created these glamourous decorative designs.

New Designers Hannah Edmonds
This cool scissor pattern is by Hannah Edmonds.

New Designers Joe McFadden
Joe McFadden at Herriot Watt worked the hipster look with dark floral sophistication.

New Designers Hatty Atkins
And finally, pretty patterns inspired by curios by Hatty Atkins at Nottingham Trent Uni.

All of these images first appeared on the New Designers instagram feed (they very kindly asked me to guest post a favourite selection from both part one and part two of the show) or on my instagram feed: follow me there to catch my discoveries as I make them!

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Amelia’s Magazine | Review: Designers Makers Market at Old Spitalfields Market

designers makers market flyer
Following a tip off from fellow mummy Helen of East End Prints, I went along to the first Designers Makers market to be held in Old Spitalfields on Saturday afternoon. It was a hideous day – cold and damp – so hardly ideal conditions to be manning a market stall and I really did feel for the designer makers in attendance, especially since this is a funny time of year to be selling gift wares. Designers Makers was sharing the main hall with a vintage market as well as various other mainstays, so it was hard to locate the right stalls, but I was glad I did find them as there was some wonderful new talent on display: I do however have one major gripe. Promotion! Or lack thereof… Business cards, especially ones with all the necessary information (website, etsy, twitter, facebook, pinterest, ANYTHING but an email) were in very short supply, and only one stall holder I talked to had a mailing list: others seemed befuddled when I asked to sign up for one. Designer makers would do well to read up on how to get the most out of a craft fair before going to so much effort – there are many great resources online, such as this blog from The Design Trust: How to prepare for a Craft Show or Design Trade Fair. It makes me so frustrated when talented artisans are not properly prepared to promote themselves at a market: many people are likely to be window shopping but they are all potential customers who may well buy something online at a later date. Or indeed at another fair, to which they have been alerted by social media (of course). Here were my top finds:

Dionne Sylvester digital print cushions
Psychedelic ink splot cushions were inspired by magic eye patterns and optical illusions. Designer Dionne Sylvester trained in fashion at Falmouth, and is now decorating homewards in imitable style.

lulu and luca cushions
Lulu and Luca: super pretty Art Deco inspired prints on organic & upcycled fabrics.

Jessie G Designs needlepoint cushions
Handmade needlepoint tapestry cushions by Jessie G came in a variety of eye popping colour ways: they represent the most unbelievable amount of work. An absolute steal.

Zinc White upcycled derwent pencils jewellery
Seriously genius: Zinc White husband and wife team had travelled down from Huddersfield to sell their innovative upcycled jewellery made out of waste Derwent pencil stubs, which are set into resin then carved into broaches, rings and cuff links.

Don Manolo jewellery Designers Makers
I couldn’t resist a few pairs of these incredibly well priced laser cut and painted Art Deco inspired jewellery by Don Manolo. Either I am very attracted to Art Deco or I sense a trend emerging.

i am acrylic volcano necklace
Fun volcano necklaces by i am acrylic came in neon brights.

Hazel Nicholls babushka print
Hazel Nicholls: cute slogans on kitchenwares and prints featuring graphic versions of the ever popular Babushka doll. I couldn’t agree more: It’s Whats Inside That Counts.

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Amelia’s Magazine | Best of D&AD New Blood Graphic Design Graduates 2011

New Blood show review 2011 Dawn Cooper
Illustration by Dawn Cooper.

Shh, adiposity I know that the D&AD New Blood exhibition was held absolutely months ago… but I would rather play catch up than leave all this talent behind. And besides, this blog was all prewritten – I just needed to post the bugger. Here then are the best of the graphic designers that I found, with possibly a few illustrators thrown in too as it can be hard to distinguish between the two at times.

New Blood show review 2011-Dawn Cooper
There was some wonderful work at Bath School of Art and Design: illustrations for The Outsider by Albert Camus illustrated by Dawn Cooper produced some beautiful prints.

New Blood show review 2011-Charles Van Der Essen
I thought Charles Van Der Essen‘s Atom self portrait poster was rather wonderful, as was his primary coloured beetle waving a spanner on a BMX bike.

New Blood show review 2011-David Otokpa's Eggs (Humanity)
At American Intercontinental I liked David Otokpa‘s Eggs (Humanity), a photo of many sized eggs to represent the similarities of all humans.

New Blood show review 2011-Juliana Roldao orishas
New Blood show review 2011-Juliana Roldao orishas
New Blood show review 2011-Juliana Roldao orishas
New Blood show review 2011-Juliana Roldao orishas
From Middlesex University Juliana Roldao had produced Orishas, a beautiful screenprinted book in barely there neons and black.

New Blood show review 2011-christine harrison
New Blood show review 2011-christine harrison
At Nottingham Trent Uni Christine Harrison‘s Elton the Abominable Snowman and zoetrope caught my eye.

New Blood show review 2011-samuel jones
New Blood show review 2011-samuel jones
Over at Huddersfield I liked Unleashed illustrations by Samuel Jones, which were rendered in a very basic colour range to great success.

New Blood show review 2011-Aaron Vohra
New Blood show review 2011-Aaron Vohra
A very similar colour palette was used by Aaron Vohra, who tackled people in graphics with a faintly 50s style.

New Blood show review 2011-Zane Aldere
At the University of Bedfordshire the force of Nobrow was strong: especially for Zane Aldere, who produced a hand scene printed book that tells four versions of Little Red Riding Hood in concertina form.

New Blood show review 2011-Julia Kisselmann
New Blood show review 2011-New Blood show review 2011-Julia Kisselmann
Julia Kisselmann had produced a lovely series of hand screenprinted prints, Transmutation, inspired by patterns in nature.

New Blood show review 2011-amy collins collin banana
New Blood show review 2011-amy collins collin banana
I do love a bit of a wild card: at Loughborough University Amy Collins showed a purple hippo and featured bird from her Collin Banana Circus project – she hopes to go into animation.

New Blood show review 2011-Bertie the Ickle Pickle Bean
Carolyn Bayley‘s Bertie the Ickle Pickle Bean for a book by Rosie Collins reminded me of the simplicity of Simone Lia‘s work.

More coming up soon…

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