Amelia’s Magazine | New Designers 2015: The Best Jewellery Design Graduates

New Designers Melissa Martinson 2
New Designers Melissa Martinson
New Designers part one is a jewellery lover’s paradise. First up this fabulous embroidered jewellery by Melissa Martinson of Huddersfield Uni, who has worked with AIDS sufferers in Africa using local techniques to create something wonderful. All the pieces are checked for quality and the workers paid a fair wage. I love the colours and shapes of these statement necklaces!

New Designers Natalie Adams
This amazing perspex and woven necklace is by Natalie Adams.

New Designers Maisie Welch
Maisie Welch played with resin shapes at Edinburgh College of Art.

ND Emily Gore
Emily Gore made this extravagant affair.

ND Karolina Baines
Karolina Baines used circular shapes to create this unusual neckpiece.

New Designers jade Stimpson
This organic jewellery by Jade Stimpson at Hereford College of the Arts uses unusual materials such as bone.

New Designers Chesca Dowthwaite
Chesca Dowthwaite created bold silver rings with deep bowls.

New Designers Amelia Hales
Lasercut jewellery by Amelia Hales at Nottingham Trent Uni was ‘inspired by china, made in the U.K.’

New Designers Katie whittaker 2
New Designers Katie whittakerNew Designers Katie whittaker
I absolutely loved this multi media jewellery by Katie Whittaker at Bath School of Art and Design.

New Designers Venice AW
Birmingham City Uni always turns out a selection of brilliant fine jewellery designers: and it is clearly a popular destination for Chinese students wishing to make the most of the burgeoning luxury market at home. This stunning gold necklace is by Venice AW.

New Designers Vanessa Zou
Jewellery by Vanessa Zou takes a more abstract turn.

New Designers Jing Jocelyn He
As does this Blooming collection by Jing Jocelyn He.

New Designers Rachel Codd
New Designers Rachel Codd 2
Ceramic jewellery by Rachel Codd at Cardiff Met is a successful marriage of the beautiful and the surreal. And she was also selling small pendant versions on her stand (available on etsy here), a clever business-savvy move.

New Designers Naoise Fitzgerald
These bright brooches are by Naoise Fitzgerald at the Dublin National College of Art and Design.

New Designers Senak
Resin pendants by Senak at UCA Rochester make a fun statement.

New Designers mary temilola
Mary Temilola made architectural enamelled necklace designs.

New Designers Sinead Toner
I loved the work of Glasgow College of Art students. This is sweetness made bold by Sinead Toner.

New Designers Maisie ford
And a brilliant use of variegated materials by Maisie Ford.

New Designers Maliha Khan
These chunky rings are by Maliha Khan.

Checkie Ieong showcased delicate and unusual jewellery.

ND Ieva Mikitaite
Ieva Mikitaite was a precious metal award winner for her delicate expanding jewellery. Very clever!

New designers Rachel Blair
Textural jewellery by Rachel Blair featured strange organic shapes.

New designers Chloe Michell
Enamel silver bowls by Chloe Michell at Plymouth University were part of a very strong collection.

ND Megan Maggie Gray
Over at Duncan of Jordanstone I liked these very wearable but unusual rings and earrings by Megan Gray.

New Designers Dione Bowlt
New Designers Dione Bowlt
Clever gold dipped porcelain earrings by Dione Boult are a great way to hang statement jewels without too much pressure on the ear!

ND Leah Orford
It turns out there were a couple of great designers I missed out on with my first review of the Middlesex University jewellery graduate show. Leah Orford makes jewellery that could double as sculpture.

ND Aelita Pluiskyte
Aelita Pluiskyte created an eye-catching display with her silicone necklaces.

ND Elizabeth Gray jewellery
This Elizabeth Gray necklace was inspired by crystals and microscopic sections.

ND nichakan jewellery
Organic shapes are the inspiration behind Nichakan jewellery.

ND kiki tang
At The Cass I liked floral enamel twig earrings by Kiki Tang.

ND Lynn Tunney
And lastly these playful necklaces are by Lynn Tunney.

All of these images first appeared on the New Designers instagram feed (they very kindly asked me to guest post a favourite selection from both part one and part two of the show) or on my own my instagram feed: follow me there to catch my discoveries as I make them!

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Amelia’s Magazine | Kingston University Graduate Fashion Week 2015: Catwalk Review

Josh Read
I only received one invite to the 2015 edition of Graduate Fashion Week, so I was excited to attend the Kingston University graduate show at the Truman Brewery and get a brief glimpse into the talent that is leaving college this year. The venue was absolutely packed and I did not have a prime photo-taking spot, so I’ll apologise in advance for the quality of my images – Matt Bramford took a far more stunning set last year, which you can see here.

There was a wide variety of styles on show, and a good smattering of menswear (I love that it is such a burgeoning field in UK fashion) but as ever I was attracted to the more gregarious and colourful designers, joyfully blending colours and textures.

Kingston Uni fashion 2015-Pippa Harries
Pippa Harries played with the textural contrasts of striped knitwear and sports fabrics.

Kingston Uni fashion 2015-Emma Johnson
Emma Johnson focused on layers of knit and striped patchwork, creating a snuggly yet sophisticated gyspy feel.

Kingston Uni fashion 2015-Grace White
Grace White used ominous knitted snoods to hide faces, worn with heavily draped woollen constructions in a juicy patchwork of colours.

Kingston Uni fashion 2015-Bianca Saunders
Bianca Saunders’ menswear collection showcased metallic quilting and patterned crop pants worn with clashing socks. Humorous whilst still being desirable, her clothing was inspired by the typical interior of a first generation British West Indian home.

Kingston Uni fashion 2015-Josh Read 1
Kingston Uni fashion 2015-Josh Read 3
Kingston Uni fashion 2015-Josh Read 2
But the undoubted star of the show was Josh Read, who I have since discovered has landed a plum role at Dior after winning the LVMH Graduate Prize. His collection was inspired by the elegance of everyday 50s clothing; sharp tailoring paired with sweeping A-line shapes and juicy shades of orange, red and blue. Absolutely gorgeous. His website showcases some beautiful look book images, go take a peek here.

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Amelia’s Magazine | Wood Festival 2015 Review: A Family Friendly Musical Paradise

Wood Festival 2015-review year of the bee
This year, as ever, the weather was absolutely gorgeous for Wood Festival: plenty of sunshine and dry underfoot despite the downpours a few days previously. I managed to persuade my friend (and fellow mum) Helen of East End Prints to accompany us as I knew that Snarf would love to feral around with his lil’ mate (we went to the Buddhafield Green Earth Awakening Camp together last year, read my review here) and we arrived in time for a late lunch on Saturday, staying through to Sunday evening.

Wood Festival 2015-review kids run wild
Wood Festival 2015-review out door singing
Wood Festival 2015-review tyre swing
Wood Festival 2015-review snarf
Wood Festival 2015-review bubbles
Wood Festival 2015-review harmony workshop
Wood Festival 2015-review samba band
I know I’ve said this in previous years but Wood Festival is perfect for kids: there is a sense of freedom and safety in the field at Braziers Park that is rare to find, and we basically had a child-led festival, following where our little ones wanted to run. We ate cheesy chips, enjoyed unexpected tunes around the daytime campfire, roamed the woodland playground, ate ice cream, chased bubbles, joined a harmony singing workshop, followed the samba band (dressed as bumble bees), ate more ice cream and of course listened to some music when we could:

The Wallingford based Band of Hope shared some beautiful folk harmonies and soaring violin melodies. They have put together a podcast recorded at Wood Festival, which you can listen to here.

Wood Festival 2015-review main stage
Wood Festival 2015-review kids in woods
Wood Festival 2015-review bee girls
Wood Festival 2015 review kids workshop
Wood Festival 2015-review dining tent
Wood Festival 2015-review campfire
Wood Festival 2015-review the gang
Late on Saturday night I listened to Tunng from the comfort of our tent, having adjourned for the night at a ridiculously early hour with my child. This was the first time the band have played together in some time and they sounded great, even in my half asleep state.

Co-Pilgrim put together a typically dreamy set from the wonderful album A Fairer Sea, which lulled my over excited three year old to sleep. Expect a new album from them soon.

The ‘big bastard baritone’ vocals of Liverpool based John Joseph Brill (his words not mine) were an exciting discovery – a uniquely raspy voice married to soulful reverb that is a heavenly cross between Interpol, U2 (in the best sense) and I LIKE TRAINS. Go check him out.

I heard Spiro on the radio a few weeks ago and was most taken with their tight music making (the result of many years playing together), a deft combination of classical music, dance and folk. It was great to hear them live.

Wood Festival 2015-review band with baby
Finally, Francis Pugh & The Whisky Singers are bluegrass singers from Oxford and were a great reminder of what Wood Festival does so well: creating a family friendly atmosphere where everyone can enjoy great music in a relaxed setting. Where else would you so comfortably find a baby on stage, holding a red balloon?

We are already looking forward to next year.

All photography by Amelia Gregory, our portrait by Mim Saxl.

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Amelia’s Magazine | Studio 350 – University of Brighton Graphic Design & Illustration Graduate Show 2015

George Harvey brighton uni 3
In early July the Brighton University Studio 350 graphic design and illustration show was held at the Rose Lipman Building in Hoxton. This year there was a particularly diverse range of talents on display from both graphic design and illustration. Here are my favourite finds.

George Harvey brighton uni 2
George Harvey brighton uni
George Harvey brighton uni 4
Firstly, I fell in love with African influenced patterns by George Harvey, who also played with type featuring amusing quotes from comedian Mitch Hedburg.

Julie-Ann Pedida brighton uni
Julie-Ann Pedida focused on the colour and designs of coral in miniature sculptures and in this stunning cushion pattern design. Imagine what she could produce for my colouring book open brief!

Sasha George Brighton Uni 2
Sasha George Brighton Uni 4
Sasha George Brighton Uni 3
Sasha George Brighton Uni
I loved apocalyptic illustrations by Sasha George: definitely another favourite find who could produce amazing pages for my colouring book.

Florence Reddington brighton uni
This crossstitch needlework by Florence Reddington purveyed an equally dramatic message in a very different way.

Roo hasan brighton
Printmaker Roo Hasan produced this lush pattern on a tent.

Brighton Uni Illus Amy Fullalove
Amy Fullalove made a graphic wall display inspired by the signage needed for nuclear disposal units in the far distant future.

Nigel Farage by Holly MacDonald
This pottery sculpture of Nigel Farage is by Holly MacDonald who is “teaching the world about politics threw fun ceramics and cartoons” with her Pop-Up Poll Booth project.

Doyeon Sharon Kim brighton uni
Graphic prints by Doyeon Sharon Kim had a distinct 80s vibe.

James Heginbottom
James Heginbottom 2
James Heginbottom created a series of spooky photographic collages inspired by the occult, witchcraft and all things macabre.

Vicky Stevenson
Artist Vicky Stevenson put together an interactive stand inviting visitors to Take Something and Leave Something: I took some sparkly badges and left a note saying ‘I like your sparkly badges, and so will my child‘ and he did!

All of these images first appeared on my own my instagram feed: follow me there to catch my discoveries as I make them.

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Amelia’s Magazine | The Observatory: Arts University Bournemouth Illustration Graduate Show 2015

The Observatory AUB
Last week I visited the Arts University Bournemouth illustration exhibition at The Rag Factory just off Brick Lane with Snarf in tow. There was excellent branding for The Observatory, with this stripey fellow and his big telescopic eye featuring on posters and tote bags.

Liv and Dom AUB characters
Liv and Dom AUB
Liv and Dom AUB dolls
Liv and Dom AUB hanging swimmer
I absolutely loved assorted creatures and bizarre characters by twin partnership Liv and Dom Cave-Sutherland. In fact I liked them so much that I bought the hanging swimmer above. Absolutely a pair to watch.

Anna Johnson AUB
Next up, Snarf particularly liked this detailed work by Anna Johnson: principally because it features a crashed car and a derailed train. I liked her spare use of neon colour.

Josephine Broome AUB
This futuristic imaginary world is the creation of animator Josephine Broome.

paper houses by Amy Bellinger
Amy Bellinger is a ‘stately home enthusiast’ who creates beautiful miniature paper houses.

charlotte reynell illustration
Fun patterns from Charlotte Reynell looked great against the Rag Factory alls.

Harry Graham AUB
Harry Graham showed expert pencil portraits of war veterans.

Laura Schofield AUB
This lovely decorative display is by Laura Schofield. Her beautiful patterns would translate into a wonderful page in my colouring book! I hope she gets involved.

Emily Madeley AUB
Finally, this glittery portrait by Emily Madley is part of a series featuring Bournemouth bouncers.

All of these images first appeared on my own my instagram feed: follow me there to catch my discoveries as I make them!

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Amelia’s Magazine | The Other Art Fair April 2015: Review

The Other Art Fair 2015 Lindsay Mapes
A few weekends back I made a flying visit to The Other Art Fair, which was held in the basement of Victoria House in Bloomsbury, a busy and boisterous affair where visitors were encouraged to chat with the artists as they perused the show, drink in hand. Here are a few highlights that will hopefully introduce you to some exciting new artists you have not previously heard about.

The Other Art Fair 2015 jo beattle embroidery
The Other Art Fair 2015 Jo Beattle
Jo Beattie is a textiles artist who is inspired by the memories of people we love and how we associate them with what they wear. ‘Their patterns and colours are embedded into our memory and become inseparable from our image of them. Our patterns and colours determine not only our character and how we want to be perceived by others but also define us in a time, place and culture.Playground is a vast embroidered tapestry of children, suspended like gossamer so that the shadows play against the wall behind. I also liked smaller vignettes that were displayed on shelves alongside work by her artist son.

The Other Art Fair 2015 Kate Keara Pelen 2
The Other Art Fair 2015 Kate Keara Pelen
Another textile artist which caught my eye was Kate Keara Pelen, who creates thickly encrusted abstract needlework hoops, and swathes of mini crochet vases. Definitely an inspiration for the modern craft lover.

The Other Art Fair 2015 Rococo skull
The Other Art Fair 2015 rococo flaws
I wasn’t quite sure what to make of the extravagant designs by Rococo Wonderland Neon Art but underlit skulls and questioning type certainly made for an attention grabbing display as I descended the stairs into the lower hall.

The Other Art Fair 2015 Lindsay Mapes 2
Lindsay Mapes (see also the opening image) is a London based artist who was born in the USA. Her colourful abstracts are inspired by autobiographical memories, conversations and experiences, in particular the way that ideas are erased or obscured.

Remember, all of these images were first shared on my instagram feed, make sure you follow me @ameliagregory to share my finds in real time!

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Amelia’s Magazine | Tidy Kingston: Kingston University BA Illustration & Animation Graduate Show 2015

Lizzie Lomax vertical farming
A few weeks ago Snarf and I made it along to the Kingston BA Illustration & Animation graduate show, Tidy Kingston, a reference to the organising of a diverse range of work and personalities. Hosted at the Embassy Tea Gallery in Bermondsey, here is my selection of graduates to watch.

Lizzie lomax kingston uni
Firstly, a few close ups of the Bigger Picture by Lizzie Lomax, inspired by the concept of vertical farming (top).

Emma Erhling Kingston uni
We both loved this ice cream van model by Emma Ehrling and the animation, Mint, was great: featuring a cat that turns into ice cream and escapes through the cat flap!

Reece Wykes kingston uni
These cracking glaciers are by Reece Wykes, based on an expedition to the South Pole.

Summer Bee kingston uni
Summer Bee (Bi Cong) created these cute illustrations for a children’s book about a child searching for their father. Snarf enjoyed picking out the objects.

Chester Holme kingston uni
Chester Holme comic kingston
This modernist housing print is by Chester Holme, who also created intricate esoteric comic artwork.

Yuet Alice Lai kingston uni
This animation artwork is by Yuet Alice Lai, from a surreal story about what happens to little brothers if they eat watermelon seeds!

Twin Trash kingston uni
We really enjoyed BlueBarry – another surreal animation by Twin Trash (Tommy and Marcus Vad Flaatan) featuring an assortment of madcap birds wanting to eat to daring a couple of daring blueberries.

Anni Sayers kingston uni
Lastly, these pots with faces by Anni Sayers are inspired by the parliamentary cabinet, highlighting the elaborate nature of political proceedings.

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Amelia’s Magazine | Valentines Open Brief: Submissions Part 2

REALITY_BITES_Eugenia Tsmilkis
Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us! Here are the rest of the submissions for my Valentines Open Brief, see more here, and see the ones which were chosen by East End Prints to appear in their True Romance exhibition here. I hope you’ll all be feeling the lurve this weekend.

Eugenia Tsimiklis (above)
Reality Bites: This film has significance for me as a romantic comedy because it encapsulated awkward post-university faltering relationships. It’s a movie about connecting with people, being emotionally vulnerable and a search for identity, and opportunity during economic recession. Reality Bites is the archetypal slacker romantic comedy and is concerned with not being a “sell out” and choosing integrity over financial gains and choosing the slacker penniless hot musician Ethan Hawke over the earnest suited TV executive, Ben Stiller. Stylistically, I love Reality Bites, because Ethan Hawke and Winona Ryder are the ultimate nineties pin ups, wearing grunge thrift store clothes and hanging out in dirty bars, driving beat up old cars, working in jobs they hate and smoking cigarettes and feeling misunderstood.
I drew this based on the movie poster but I wanted it to have more of a comic feel. I drew it in pencil and added Indian ink, and a splash of red. I like the starkness of a limited palette and black and white poster art.

Valentines Art_Alison Day
Alison Day Designs
The inspiration for my Valentines Art illustration came to me one evening by chance. I have worked for many years as editor and designer of an expatriate magazine in the Netherlands. In 2013, I decided that it was time to take the plunge and put all my energies into my business: Alison Day Designs. I am inspired by imagery and the world around me, and I enjoy working in my garden studio on personal design and illustration projects.

Florence Zealey
Florence Zealey
My piece is inspired by the french film, Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain – probably one of my all time favourites. The line “Even artichokes have hearts” immediately sprung to my mind when first approaching the design, appearing within the scene where Amelie confronts the bully of a greengrocer. Although not seemingly the most romantic line, or scene, within the film, I thought that it perfectly captured the charm and romance of the story without being too obvious. The film is simplistic, lighthearted and doesn’t take itself too seriously, so I have tried to keep that theme within my own work. I originally drew out the artichoke and the title by hand and then decided to progress with the design digitally. I have always admired simplistic and graphic posters, such as the work by Saul Bass, and have recently tried to bring this approach back to my own work. There is something incredibly difficult about keeping a design so simple and making it still look good whilst still having a clear meaning. 

Helen Dodsworth
I’ve never been keen on romantic/soppy declarations and find it all a bit naff to be honest. My friend was eating some love hearts and I noticed that one of them had MINE stamped on it. This struck me as a little too possessive and controlling for my liking, and left me with an image of a little cartoon love heart being told off for being a little too keen. I sketched out a few rough drawings until I had it looking the way I wanted it, then scanned my favourite sketch into Photoshop, blew it up to the right size (as I naturally sketch quite small), then polished it up and added colour in Photoshop, using a photo of love hearts I found online for colour reference.

Holly Farmer
This illustration is a mixed media piece that was originally inspired by the Russian artist duo – The Popovy Sisters and their beautiful artist dolls. I wanted to portray a sense of fragility and melancholy through the form of a slim, breakable doll. Although she has a dolls body, I feel I captured something hauntingly human about her expression and mood. I painted the girl using watercolours in an impasto method by mixing white acrylic paint to the colours. I also hand painted each individual moth in watercolour. Originally during my planning of this work I painted two girls facing each other in a romantic or sisterly way. I wanted to express the way love is universal and mostly, indiscriminate. I erased the second girl and instead drew two red flowers in a vase to simply suggest a romantic aura. I feel I captured the theme of love in a subtle way.

joanna long
Joanna Long
Love is all around, sometimes you just have to look a little bit harder to see it!

laura barrett
Laura Barrett
The design I’ve created is inspired by traditional folk art and takes inspiration from nature. I’ve always been drawn to folk and fairy tales, which is something that runs through most of my work and the illustrations I choose to create. This design is based on floral folk art, in particular ‘Scherenschnitte’, the German art of creating intricate cut paper designs. These need to be designed in a way that every piece is connected so that the whole design is held together- I like this idea of everything being connected, which seems appropriate for such a romantic theme. 

myfanwy tristram
Myfanwy Tristram
Although I work a lot with inks, and prize them for their vibrancy, this piece is super-saturated in colour even by my standards. When I thought of love, I wanted to show it bursting out all over, with flowers springing up spontaneously, trumpets playing triumphant fanfares, and everything – seed heads, rainbows, hearts and flowers – just exploding with the sheer exhilaration of it all.
In retrospect, I suspect the colour theme is influenced by a childhood exposure to Sesame Street and Seventies cartoons, where pink, purple and orange could, and did, co-exist in harmony. For those who didn’t grow up in that decade, I apologise, and hope that your retinas recover soon.
I sketched this piece out in pencil initially, which allowed for some crazy sweeping lines, then coloured it, via a lightbox, onto a new page. It’s barely touched up in Photoshop, hence the uneveness in some of the colouration – hopefully all adding to the general feeling of being swept up in the moment of irrepressible, undeniable, exuberant love.

Rich banks queen of hearts
Rich Banks
Queen of Hearts was created using Staedtdler Fine Liners and Uni Posca marker pens. It is the next in a series of illustrations I am producing on playing cards. 

Sarah Stendel
Sarah Stendel
My inspiration was one of the most romantic movies of all that I know: An Affair to Remember starring lovely Deborah Kerr and Cary Grant as Terry and Nickie, who gently fall in love with each other during their trip on a ferry. Although both are actually involved with someone else, after their journeythey decide  to leave each others’ partners and meet in 6 months time on top of the Empire State Building in New York. After watching the movie again and making some sketches and notes during the film, I started painting a remake of the movieposter. I went for an old poster format, like some french theatres (particularly Folies-Bergère) or events used to have around the 20s/30s. And some british illustrative posters of the 50 inspired me as well.

Scott Mason
Illustrated film posters from past romance movies inspired this illustration, with those a single image had to depict a story and intrigue viewers to come and watch the film, so I wanted to include just enough to entice the viewers imagination and curiosity and let their mind run wild with creating a story, situation and relationship for these two. This image started off with a couple of quick layout sketches to try and plan out the colours, but that all went out the window when I started the actual drawing and just coloured it in what I felt looked decent and worked. I wanted the image to have an almost screen printed retro feel to it with the flat bold colours, clashing just enough to get your attention but hopefully not so much you need to pop on a pair of sunglasses mid winter.  

Vicky Bentham-Green
Vicky Bentham-Green
My two greatest passions in Art are line and colour; I grew up on Dartmoor surrounded by a dramatic landscape and hardy livestock and would go out with a sketchbook to draw – I liked the challenge of capturing the ‘essence’ of the animals and the scenery. At secondary school my art teacher recommended I attend life-drawing classes. I enjoyed being able to draw the full human form but found I missed portraying movement. I love location drawing, sketching people going about their business and creating ‘characters’ in just a few lines.
I chose the tale of the Frog Prince as my female figures tend to have a whimsical air and my animals a personality of their own; so when brought together I felt they represented well the ridiculous and yet wonderful sentiment of the tale.
I start my illustrations by drawing subjects from reference or moving image, sometimes I will capture a subject in one drawing, another time it will take dozens of attempts, but I will know when an image is the right one; it feels like a type of magic! I then work over the drawings, and create textured backgrounds, using watercolour or watercolour pencil.

Will Broomfield
Will Broomfield
The valentines theme took me straight towards a heart so I started with a basic outline, white on black. I wanted to make this piece unique with randomness, simply because you never know who you might fall in love with, it’s random. Having added colour to the individual heart, I thought it looked bare by itself, therefore I used the same illustration without colour with different opacity which created a heart series which I think has worked well.

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Amelia’s Magazine | New Designers 2015: Floral, Jungle and Narrative Textile and Surface Design

New Designers Emily Ward
Next up in my coverage of New Designers 2015 part one I present more favourite textile and surface design – this time concentrating on florals, narrative designs and a popular jungle theme. Emily Ward at Norwich Uni put together a fabulous display showcasing her designs on lampshades.

New Designers Zoe Cook
Beautiful birds feature on this lovely silk scarf by Zoe Cook.

New Designers Marcia La Madrid
This lovely knitwear installation from Marcia La Madrid makes creative use of the very popular rubber plant motif.

New Designers Krupti Valgi
This lovely rich textile design is by Valgi Krupti at Bucks New University.

New Designers Wendy Connington
The 50s influence was strong with Wendy Connington at Loughborough Uni.

New Designers Alice Greaves
Fun prints from Alice Greaves have a narrative feel.

New Designers Izzy Dryburgh
Izzy Dryburgh pursues the ever popular butterflies theme.

New Designers Rachel Whichelow
Juicy florals by Rachel Whichelow at Huddersfield make brilliant use of sunny colours.

New Designers Hannah Reuters
Hannah Reuter had fun with this lovely liquorice allsorts textile design.

New Designers Emily Downer
A Day at the Zoo is by Emily Downer at Falmouth Uni.

New Designers Jemma Scanlon
Sophisticated embroidery created by Jemma Scanlon.

New Designers Jessica Boulton
Jessica Boulton was inspired by A Midsummer Night’s Dream to create this stunning scarf – a firm favourite with my followers when I shared this on my instagram feed.

New Designers Emma McClusky
At University of Dundee award winner Emma McCluskey created this gorgeous leafy print design.

New Designers Sophie Rolley
Extravagant painterly florals are by Sophie Rolley at Leeds College of Art.

New Designers Suzannah Marakova
Suzannah Marakova created these glamourous decorative designs.

New Designers Hannah Edmonds
This cool scissor pattern is by Hannah Edmonds.

New Designers Joe McFadden
Joe McFadden at Herriot Watt worked the hipster look with dark floral sophistication.

New Designers Hatty Atkins
And finally, pretty patterns inspired by curios by Hatty Atkins at Nottingham Trent Uni.

All of these images first appeared on the New Designers instagram feed (they very kindly asked me to guest post a favourite selection from both part one and part two of the show) or on my instagram feed: follow me there to catch my discoveries as I make them!

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Amelia’s Magazine | New Designers 2015: One Year On Review

New Designers Julia Toledo
This year the One Year On section of New Designers was curated by Luna & Curious co-founder Rheanna Lingham (read my exclusive interview here). I particularly loved the selection of jewellery designers at part one (this is just a small selection) but have included my finds at part two of One Year On in this write up as well. All of these designers are actively creating and selling their products so do visit their websites and get in on the action too….

The new Woven on Stone collection from Julia Toledo (top) features gemstones combined with pure silk details. Spectacular and different.

New designers Hannah Grace Ryan
I loved the tactile nature of these granulated silver pendants by Hannah Grace Ryan.

New Designers Karen Elizabeth Donovan
Super delicate, intricate and beautiful. This titanium necklace is by Karen Elizabeth Donovan.

ND Flora Bhattachary
Bold rings by Flora Bhattachary make a big statement.

ND Mei-Ling de Buitlear
Mei-Ling de Buitlear pearl earring hoops are beautiful simplicity.

ND Hayley Beckley
Hand pleated neck cuffs by Hayley Beckley offer an alternative take on statement necklaces.

ND Rachel Froud
Moving on to surface design, Rachel Froud obviously had fun making vegetable artwork into tablemats!

New Designers Harriet Popham
This unusual print is by Harriet Popham, who was inspired by her local landscape in Somerset.

ND Augusta Akerman
Subtle illustrations by Augusta Ackerman were translated into textiles.

ND perished pets
This tiny blue mouse by Perished Pets offers a unique take on ethical taxidermy (she uses roadkill).

ND Leah Jensen
Leah Jensen creates narrative scenes on porcelain to create unusual vessels.

ND righteous raven
Jungle fabrics by Righteous Raven feature lush colours and bold leaf designs.

ND Charlotte Wilkinson 2
ND Charlotte Wilkinson
These amazing glass brains by Charlotte Wilkinson were inspired by her father’s illness. Such a wonderful way to channel creativity.

ND So Klara
So Klara textiles feature bold colourful splashes, a major interior design statement.

ND Vive designs
This neon lasercut acrylic chess set is by Vive Designs.

All of these images first appeared on the New Designers instagram feed (they very kindly asked me to guest post a favourite selection from both part one and part two of the show) or on my own my instagram feed: follow me there to catch my discoveries as I make them!

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