Amelia’s Magazine | New Designers 2012 Printed Textiles and Surface Design Graduates: part two

New Designers part one 2012 -Phillippa Copping
Following on from my first review of printed textiles and surface design graduates at New Designers 2012, here’s my second pick of the student work. At Cleveland College of Art and Design bright geometric patterns by Phillippa Copping reigned supreme. I wasn’t surprised to learn that she has interned with Zandra Rhodes, whose influence was clear.

New Designers part one 2012 -Robyn Taylor
Robyn Taylor had fun with embroidered fashion illustrations.

New Designers part one 2012 -Holly Stevens
Crazy robots with 3D embellishment sprung out of graph paper in these interactive wallpaper designs for children by Holly Stevens.

New Designers part one 2012 -Tori Arrighi
At Edinburgh College of Art Tori Arrighi mixed fractal patterns with bold swipes of bright colour.

New Designers part one 2012 -Gillian Boyd
Gillian Boyd is an acoustic textile designer who designers decorative panels for maximum sound absorption.

New Designers part one 2012 -Danielle Lunn
At University of Bolton Danielle Lunn embroidered curious patterns that looked like sea creatures created in the style of Indian folk art.

New Designers part one 2012 -Emma Mcvan
Emma Mcvan mixed photorealist imagery with abstract design to great effect.

New Designers part one 2012 -Velvet Jade
New Designers part one 2012 -Velvet Jade
The fabulously named Velvet Jade mixed vibrant geometrics with 3D rosettes.

New Designers part one 2012 -Viktoriya Zarvanska
At UCLAN oversized squirrel and deer designs were attracting a lot of attention on Viktoriya Zarvanska‘s very busy stand.

New Designers part one 2012 -Jane Bridges
The English Country Garden Collection by Jane Bridges featured some beautiful modern acidic and plum colour combinations.

New Designers part one 2012 -Shayna Begum
New Designers part one 2012 -Shayna Begum
New Designers part one 2012 -Shayna Begum
At UEL I was immediately drawn to modern woodland designs from nature lover Shayna Begum: read an interview with her by Kate Lynch here. Her love of Timorous Beasties is evident.

New Designers part one 2012 -Netanya Barber
At Northbrook College in Sussex Netanya Barber mixed photo real birds and flowers with intricate wirework patterns.

New Designers part one 2012 -Melody Ross
At the Arts Uni College in Bournemouth Melody Ross went wild with neon laser cut acrylic for interiors products.

New Designers part one 2012 -Alice Skipp
At Swansea Metropolitan layered stencil designs by Alice Skipp were applied with great joy across plates, tea cosies, teatowels.

New Designers part one 2012 -Sam Fenn-Johnston
Retro inspired upholstery by Sam Fenn-Johnston was showcased on old fashioned style arm chairs in the One Year On section.

Third review of printed textiles and surface design graduates at New Designers 2012 coming soon!

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Amelia’s Magazine | Halloween 2012: Illustrations, Baby Fancy Dress, Nail Art and Things To Do

halloween by cristian-grossi
Halloween by Cristian Grossi.

I’m not going to write much about Halloween this year because I think I pretty much said it all last time around. And I’m knackered. All I will say is: this year I reckon it’s all about the nail art. Go on, just search twitter and marvel at all that effort: bloody drips, ghouls, stylish matte black, candy stripes, zombie brains, skeletons, spiders, bogey green and pumpkin orange. In the absence of professional nail art contributions I instead give you my crabby claws. Oh and illustrator Claire Kearns shows off her rather more dramatic glittery spider webs. Are you in on the act yet?

halloween nails
claire kearns halloween nails
Me & Zena Revenge of the Eyeball ring
This Me & Zena Revenge of the Eyeball ring grabbed my attention at press days last week. Grab yours for a special Halloween price of £22.40 now.

Snarfle convict witch
I’m also loving uber cute Halloween outfits for babies. For obvious reasons. Next year I really will get him dressed up good and proper. Here’s my illustrated Halloween blog with a few spookish things to do thrown in, enjoy!

Trick Or Treat by Becca Thorne
Trick Or Treat by Becca Thorne. The HOWLERWEEN DOG PARADE was held on Sunday 28 October in Lincoln Inn Fields. After the parade visitors went on a guided Ghost Dog Walking Tour to hear tales of the human and canine ghosts that roam London’s dark streets.

Halloween by Ben Rider
Halloween by Ben Rider.

Halloween Skull by Cristian Grossi.

vampam by Samantha Eynon
Count Cosmin the Halloween paper toy by Samantha Eynon. Download your free template and make your own here.

Wickerman by Rebecca Strickson
Wickerman by Rebecca Strickson.

Halloween Skulls by Cristian Grossi.

Scary Halloween Face by Lizzie Donegan at New Good Studio.

DAY OF THE DEAD-thorwistle
On Thursday 1st November Thor & Wistle are holding a DAY OF THE DEAD jewellery event, where you can pick up a pair of Rachel Entwistle‘s spidery earrings. The work of the in house designers will be joined by Lauren Baker‘s mosaic skulls and Nail It! will be on hand to provide Halloween nail art: so hot right now!

Halloween by Cristian Grossi.

Halloween by Hannah Cooper
Halloween by Hannah Cooper.

We were Here by Sine Skau
We were Here by Sine Skau.

Fireside Chats tree house of horror
I will be at Spitalfields City Farm for the last session of this year’s Fireside Chats, a fortnightly gathering of like minded souls around the camp fire: Barney’s Tree House of Horror. ‘If you STILL havent planned your Hallowe’en night then why not join us for our final Fireside Chat of the season where we will be cooking a Pumkin Stew, roasting Marshmellows and being scared out of our wits by Barney Netherwood‘s horror stories told out of Spitalfields City Farm‘s tree house. Call us if you get lost or stuck outside the gates, we are always there.’ Between 6.30-9pm on Weds 31st October.

Zombie Hand by Ben Rider
Zombie Hand by Ben Rider.

*More Nail Art*

raven rouge halloween nails
Raven Rouge by Wah Nails for Art Macabre Drawing Salons.

fancy folk halloween nails
Viktoriya Zarvanska of Fancy Folk.

the magical dee halloween nail art
Halloween nail art from Dee Apriyanti.

halloween nails by Clothes Hound
halloween nails by Clothes Hound. You can even watch her tutorial here on video!

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