Amelia’s Magazine | London Fashion Week A/W 2014: Somerset House exhibition stands report

Jo Hayes Ward jewellery

Before I finish my coverage of London Fashion Week for another season here is a quick pictorial round up of my favourite exhibition finds… gathered from the exhibition space at Somerset House and beyond. At the main stands I only managed to get around the first floor, where I found lots of great jewellery, as always. Jo Hayes Ward goes from strength to strength with her amazing CAD designed jewellery – despite giving birth to her second child just three months ago. These kinetic earrings and pendant have fine articulated parts so that they twinkle beautifully when you move.

Cleo Mercury collar

Cleo Mercury silk scarf

Cleo Ferin Mercury makes colourful accessories with a playful edge. Her decorated collars offer a quirky alternative to wearing a necklace, and I love this shaped silk tiger scarf.

Alice Cicolini rings

I first noticed Alice Cicolini jewellery last season, but had the opportunity to meet the designer herself this time round. This talented lady is also an art curator and a mum; I absolutely adore the unique way she combines precious gems and colourful enamel, designed by herself and made by artisans in India. Sadly I didn’t get a good photo myself so the one above is taken from her website.

Imogen Belfield necklaces

I particularly like the new gem set Imogen Belfield jewels. Just check out that multi-layered chain!

Rachel Entwistle flint bracelet

Rachel Entwistle’s collection was full of desirable pieces such as the silver flint bracelet shown above.

Lily Kamper necklace

Lily Kamper continues to impress with her art deco inspired perspex jewels. New for this season: resins that look like marble, ombre colourings and inlaid sapphires. Lush.

K2 knitwear design

There were many familiar designers in the showrooms but I made a few exciting new discoveries including K2TOG or Knit 2 Together, a designer with a ‘waste not want not’ attitude and one of Estethica‘s Emerging Talents. Central Saint Martins graduate Katie Jones upcycles old aran jumpers with the application of bright embellishments inspired by European folk art. Very cool.

Over on the NewGen stands I was also very impressed by the work of South London based Irish designer Danielle Romeril, who has found a way to combine normally unrelated fabrics to create her own interesting silhouette with lots of tactile detail. Definitely one to watch in coming seasons: I apologise that I did not get a decent photo of this one either, but do take a peek at the video of her collection above.

Beautiful soul display LFW

Over at the Me Hotel I admired the pretty display by Beautiful Soul, part of the Felicities PR presentation.

George Styler knitwear

Finally, it was great to see the work of George Styler up close at the new designers installation at Freemasons’ Hall. Read my review of his catwalk show here.

Next up: finds at the off schedule Off Strand show at the Hoxton Gallery.

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Amelia’s Magazine | Halloween 2012: Illustrations, Baby Fancy Dress, Nail Art and Things To Do

halloween by cristian-grossi
Halloween by Cristian Grossi.

I’m not going to write much about Halloween this year because I think I pretty much said it all last time around. And I’m knackered. All I will say is: this year I reckon it’s all about the nail art. Go on, just search twitter and marvel at all that effort: bloody drips, ghouls, stylish matte black, candy stripes, zombie brains, skeletons, spiders, bogey green and pumpkin orange. In the absence of professional nail art contributions I instead give you my crabby claws. Oh and illustrator Claire Kearns shows off her rather more dramatic glittery spider webs. Are you in on the act yet?

halloween nails
claire kearns halloween nails
Me & Zena Revenge of the Eyeball ring
This Me & Zena Revenge of the Eyeball ring grabbed my attention at press days last week. Grab yours for a special Halloween price of £22.40 now.

Snarfle convict witch
I’m also loving uber cute Halloween outfits for babies. For obvious reasons. Next year I really will get him dressed up good and proper. Here’s my illustrated Halloween blog with a few spookish things to do thrown in, enjoy!

Trick Or Treat by Becca Thorne
Trick Or Treat by Becca Thorne. The HOWLERWEEN DOG PARADE was held on Sunday 28 October in Lincoln Inn Fields. After the parade visitors went on a guided Ghost Dog Walking Tour to hear tales of the human and canine ghosts that roam London’s dark streets.

Halloween by Ben Rider
Halloween by Ben Rider.

Halloween Skull by Cristian Grossi.

vampam by Samantha Eynon
Count Cosmin the Halloween paper toy by Samantha Eynon. Download your free template and make your own here.

Wickerman by Rebecca Strickson
Wickerman by Rebecca Strickson.

Halloween Skulls by Cristian Grossi.

Scary Halloween Face by Lizzie Donegan at New Good Studio.

DAY OF THE DEAD-thorwistle
On Thursday 1st November Thor & Wistle are holding a DAY OF THE DEAD jewellery event, where you can pick up a pair of Rachel Entwistle‘s spidery earrings. The work of the in house designers will be joined by Lauren Baker‘s mosaic skulls and Nail It! will be on hand to provide Halloween nail art: so hot right now!

Halloween by Cristian Grossi.

Halloween by Hannah Cooper
Halloween by Hannah Cooper.

We were Here by Sine Skau
We were Here by Sine Skau.

Fireside Chats tree house of horror
I will be at Spitalfields City Farm for the last session of this year’s Fireside Chats, a fortnightly gathering of like minded souls around the camp fire: Barney’s Tree House of Horror. ‘If you STILL havent planned your Hallowe’en night then why not join us for our final Fireside Chat of the season where we will be cooking a Pumkin Stew, roasting Marshmellows and being scared out of our wits by Barney Netherwood‘s horror stories told out of Spitalfields City Farm‘s tree house. Call us if you get lost or stuck outside the gates, we are always there.’ Between 6.30-9pm on Weds 31st October.

Zombie Hand by Ben Rider
Zombie Hand by Ben Rider.

*More Nail Art*

raven rouge halloween nails
Raven Rouge by Wah Nails for Art Macabre Drawing Salons.

fancy folk halloween nails
Viktoriya Zarvanska of Fancy Folk.

the magical dee halloween nail art
Halloween nail art from Dee Apriyanti.

halloween nails by Clothes Hound
halloween nails by Clothes Hound. You can even watch her tutorial here on video!

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