Amelia’s Magazine | London Fashion Week S/S 2011 Video Presentation Review: Lall London

Illustration by Chris Morris

This was an odd one. I rushed to Freemason’s Hall for the presentation of a ‘fashion film’, illness buy something which I had never been to before and took my seat. With no introduction, viagra order the video started…and then stopped after two minutes, and that was it. From the piece of paper on my chair I learnt that the video follows four stages of liberation: The Awakening, The Search, The Bloom and The Transcendence. You can watch it for yourself here, if you want.

I was expecting a short question and answer, or possibly an explanation. The rest of the audience was as confused as I, not knowing whether to get up and leave or hang on for something more. I chose the latter and had a chat to the director Monica Elkelv, who seemed very pleased with the overall reaction to the event.

From the website I was able to look at the collection in full. Their S/S 2011 offering, Ornithorium, is lovely. Lall London describe their style as casual-luxe, but it is a million miles away from Christian Blanken’s collection which falls into the same category. Gurdeep Lall has really gone to town on the luxe element, using embellishment all over the delicate pieces of silk chiffon and crepe they design. The result is a shimmering, glittering and rather beautiful collection.

Illustration of Monica Elkelv by Chris Morris

Inspired by exotic birds, the references are everywhere with swans, flamingoes and humming birds adorning the muted shades of pale pink and tangerine. My favourite pieces has to be the sequined all over high waisted trousers (treggings?) which feature heavily in the video and are embellished with flashes of pink and light blue. For more wearable pieces, they offer lovely tunic style long baggy tops in pale colours which are of course, adorned with silvery sequins too.

I really admire the collection. However, I didn’t really understand the video presentation as I would have much rather of seen the clothes in the flesh. It really didn’t do the clothes the justice they deserve and after searching on the internet this seems to be the only review that has gone up from the event.

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