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A Divorce Before Marriage by directors by Matt Hopkins & Ben Lankester follows the Leeds based band I Like Trains following their rejection by the mainstream music industry. During this time they grow older, gain families and ‘real’ jobs… whilst remaining passionate about producing the music they love. As someone who is a long time fan of I Like Trains and a supporter of musicians working on the fringes of the commercial music industry I was most intrigued to hear about this feature length film, and asked director Ben to explain more…

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A Divorce Before Marriage is a documentary three years in the making. The film charts the lives of Leeds based I Like Trains following the loss of their record deal. We really wanted to shine a light on those bands working away in the middle, those bands positioned somewhere between superstardom and complete obscurity. We felt this was an overlooked and unrepresented portion of the industry, particularly within the world of music documentary.

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The film aims to reveal with brutal honesty the difficulties but also the rewards of balancing creative endeavour with earning a living. We hope the trailer speaks to creatives in all types of professions who are forced to do the same thing, particularly as you approach that delicate time in your 30s when life appears to take over. The film was shot over three years in order to capture those small but powerful moments of change that happen in our lives during this transformative period.

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As filmmakers we have been working with I Like Trains for five years now, from initial music videos and live performance films to this, a feature film documenting their lives over a long period. It really feels like the culmination of the journey we’ve all been on together, and the success of our ongoing Kickstarter campaign is testament to our belief that this band’s story is universal.’

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You can support the Kickstarter campaign to raise money for A Divorce Before Marriage here. They have already exceeded their first goal, but any extra money raised will allow them to make an even better film. The campaign closes on 14th October 2014.

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