Amelia’s Magazine | An Interview with Future Classics Fashion Designer Julie Wilkins

Future Classics AW14 by Gareth A Hopkins
Future Classics A/W 2014 by Gareth A Hopkins.

Fashion designer Julie Wilkins explores ideas of garment construction/deconstruction, radical conservatism and androgyny for A/W 2014. Her capsule collections come with the guiding principle that purposeful limitation allows for increased invention, so the new Future Classics collection features a sombre colour palette, with conservative fabrics given multiple possibilities of wear that are highlighted in the gifs viewed here. Julie Wilkins is also a musician, releasing her album as The Electra Woods in May this year.

Future Classics AW14 GIF (01)
What inspired the new collection?
The idea of using very classic fabrics – cashmere, camel hair, silk, fine cotton – and a sedate, conservative palate – while working through the staples of a wardrobe and applying all the various things FUTURE CLASSICSC© “does” to a recognisable garment form – multi-functioning, hybrids, twins etc. – but to a SUPER degree. With a shot of plastic bag blue polyester as a kind of contrast/marker. The colour palette matches the plates too. And it marks the end of that incarnation of FUTURE CLASSICSC© and the label’s transition to DRESS© in SS15 – which is a kind of fresh start in lots of ways.

Future Classics AW14 GIF (02)
Future Classics by Marianna Madriz
Future Classics by Marianna Madriz.

How did you put together the gifs, and what gave you the idea to create them?
I built them up (painstakingly, including painting square lips in!) from the look book stills. Oftentimes people don’t see the way the garments will look on and their multi-functionality – so I wanted to show this, and also put a bit of cartoony expressive-ness into the look book. The model Irina was great, very dead pan – super Russian. I love them. It’s like having an electronic pet doll. I often talk to her, when I click on them.

Future classics AW14 GIF (15)
Future Classics Fashion by Isabelle Mattern.

Who would they like to see wearing this collection?
Clever humans who like some comfort with their edge.

Future Classics AW14 by Beatthepulp aka Kulvinder Dhillon
Future Classics AW14 by Beatthepulp aka Kulvinder Dhillon-2
Future Classics A/W 2014 by Beatthepulp aka Kulvinder Dhillon.

What are you working on next?
I am working on a dress collection for DRESS© for SS15. The collection has thematically titled EP and another cultural product with it – which is part of the new way of working. This one is super exciting……

Dirty Explanation from The Electra Woods on Vimeo.

The ELECTRA WOODS – Dirty Explanation – Video by Dean Brannagan.

See more Future Classics Fashion here. Hear The Electra Woods (out now on FC/fm) here, and find out more about the band here.

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