Amelia’s Magazine | Kingston University Illustration Degree Show – Build 2013: Review

Dan Singer Matisse print
Kingston University consistently produces some of the most exciting new illustrators in the UK and this year was no exception. Their show, Build 2013, was hosted at the White Rabbit studio space in Shoreditch, a pair of cavernous rooms in some railway arches. This was a tightly edited show with an imaginative interpretation of the Build theme. Here’s what I liked.

Dan Singer Build
This Monkey Brain by Dan Singer was on sale as a limited edition lino cut – seriously tempted. He also works in zingy colours that I love – see his Matisse style artwork at the top of this post.

Birdhouse. By Yeojin Yun
Snarfle was intrigued by these built birdhouses by Yeojin Yun, each housing some cute critters.

Rachel Shasha
This lush book is by Rachel Shasha, featuring 80s inspired abstract graphics of the kind that have been popular for a couple of years now. I remain a sucker for this look.

Black Gold by Daisy Hardman
Black Gold by Daisy Hardman (who has contributed to Amelia’s Magazine) explores the journey of oil, from source to seepage. It was a dark reminder of the fuel that powers our everyday lives.

Beth Barfoot
Tumbling mouse by Beth Barfoot
This 3D menagerie included a colourful horse and a tumbling mouse, and is a collaboration between Beth Barfoot and Annie Barber. Loved these!

Comic inspired art by George Heaven
The Slow Roasted Comics series by George Heaven takes a jovial look at the beauty regimes of women.

Lovely narrative images by Matthew Booker
Boxing match print by Matthew Booker at Kingston Uni
These lovely narrative images of betting sports are by the aptly named Matthew Booker (geddit?)

Madelen Foss on Kingston
Another friendly dog by Madelen Foss
Madelen Foss obviously has a thing for dogs as they played a big part in her display at the Build show. ‘Some dogs bite, but not if they are treated right‘ and then some are just great big daft friendly mutts…

Jack Taylor
This image was one of a lovely set of risograph prints based on windows by Jack Taylor. In a wise promotional move he sent a set of prints to Wrap Magazine, and you can see the whole range on their blog here.

Rebecca Wheele at Kingston Uni
Rebecca Wheele‘s beautiful panoramas of cows could be prehistoric: maybe she was inspired by rock art?

Michael Bartlett
Modern day stained glass by Michael Bartlett is inspired by his love of football.

Min-Hee Kim
A seriously lovely tactile book by former fashion designer Min-Hee Kim opened to reveal beautifully embossed pages. Snarfle had a great time copping a feel.

Joseph Melhuish screens
Joseph Melhuish close up
Joseph Melhuish control room
I was really taken with the showcase put together by Joseph Melhuish, which featured fake computer screens depicting strange otherworldly environments inspired by Predator Drones.

There were many more inspiring displays, and I hope to cover Kingston animation sometime soon. Stay tuned.

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