Amelia’s Magazine | Top Drawer at Olympia, January 2015: Review

Top Drawer grows ever bigger each year, and this time around there was a new dedicated fashion section, as well as the Spotted zone curated by Charlotte Abrahams, designed to promote up and coming designers.

It was really great to catch up with jewellery designer Clara Francis, interviewed on this website last year. Clara specialises in the old fashioned art of beading, using the technique to create wonderful and unusual statement necklaces, tiaras and earrings.

Just Trade specialise in jewellery made using ethical materials by artisans. These animal pendants are made out of Tagua nut from Ecuador.

I loved the new neon embroidered wash bags by Sew Lomax.

At spotted I found Kent based designer Nancy Nicholson, who makes wonderful retro inspired DIY embroidery kits, some pieces inspired by he work of her mother Joan Nicholson. Love them.

Alfred & Wilde designer Simon Mitchell makes amazing graphic printed homewares, and has recently collaborated with Wolf & Moon to make these new perspex jewellery designs inspired by his love of the Platonic Solids.

These great interactive cards are from Colourcutie, which was launched by designer Anna Rumsby in 2014.

In the greetings card and stationery section of Top Drawer I was drawn to the subtle graphic designs of Ola Studio by Katy Goutefangea, who I first discovered in 2013 during London Design Week. Her lay flat notebooks are a genius idea.

Finally, this eco friendly bamboo fibre plate is from the Anatomical Range by new label Jay, a gift brand designed to appeal to men but just as good for us ladies, from Cubic.

Sadly I did not locate the Wrap Magazine stand which so impressed me last year. Oh yes, and I never even made it to Craft. Hopefully next time!

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Amelia’s Magazine | Ohh Deer Illustration Collective: an interview with Co-Founder Jamie Mitchell

Ohh Deer , Jamie Mitchell illustration

Ohh Deer is more than just a site that sells cool graphic tees, it’s a collective of young creatives featuring some of the most talented emerging illustrators out there. Founded in 2011 by Jamie Mitchell and Mark Callaby, Ohh Deer offers everything from greeting cards to homeware. In fact, Amelia ear-marked one of their lovely cushions (designed by William Branton) in her Christmas Gift Ideas 2012 post. More than just a quirky online shop, jam-packed full of juicy illustrated bits ‘n’ bobs, they also function a bit like a creative agency, working on briefs together (for clients like Universal Music) and helping promote each others work.

The band of merry pens that make up this fresh-faced brand have proven than two leads (of the pencil variety) are better than one with their great products and impressive roster of clients. Rather than brave a tough industry alone, Mark and Jamie decided to work together, bringing a whole host of other bright young things they admired on board too. There’s now a whole range of pencils involved, including Nicholas Darby, Alice Potter, Ruben Ireland, Miguel Mansur, Jamie Mills and Kris Tate. The site also stocks products by various other illustrators including Jack Teagle and Emma May to name but a few.

Ohh Deer, Jamie Mitchell illustration

The result is Ohh Deer, the equivalent of a sort of ‘super-freelancer’ with more time, talent, range and skills than one illustrator could muster alone. Fun, fresh, beautiful, honest, scary, relevant, Ohh Deer illustrations cover a lot of bases with their vast range of styles. Complete with a young, contemporary vibe, the company is straight out of the dreams of many a creative-type.

If you don’t already follow Ohh Deer on Facebook then you should, as it quickly becomes obvious that their brand-name gives them an edge for cracking all manner of social media-friendly and meme-happy jokes. This isn’t just a collective that follows visual culture, they’re part of it.

Ohh Deer , Jamie Mitchell illustration

Last year, to give my wardrobe an injection of all things illustration, I took out a subscription to the Ohh Deer T-shirt Club. This, like my Stack Magazines subscription, is one of my monthly indulgences. Whether it’s a design featuring a lemon with adorably bulgy eyes or kitchen utensils with attitude, these staples give my wardrobe, and my creativity, a boost each month. There’s so much stuff on the site I want that it would be impossible for me to list it all here, but currently I’m drooling over some lovely wooden neck-creatures , wishing I could buy ALL the stationery as well as lusting after a whole batch of other penned goodies that make me shiver with creative delight. They even have copies of Wrap in their shop, an illustration magazine which comes with 5 sheets of illustrated wrapping paper each issue.

With all this in mind, I spoke to co-founder Jamie Mitchell about how he came to setup the business and what Ohh Deer has in store for 2013.

Ohh Deer , Jamie Mitchell illustration

What gave you the impetus to start Ohh Deer?
The business was founded as a means to support myself and Mark. After a while we added several Illustrators to our collective and since then it’s blossomed. We’ve realised the potential to help other creatives and we’re determined to create something synonymous with contemporary Illustration.

What philosophy do you think is at the heart of the business?
The business feeds back a direct proportion of profit to the artist who’s work it is, and that’s how we like to do it. Ohh Deer as a business needs enough profit to grow, and be able to launch people to a higher level of recognition but our core aim is to support illustrators, and a lot of support for freelancers comes financially.

Ohh Deer
Ohh Deer
Ohh Deer

What kind of plans do you have for Ohh Deer in the future?
We’re now on the highstreet, and hopefully will be in Topshop and Paperchase nationwide soon. Our next step is to get the brand recognised internationally, and the same process will hopefully be applied to several amazing countries.

How did you go about picking illustrators to collaborate with?
The original selection of Illustrators were picked from people who’s work we admired on Twitter, these were people we were in regular contact with and whose work we would love to own. Since then we’ve added Illustrators and Artists to the roster who embody everything we love about the field. We all have a contemporary feel to our work, and we all work differently.

Ohh Deer, Jamie Mitchell illustration

You started Ohh Deer with Mark Callaby, do you both run the project full-time?
Me and Mark founded the company in 2011, and we run the company from a HQ in Loughborough. Full-time there’s also Laura and soon to be Ricky who will be doing lots of tech related wizardry.

You originally pursued a career in Architecture, is this something you might look back to in future?
I might drift back to Architecture for small projects, I still love to design space, but never for anything permanent, I imagine my career will be very varied, as design can change so much from one project to the next.

Hannah Richards, Ohh Deer

What are the influences of your own personal illustration style?
A childhood diet of David Attenborough.

What other projects are you working on right now?
Ohh Deer is where the majority of my time is spent, I’m completing Album artwork for a very talented Musician at the minute. I’m doing a piece for an exhibition in Oxford about ‘contemporary fairytales’, I’m doing some work for a company called Kigu, who make brilliant onesies. I’ve just started a collection of Dinosaurs (because I love them) but also because I’ve been asked by the Natural History Museum to produce contemporary Dino products. I had an interesting email in my inbox this week about wallpaper design, so that could be happening too soon. Ohh Deer products will soon be on sale in Topshop and Paperchase as well as Scribbler and hopefully some other high street chains – so our mission to create a ‘launchpad’ for the artists is definitely taking shape. Next it will be the world.

Drew Turner, Ohh Deer
Rebecca Potter, Ohh Deer
Kris Tate, Ohh Deer

How often do you put pen to paper?
I don’t get to draw all that often, I don’t have any free time at all, I’m working to be able to do more, by hiring a PA to manage some of the details, but I normally output a single Illustration every two months or so.

What’s the best aspect of starting up your own business?
Being your own boss. I’m unemployable – and by that I don’t mean I’m not professional, I just get restless, bored and disappointed with an unvarying list of jobs to do. I also love the ability to help support and nourish the careers of lots of awesome illustrators – our online following allows us to showcase work and host public facing competitions to see what other brilliant work is out there.

And the worst?
Not having enough hours in the day.

Jaco Haasbroek, Ohh Deer

What advice would you give to budding illustrators?
Say yes to everything – Don’t expect to make any money to begin with, and when you’ve got some projects under your belt, don’t let big companies bully you for cheap labour, you’re a very talented individual and don’t you forget it!

Ruben Ireland, Ohh Deer

The beautiful illustrations in this piece were provided by Jamie Mitchell. The Ohh Deer products are by a range of illustrators and you can find them all on the Ohh Deer website.

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Amelia’s Magazine | Kingston University Illustration Degree Show – Build 2013: Review

Dan Singer Matisse print
Kingston University consistently produces some of the most exciting new illustrators in the UK and this year was no exception. Their show, Build 2013, was hosted at the White Rabbit studio space in Shoreditch, a pair of cavernous rooms in some railway arches. This was a tightly edited show with an imaginative interpretation of the Build theme. Here’s what I liked.

Dan Singer Build
This Monkey Brain by Dan Singer was on sale as a limited edition lino cut – seriously tempted. He also works in zingy colours that I love – see his Matisse style artwork at the top of this post.

Birdhouse. By Yeojin Yun
Snarfle was intrigued by these built birdhouses by Yeojin Yun, each housing some cute critters.

Rachel Shasha
This lush book is by Rachel Shasha, featuring 80s inspired abstract graphics of the kind that have been popular for a couple of years now. I remain a sucker for this look.

Black Gold by Daisy Hardman
Black Gold by Daisy Hardman (who has contributed to Amelia’s Magazine) explores the journey of oil, from source to seepage. It was a dark reminder of the fuel that powers our everyday lives.

Beth Barfoot
Tumbling mouse by Beth Barfoot
This 3D menagerie included a colourful horse and a tumbling mouse, and is a collaboration between Beth Barfoot and Annie Barber. Loved these!

Comic inspired art by George Heaven
The Slow Roasted Comics series by George Heaven takes a jovial look at the beauty regimes of women.

Lovely narrative images by Matthew Booker
Boxing match print by Matthew Booker at Kingston Uni
These lovely narrative images of betting sports are by the aptly named Matthew Booker (geddit?)

Madelen Foss on Kingston
Another friendly dog by Madelen Foss
Madelen Foss obviously has a thing for dogs as they played a big part in her display at the Build show. ‘Some dogs bite, but not if they are treated right‘ and then some are just great big daft friendly mutts…

Jack Taylor
This image was one of a lovely set of risograph prints based on windows by Jack Taylor. In a wise promotional move he sent a set of prints to Wrap Magazine, and you can see the whole range on their blog here.

Rebecca Wheele at Kingston Uni
Rebecca Wheele‘s beautiful panoramas of cows could be prehistoric: maybe she was inspired by rock art?

Michael Bartlett
Modern day stained glass by Michael Bartlett is inspired by his love of football.

Min-Hee Kim
A seriously lovely tactile book by former fashion designer Min-Hee Kim opened to reveal beautifully embossed pages. Snarfle had a great time copping a feel.

Joseph Melhuish screens
Joseph Melhuish close up
Joseph Melhuish control room
I was really taken with the showcase put together by Joseph Melhuish, which featured fake computer screens depicting strange otherworldly environments inspired by Predator Drones.

There were many more inspiring displays, and I hope to cover Kingston animation sometime soon. Stay tuned.

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Amelia’s Magazine | Arts University College of Bournemouth: Feral Show 2012 Illustration Review

AUCB Feral Show 2012 flyer
Students from the Arts University College of Bournemouth habitually show in the last week or so of Free Range, with creative graduates from a number of disciplines (fine art, illustration and photography) sharing their work across a big open space in the huge Truman Brewery warehouse. Historically this has meant that I don’t get around to covering their show, and I feel particularly bad that I didn’t cover the 2012 show, since this crew were very proactive in networking the brilliantly named Feral Show on social media (hallelujah). Still, here, at long last, is a taster of what I discovered.

Feral show Bournemouth 2012
Illustrator Natasha Durley was justifiably crowned Best of Year by the D&AD Awards in 2012. Her work features lots of winsome characters, often amongst trees and little log cabins, all rendered in a luscious sweetie coloured palette which surely appeals to the romantic in all of us. Since graduating Natasha has worked for an illustrious trio of editorial clients; Nobrow, Oh Comely and Wrap Magazine.

Feral show Bournemouth 2012
Kate Rowland‘s watercolour and ink drawings were inspired by an obsession with science and space exploration. She has recently written a very honest blog about the trials and tribulations of life after university: well worth a read for anyone about to graduate. Kate is now creating jewellery, a popular product choice for many illustrators.

jack reynolds
Surrealism reigns supreme in vibrantly coloured work by Jack Reynolds, also known as REN. All three of the illustrators above were also featured in my review of the D&AD awards show.

Feral show Bournemouth 2012
Polish illustrator Justyna Plec created a series of wall mounted portraits featuring a cast of curious characters: sadly it’s impossible to follow her career since as her only web presence beyond the Feral Show site is now inactive.

Fay Myers Naked Nana
A cast of muted watercolour Naked Nanas were created by Amelia’s Magazine contributor Fay Myers. Her fox puzzle illustration features in the Anorak Magazine Summer Games issue, out mid July, and she has a great tumblr which is regularly updated with new work.

jessica durden
Jessica Durden‘s watercolour drawings of wildlife in the woods are given a fairytale quality with the use of a subdued colour palette. She is currently working on a designer range of printed scarves from her studio in Surrey. You can buy products by Jessica Durden on Society6.

Feral show Bournemouth 2012
Norwegian illustrator Maria Midttun created a giant mural on the wall to go with her 87 Octane risograph zine, available from etsy here.

Prolific blogger Louise Byng creates images with meaning in a consumer saturated society, and much of her beautifully drawn illustrations provide a commentary on contemporary society.

Feral show Bournemouth 2012
This delightfully engaging creature is by Emily Hughes. I love him!

Feral show Bournemouth 2012
And lastly – mine and Snarfle‘s reflection in one of the fine art installations: how tiny he was back then! He may not sleep through the shows this time around…

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Amelia’s Magazine | Astonishing occult illustrations and richly patterned surface designs: an interview with Llew Mejia

Supr Natr zine cover

Supr Natr zine cover.

Minneapolis based illustrator and textile designer Llew Mejia creates richly wondrous images, full of exotic furled leaves and wide eyed beasts. Ever since discovering his daily posts on instagram I’ve been captivated and was lucky enough to lay my hands on a limited edition copy of his recent Supr Natr zine, chock full of occult based wonder. Highly patterned, often brightly coloured, and yet with the old fashioned feel of wood block or lino prints, Llew Mejia has a truly unique style. Time to find out more about this talented Stateside artist…

Llew Mejia - Crocs

Crocs Textile pattern for Promotional Material for a Florida Musician

Firstly, where does your rather unusual name come from? Do I detect some Welsh heritage in there, as well as some Mexican parentage?!
Ha, yeah so Llewellyn is definitely very Welsh. Which is weird because I’m not sure how Welsh my family is… Apparently my father’s side were gypsy horse thieves and my mothers side are Spanish Mexican, so both European in some way.

Llew Mejia - love

LOVE, Valentines Day Illustration

Where did you learn your trade, and what was the best thing you learnt at art school?
I learned at art school specifically MCAD. I feel like I learned more post graduation. But I would say be nice to people and work hard and figure out what you love to do and go full throttle.

Llew Mejia - jaguars-at-night

Jaguar Nights, textile design for button up for Secret Store London.

How did you become a textile designer for Target?
Hmm, I made a project for my senior thesis that was a couple lines of apparel and accessories. I think that and someone got my foot through the door which seems the way people usually get their careers started.

What materials do you most enjoy working with?
I love sable #2 brushes and I also use a lot of brush pens for line work. I also enjoy just black ink and any brush really just to mess around. Gouache is great for flat color and what have you.

Llew Mejia, psychoactive-plants

Psychoactive Plants, SUPR NATR Zine

What inspired the illustrations in your SUPR NATR magazine and what has the response been like?
I think everything that has been covered in the first Supr Natr were ideas I’ve had for a long time and just never went through with. It’s a culmination of a couple things I really love and it sold well I had to cut it off because I feel like that’s something that should be done to keep value in something limited.

Llew Mejia - hex sign

Llew Mejia, hex sign.

Where are the best hunting grounds for old occult books?
I’ve found some in antique stores, it really depends whether you’re looking for a grimoire or an overall encyclopedia on occult subjects, but I would say the internet and ebay host a large amount of them. Sorry, I don’t have a cool story about how I met an old man and he took me down an alley and the bricks fell apart and I was a wizard… nothing as cool.

Llew Mejia - cats

Witches’ Familiars, SUPR NATR Zine.

When do you produce your best work, and are there any necessary requirements to get the creative juices going?
Hmm, I would say between 8am-2pm and then between 7-11 pm? And yes, coffee is a must, and I used to like smoking a cigarette, but no more.

Llew Mejia - okapi

Okapi Painting for Joyce Preschool Gala

Can you tell us more about your work for the Joyce Preschool Gala?
Yeah, I was just asked to participate in a scholarship donation for Hispanic kids who were going to school for art. I needed the help when I was going to school and I didn’t get any so I thought why not help out.

Llew Mejia - moon

Llew Mejia, moon.

I hear you love taking long walks on the beach, where is the best beach near your home?
Sadly there are no beaches near my home… it is way way way too cold and there are no oceans either. But I love Barcelona and Cairns and Ixtapa has pretty great beaches as well.

Llew Mejia, witch riding a goat

Llew Mejia, witch riding a goat.

What is the most unusual type of candy that a visiting Brit should check out if they came your way?
I don’t know about unusual. I think mexican candy is more unusual and you can find that here. It usually has chile covering a flavored hard candy. My personal favorite is the elote Popsicles. They are like a hard candy flavored like strawberry and then covered in chile and they look like a corn on the cob.

Llew Mejia Hermes

Journey to Hades, Ancient civilizations postcard for Belly Kids

How did you get involved in the Belly Kids project?
They are a small company and just reached out and asked me. They make cool stuff and work with great people so it was an easy project to get involved in.

Llew Mejia - undergrowth-pattern

Undergrowth, Design Your Wall Aztek Wallpaper.

Where can we buy your wallpaper designs?
Astek inc. carries a variety of my wallpapers and that’s about it.

Llew Mejia - Jailbreak

Jailbreak page 2, from a collaborative zine about a Jailbreak with illustrator John Malta

Can you tell us anymore about your upcoming collaborations with other illustrators?
Yeah! I just finished an illustration with Wrap magazine from the UK and they are awesome to work with and always have a bunch of talented folks in the issues. I’ve ale done a zine with John Malta who is awesome; it’s about an escaped convict where his character is my friend who I will meet up with at the end. It will be good. More to come!

Llew Mejia prickly pear design (from instagram)

Llew Mejia, prickly pear design (from instagram).

I believe you are also working with folk artists in Mexico, how did you found them and what is the process of collaboration?
Haha, it’s very slow moving and I hope to get the ball rolling on this, but yeah I’m speaking to a guy in Oaxaca, Mexico at the moment and I would collaborate with them on the carving of wooden animal figurines then they would send them to me and I would paint each by hand. Could just be a dream but hopefully it ends up working out completely!

See more of Llew Mejia‘s work on his website here, follow him on tumblr here and on instagram here. You can buy assorted products here.

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Amelia’s Magazine | Best New Designs: Top Drawer and Craft London January 2014 Review

Wrap magazine trees and tools wrapping paper

It has been many years since I last attended the Top Drawer gift trade show at Earls Court, and the scope of what is now on offer is daunting to say the least: it’s no wonder it has recently split off into the separate Home London event and now Craft London. Having already visited those two I only made it around half of Top Drawer, missing out on much I’m sure. Oh well, there’s always next time.

Wrap Magazine paper with leaves and pot plants

Over in the greeting cards section it was great to meet the talented Polly and Chris from Wrap Magazine, who have produced a wonderful stand alone wrapping paper range to compliment their beautiful publication – it’s a natural move for this twosome, who have done a remarkable job of creating both a magazine and a product by harnessing the talents of the illustrators that they feature. They have a great aesthetic that is similar to my own and their unique commissioned designs stood out a mile at Top Drawer. You can read our recent interview here.

Eley Kishimoto wrapping paper for 1973 designs

Over at the 1973 stand a collaboration with cult fashion designers Eley Kishimoto caught my eye. Graphic patterns with names like Waltzing Vases and Naked Herrings feature signature colour ways that are unlike any other. Just fabulous.

Snowflakes socks for kids

I love brightly coloured and patterned socks. Snowflakes and Sunflowers specialise in ace affordable designs for kids, available in a boutique near you.

Jennie Maizels A-Z iron on patches

It was very exciting to finally meet illustrator and entrepreneur extraordinaire Jennie Maizels, whose expanding line of iron on patches now includes these brilliant letters, which can be bought separately to construct the words of your choice.

Elks and Angels sheepskin bear

Looking for an unusual and charming newborn gift? How about this adorable sheepskin soft Cuddle Bear for kids by Australian company Elks and Angels, distributed by Diddywear in the UK.

Plan toys cog puzzle

This is so cool: a gear puzzle from Plan Toys, a Thai company which specialises in ‘sustainable play’ and great design.

Colourful Dove bone china for kids

This fun bone china tableware range for kids is by Colourful Dove.

Sew Heart Felt seal slippers

Seal felt slippers designed in the UK and handmade in Nepal by Sew Heart Felt are extremely cute, dontcha think?!

Nkuku paper lanterns

Beautiful unusual shaped paper lanterns by Nkuku would look wonderful hung from the ceiling at any time of year. This company specialises in ecodesign and fair-trade gifts.

Susi Hines rotating gold rings

Over in the new Craft London section I loved these handmade oxidised gold and natural diamond rotating rings by jeweller Susi Hines.

Sarah Straussberg necklace

Finally, Sarah Straussberg is a young designer who recently graduated from Brighton University. Her really clever range of jewellery is all based on a very simple seed pod form. Loved it a lot.

You can read my report from the January 2014 Home London trade show here.

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