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Affordable Art Fair Hampstead 2014-David Shillinglaw 1

Last Friday my good friend Helen of East End Prints persuaded me to join her in a trip to the Affordable Art Fair in Hampstead, taking advantage of our lovely new overground line to drag the toddlers with us. As is usual at these large fairs, there was loads of wonderful art alongside plenty of dross: here is a tiny snapshot of what I saw and loved whilst trying to keep track of my child.

Affordable Art Fair Hampstead 2014-Hyunjeong Lim
Hyunjeong Lim, Made in Arts London

In the entrance we were entranced by art from University of London graduate students, shown as part of the Made in Arts London initiative. My favourite was a series of surreal landscapes by Central Saint Martins graduate Hyunjeong Lim.

Rebecca Rendell AAF Hampstead

I also liked enigmatic miniature sculpture using everyday household items by Rebecca Rendell: she calls these ‘autobiographical cleansing‘.

Carola Del Mese upcycled teapot - Affordable Art Fair Hampstead

From there it was into the main part of the exhibition, chasing small boys up and down the aisles, to the chagrin of some and amusement of many. This upcycled pewter teapot is by Carola del Mese, who gains inspiration from her career in theatrical prop making and a love of Edwardian charm jewellery.

David Shillinglaw - Affordable Art Fair Hampstead

David Shillinglaw’s iconographic artwork is instantly recognisable. I particularly love his use of colour.

Affordable Art Fair Hampstead 2014-Shuby

The trend for bastardising old works of art shows no sign of abating. How about this humorous portrait by Shuby?

Gods Own Junkyard - Affordable Art Fair Hampstead

Neon artwork by God’s Own Junkyard manages to be both kitsch and sophisticated, combining garish lighting with elegant typography.

Affordable Art Fair Hampstead 2014-Gerry Smith

I was most enamoured of clever photorealist paintings by Gerry Smith at the Sol Art Gallery.

Lauri Hopkins collage AAF

Lauri Hopkins at Four Walls Contemporary reassembles found materials with paint in these lovely abstract collages.

Frances Doherty - Affordable Art Fair Hampstead

This gigantic Bishops Pom Pom is by former restauranteur Frances Doherty, who calls herself ‘the ceramic gardener’ and works between Normandy and Brighton. She has a lovely blog here.

Affordable Art Fair Hampstead 2014

And yes, that is our children, lolling around on the floor dangerously close to expensive pieces of art. The upholstered dogs are by Dominic Gubb and take on the various characters of the salvaged sofas from which they are made.

Myung Nam An - Affordable Art Fair Hampstead

Eye ceramics by Myung Nam An made for a stunning wall show at the Cube Gallery.

Affordable Art Fair Hampstead 2014-Reindeer Ourensma

Downpatrick Head by the Dutch artist Reinder Ourensma has the bizarre feel of a fantasy world but it is an actual location in Ireland.

Neon circular paper artwork by Eliza Kopec

There was a strong neon trend running through the show and I particularly liked this circular paper artwork by Eliza Kopec.

Affordable Art Fair Hampstead 2014-Victoria Browne 2
Affordable Art Fair Hampstead 2014-Victoria Browne 1

I first saw these prints by Victoria Browne at an exhibition in Margate and instantly fell in love. Her Training Nature series highlight our attempts to improve nature through constant pruning and shaping. This gave me a second opportunity to lust after one… but they sadly do not come cheap.

Ice cream art by Marie Robinson

Ice cream art by Marie Robinson was perfectly kitsch and delicious on the Will’s Art Warehouse stand.

affordable_art_fair_Cristina Gayarre

Simple graphic portraits by Cristina Gayarre work well in bold red and black.

Affordable Art Fair Hampstead 2014-Richard Bawden

I can’t resist a more traditional print by Richard Bawden.

Jemma Appleby AAF Hampstead

I am a sucker for strange landscapes, especially if they feature curious modern architecture, like these delicate charcoal pieces by Jemma Appleby.

Helen Beard ceramics

Lastly, lovely ceramics by Helen Beard (based at Cockpit Arts) feature whimsical swimmers on delicate porcelain.

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