Amelia’s Magazine | Free Range Art & Design Show 2013: Week Three Photography Review

Nicholas White
Photography by Nicholas White.

The trouble with photography is that it is so very hard to come up with an original concept, not to mention an original execution: thus I tend to find myself walking around the graduate shows in a daze of deja vu. This year my sense of ‘seen this all before’ was stronger than ever, but here’s the artwork that stood out as different and intriguing during week three at the Free Range Shows in 2013.

Jenni Hardman is Grown Out
At Canterbury Christ Church University Jenni Hardman has ‘Grown Out‘ with this clever patchwork of analogue photographs from her childhood bedroom, all hand stitched together with thread from a cardigan she wore as a baby. I am sure many people can relate (with nostalgia) to this kind of room: my father even did a panoramic collage of mine, me as moody teenager, centre stage.

Free Range shows photography June 2013-abbie web
Free Range shows photography June 2013-abbie web
Plymouth University is always a favourite bet for quality photography. Abbie Web photographed the New Forest National Park, merging her love of portraiture with the rural landscape to create a series of engaging ethereal images, which included a ghost image of a dog.

Free Range shows photography June 2013-Nicholas White 6
Free Range shows photography June 2013-Nicholas White
Nicholas White‘s beautiful photos depict the militarised zones of Dartmoor – paying homage to the historical importance of the infrastructure at the same time as acknowledging the environmental impacts of military use.

Aspergers Syndrome by David Benson at Plymouth Uni
David Benson analysed himself in a series of brilliant images about Asperger Syndrome. Each photograph shows him surrounded by carefully laid out items – with writing next to each one explaining the reference. From these I learnt that attention to detail is extremely important, that he takes great comfort from physical objects, buying doubles and amassing large hoards of paraphernalia, that he has an insatiable appetite for learning, especially from instruction manuals and that he has an obsession with anything related to spaceships.

Free Range shows photography June 2013-kate moss
At the University of Westminster Alexandra Djivanovic explored The Mask of Moss – based on the frightening premise that those under the age of 25 have never known a world without Kate Moss (boy do I feel old).

Free Range shows photography June 2013-Peter Stevens
A series of beautifully printed high contrast black and white photos by mature student Peter Stevens showed workers in the concrete shell of a massive new build house. His professionalism is evident in the execution of these photos; the staging reminds me of old masterpieces. Just gorgeous.

More photography from week four coming soon.

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