Amelia’s Magazine | Teenage Rebellion: The Role of Teenagers in the Fashion Industry

The teenage demographic of the world are normally considered as the rambunctious, cialis 40mg world-hating and mood-swinging apes of the twenty first century. With high school, cliques and stereotypes, it’s normally quite hard to see them as anything but. However, one industry – three billion pounds worth – regularly eyes up these emotional roller-coasters: the fashion industry. Since the turn of the century ten years ago, designers and editors alike are turning to the teenage demographic for the all too important opinion they need to hear.

Sceptics might say, “But why a teenager?” and the answer to that is simpler than the decision to wear a pair of shorts in 30 degree Celsius weather; television. From 90210 to Gossip Girl, from America’s Next Top Model to Project Runway, from The City to Running in Heels, teenagers are becoming more and more aware of the fashion industry than those actually working for design houses or magazines, all thanks to a hand full of actors and reality show contestants. Take the hit show Gossip Girl as an example; from the preppy Blair Waldorf to the laid back Serena van der Woodsen, teenage women know exactly how to dress the part due to the various different events the fictional characters go through – funerals, weddings, gala dinners, and even fashion shows.

Furthermore, it’s the likes of in-house designers hired by show producers to create the beautiful, one-of-a-kind designs worn, that create the real fashion revolutions. Slap a pencil skirt and a white ruffle blouse on Leighton Meester with a Gucci clutch and a pair of Manolo Blahniks and soon enough, every girl will be an Upper East Side princess. The sheer power that these television shows hold is often far greater than even the greatest fashion editors. With that in mind, the size of the teenage population of the Noughties and the newest reality television shows proves that greater occurrences happen in greater numbers. Without the arguably largest fashion related reality show, America’s Next Top Model, sparking an interest in modelling, the industry could easily have fallen into a model deficit.

So, if teenagers are gaining their power from the moving picture box in the corner, what does that mean for industry giants, such as design house Chanel, Elle Magazine or even Harrods? Well, let’s look at the design house spectrum. Because of the peaked interest in design itself, probably thanks toProject Runway, there are more creative minds in the world, the majority being teenagers. Though the idea of a house designer being under 18 might seem absurd, the ideas they have could bring a whole new world into the brand, along with a couple hundred thousand new customers. Regarding journalism and PR, without shows like Running in Heels, Stylista and, more recently, Kell on Earth, the desire to be as stylish and influential as the editor-in-chief would be non-existent. This is evident in movies too. Furthermore, though the journalism side may find itself with more experienced journalists to review collections, it is the power and opinion of new blood that keeps the industry moving like a well-oiled machine. And of course, let us not forget the buyers and merchandisers. Thanks to shows like The City, whose main cast member is friends with a buyer at Bergdorf Goodman, the teenage populace have access to more than just design and journalism, and can place the designer clothing on your back.

Admittedly, I am particularly biased towards my generation of people, because I am one of those teenagers I’ve been rattling on about throughout this entire article. However, this makes my views on this matter no less important to industry giants. With rising economic conditions, and the increase in fashion related media, teenagers are becoming more and more involved in the fashion industry. Not only that, the realm of fashion is slowly dripping into that of the pre-adolescent stage of life (I’m looking at you, Tavi). Fashion industrialists need to keep a close eye on their demographics. No longer is [insert powerhouse fashion magazine] only catering to 18 to 36 year olds. Further [insert powerhouse Designer] should focus even more-so on the younger generation, in order to boost sales and peak interest in the quality and beauty of the clothing. Because don’t forget, even they were teenagers once, and every teenager dreams. And who knows, maybe Plain Jane or Regular Ryan from down the street could be the next Coco Chanel or high profile fashion editor-in-chief. 

Photograph by Matt Bramford

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Amelia’s Magazine | Plastiscines: An Interview


Following their super successful appearance at Barfly last week I made my way to a west London location to meet the Plastiscine girls. On the way, ailment I’m trying desperately to remember my French from school to impress them. On a trip to Paris with my friend Ruth, there was no way we would have got by without my “C” grade, I’m sure I can think of something amazingly French to say. I arrive and briefly they are all there, hugs and an ipod charger are exchanged and then drummer Ana and bass player Louise are whisked off back to Paris. I’m sure they are going to have to get used to this whisking about business. So, I was on a very bizarrely patterned couch (see photo above) with lead singer Katty and guitarist Marine. I thought I’d open with my French skills…

K: Bonjour

K: Cava merci, Vous parlez francais?

Non, that’s my limit
K: That’s good enough!

(Really?! That’s all that I could have come up with?! I should have revised more.)

You guys played Barfly last night, how do you find London crowds?
K: We really enjoyed the crowd yesterday because it was very busy, so we were really happy! We had a lot of friends in the crowd so they were dancing and jumping! It’s always good to have people reacting when you say something. In Paris people are so quiet, just at the back with their arms crossed and watching. They are interested, but they just don’t move. So it’s good to be here and have the crowd reacting.

There seemed to be a lot of French folks in the audience, That must have been nice?
K: Yeah, I was really surprised! When I asked, “Who is French tonight?” there were quite a lot of people shouting!

plass 019

So, How did your story begin?
K: Marine and I met in high school when we were 15 or 16. We started the band because we watched lots of bands like The Strokes and The White Stripes. We loved them, they had so much energy onstage, they were young and we thought we want to do the same thing. So we started the band and a few months after we were already doing some gigs in bars in Paris. We actually learnt our instruments on stage because we just wanted to play! We didn’t care if we could play, all we wanted was to play and get on stage and get into it!

So, you began by doing covers?
K: When we started we did a few covers, but we were very interested in doing our own songs. We did some covers from The Strokes and other bands for a while then we started doing our own songs, thats what really interested us more rather than covers.

A lot of your influences are English so do you guys find it more natural to write in English?
Both: Defiantly
K: Because all the songs we listen to are in English it is very natural to write in English, but sometimes we do write in French. We get direction from people saying we should say things this way because it’s a better way to say it in English. But yes, its natural because the music we like is English and American, we were never really into French bands.


I read that French radio have restrictions (a percentage of French radio has to be French songs)
K: Yeah, so its quite difficult for us to be on the radio in France because we may be French but we sing in English. We are not in the same category as big international bands like The Arctic Monkeys, But then we don’t sing in French so we don’t fit into that category either, so its quite difficult to be on the radio.

You worked on your album with top producer Butch Walker what was this like?
M: We went to Malibu to record the album and it was amazing, it was really beautiful and we were in the this big house all together and in the morning we would go to record together or go swimming. Everyday we got to work together! It was interesting because it was the first time we were working with someone American. When we are French we don’t know if we would get along or have the right words to express, so we had a really long talk with him and he said what he likes and we said what we like. Butch is really passionate about music.

He’s worked with a wide range of people from Katy Perry to Weezer and now you guys…
K: Yeah, he has done a lot of very big pop stars and he also works with acts because he really likes them, he’s done a lot of indie bands like Hot Hot Heat.
M: He was very honest, he said I do some stuff for money I do some stuff for passion and you are a passion for me.
K: He told us that from the first time he saw us playing on stage at Coachella he fell in love with us.

So what acts are you into right now?
M: Lots of stuff, lots of English acts, I love the Jamie T album, I think it’s amazing. I like Metronomy, Katty loves Florence and the Machine. Also I love Eagles of Death Metal, we went to see them in Paris. We like lots of old and new stuff.

“Bitch” was on “Gossip Girl”, this must have been a massive deal for you?
K: I think we didn’t really realize when we did it! It was such a big thing to do! When we saw it on the internet were like “that’s weird!”. We watch the programme, we know the characters and the story so when we arrived we wanted to know what was happening! We were playing on stage at a ball so we couldn’t hear what the actors were saying! It was nice because all the actors came to us to say “hello” and Leighton Meester who plays Blair came up with our album and she wanted us to sign it!

How did this come about because it’s as if the song was written for “Gossip Girl”?
M: No, its on the album so they heard it on the album it was picked out because it worked really well. We recorded it back in February.

You have a great relationship with Nylon can you tell us a little more about this?
K: Marvin Scott Jarrett, the editor in chief at Nylon, he is so passionate about music and he always puts a lot of bands in the magazine. I think he wanted to launch a label and so he did it with Nylon, Nylon Records. We are the first band signed because he really liked us and I think he thought we were a good image for the magazine. He knew of us because in Paris fashion week we were on the cover of a magazine, from this he got in touch with our label, at the time which was Virgin, he contacted us we came to NYC to play at a party for the magazine. Then when we came back again he had the idea for the label and wanted to sign us.

So you spend a lot of time here and in NYC, would you ever relocate?
K: We would love to live in New York! We all love it there! I think people are amazing with us there because sometimes here when people see four girls on stage in a rock band it is weird for them, like there is something fake, something wrong with it, but in NYC they are just like that’s cool its just four girls rocking and they don’t care.
M: Also, I think that in NYC everybody is doing something interesting. We were only there for a few months we already made such good friends and there’s so much going on so much different music. I think it would be good for the band living in NYC for a bit, for inspiration.
K: You walk in the street and you just feel good there, I don’t know what it is. Its such a big city but you still feel safe.


I follow u guys on twitter and I noticed you had a meeting with Topshop today, You guys are obviously into your fashion, Who are your style icons?
K: Yeah we got it all myspace/facebook/twitter there is also a blog that Marine writes on.
M: Yeah we like fashion because we are girls. I love David Bowie from the Ziggy Stardust period.
K: I love Debbie Harry, she’s got it all the music the style, she’s amazing!

The same thing could be said about these girls, they have the style, they have the music, they also seem to have it all. I glance and notice the smudge of a stamp on my hand from the entry last night, this reminds me that I have not even bothered to wash for our meeting today never mind attempting to dress nicely. I don’t think there is much point in trying around these girls though. They are naturally chic (I think it’s a French thing) with a playful grunge twist. I’m in love with them for the fact that they just decided to pick up interments to be onstage; from viewing them at The Barfly they all seem to be perfectly at home on this platform. These beauties armed with the energy and attitude they bring to their performances, their catchy rock/pop tracks and their effortless style is a winning combination for these pop/grunge goddesses to begin a French revolution.

Single “Barcelona” is available now and the album “About Love” is due out early 2010.

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Amelia’s Magazine | Plastiscines – Camden, Barfly – A Review


A cold November night and I journeyed to a very cosy Camden Barfly to view Plastiscines. This band are the latest export from the country who gave us Eric Cantona, cure this various nice cheeses and the lady who keeps Johnny Depp off the market. The venue is packed with what appears to be a very male dominated crowd. I wonder why this is? Oh right, there are four stunning French girls (it was France by the way) about to come on stage. They may have come on stage looking like they were on a shoot for “Teen Vogue” but looks can be deceiving. Playing a pop/punk/rock blend of tracks that feature on “LP1” and forthcoming album “About Love” this grunge glam quartet well and truly showed that they are not just pretty faces.

plass 019

Top producer Butch Walker fell in love with the girls when he saw them perform a cover of Nancy Sinatra’sThese Boots”, they seemed to have the same effect on the Camden crowd. Plastiscines definitely managed to put their own fresh stamp on it, whilst still being respectful to the original, a far cry from Jessica Simpson’s shambles of an attempt in 2005. Their angst anthem “Bitch”, which has recently featured on “Gossip Girl”, was sandwiched nicely in the middle of the set to the responsive audience, closing down with current cute pop single “Barcelona”. I have rarely had “Barcelona” out of my head since I first heard it, not in a negative way, I want it there, I want to dance to it, I want to sing it and be part of this ridiculously cool band. Lead singer, Katty, invited those in the room to do just that as she announced that the girls needed some bitches on stage. There was no shortage of these as half the room piled on to join the group, some of them being bitches with beards. We were then treated to seconds of “Bitch”. Bridget Bardot-esk Katty launched herself into the audience and continued to sing “Bitch” to men who I’m imagining felt a powerful mixture of intense excitement and terror. I would also if I was them, “I’m a bitch when I brush my teeth” is as blunt and to the point as the lyrics get. “B.I.T.C.H” she continues to spell it out just to make it clear.

plass 045

As she made her way teasingly around the floor, I noticed that her makeup was all still perfectly in place. How can this be so after performing such an energetic set? Surely it should have melted down her face which happens to the best of us just sitting on the tube never mind bouncing about for the best part of an hour?! This went for them all. Not a sweaty swept fringe in site, All of them looking naturally no less than perfect after a flawless set. They perhaps are a 00’s Boho version of Jem and The Holograms.


Majorly rocking out whilst still maintaining a chic exterior. While the cartoon ended around the time these four were born, The adventures of Plastiscines have only just begun, and I for one shall continue to watch.

Album “LP” and single “Barcelona” are available now.

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