Amelia’s Magazine | Free Range Graduate Shows 2012: Middlesex University Sonic Arts Ba Hons Review

Middlesex University sonic arts
I stepped over a lead and set off Invisible Sounds, part of an immersive sculpture by Guillaume Zenses, as soon as I wandered into the Middlesex Sonic Arts space.

Middlesex University sonic arts -Matthew Ollivier
Next door Matthew Ollivier demonstrated his Loud Painting in a Quiet Space – great spouts of coloured paint pumping inside vertical tubes to create abstract paper art that was strung along the wall behind.

Middlesex University sonic arts -Martha Winther
Martha Winther created a large scale kaleidoscopic aural sculpture.

Middlesex University sonic arts -Francesca Ross
A glass head with projections by Francesca Ross from the Fine Art course. I can’t in all honesty remember it’s sonic component but I liked the visuals!

Middlesex University sonic arts -Delfin Ortiz Djian
Delfin Ortiz Djian‘s 16 Mirrors distorted beams of light.

Middlesex University sonic arts -Mantas Kazla
YouTube Preview Image
A Sonic Tennis table by Mantas Kazla was getting plenty of use on my visit.

Sadly this was the last ever show from the Middlesex Sonic Arts department, an unfortunate victim of the cuts. What a shame, because these multidisciplinary pieces have so many interesting interactive applications.

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