Amelia’s Magazine | The Observatory: Arts University Bournemouth Illustration Graduate Show 2015

The Observatory AUB
Last week I visited the Arts University Bournemouth illustration exhibition at The Rag Factory just off Brick Lane with Snarf in tow. There was excellent branding for The Observatory, with this stripey fellow and his big telescopic eye featuring on posters and tote bags.

Liv and Dom AUB characters
Liv and Dom AUB
Liv and Dom AUB dolls
Liv and Dom AUB hanging swimmer
I absolutely loved assorted creatures and bizarre characters by twin partnership Liv and Dom Cave-Sutherland. In fact I liked them so much that I bought the hanging swimmer above. Absolutely a pair to watch.

Anna Johnson AUB
Next up, Snarf particularly liked this detailed work by Anna Johnson: principally because it features a crashed car and a derailed train. I liked her spare use of neon colour.

Josephine Broome AUB
This futuristic imaginary world is the creation of animator Josephine Broome.

paper houses by Amy Bellinger
Amy Bellinger is a ‘stately home enthusiast’ who creates beautiful miniature paper houses.

charlotte reynell illustration
Fun patterns from Charlotte Reynell looked great against the Rag Factory alls.

Harry Graham AUB
Harry Graham showed expert pencil portraits of war veterans.

Laura Schofield AUB
This lovely decorative display is by Laura Schofield. Her beautiful patterns would translate into a wonderful page in my colouring book! I hope she gets involved.

Emily Madeley AUB
Finally, this glittery portrait by Emily Madley is part of a series featuring Bournemouth bouncers.

All of these images first appeared on my own my instagram feed: follow me there to catch my discoveries as I make them!

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