Amelia’s Magazine | Middlesex University: Ba Hons Fashion Design, Styling and Promotion Graduate Show 2011 Review

Middlesex graduate show 2011-Fashion Strikes Back by Sufiyeh Hadian
Fashion Strikes Back by Sufiyeh Hadian.

I was a little unclear whether Fashion Design, buy Styling and Promotion that I saw on display were all part of the same course as I whipped through the upper halls of Free Range, web but I’ve decided to cover them in one blog nonetheless.

Middlesex graduate show 2011-Rosie Thompson-Agnew's At Your Disposal
I liked Rosie Thompson-Agnew‘s At Your Disposal, which featured brightly screen-printed luxury consumer goods. I guess this is a commentary on rampant consumerism – always an intriguing thing to tackle as someone studying fashion promotion.

Middlesex graduate show 2011-Fashion Strikes Back by Sufiyeh Hadian C-3POMiddlesex graduate show 2011-Fashion Strikes Back by Sufiyeh Hadian Darth Vadar
At the other end of the spectrum Sufiyeh Hadian had spray painted and encrusted some familiar Star Wars characters. I have no idea what it all means but I was most amused by these models of Darth Vadar and C-3PO. Fashion Strikes Back indeed.

From the fashion design on display the work of these three caught my eye:

Middlesex graduate show 2011-Elina Mourmouris
Elina Mourmouris has created lovely wide shapes for shoulders and legs combined with bright splash prints.

Middlesex graduate show 2011-Abigail Lee
Abigail Lee has also gone for the baggy look but in splodgy monochrome

Middlesex graduate show 2011 Michaela Phillips
Michaela Phillips did wide sleeves and splashy green with black and greys on a very appealing dress

Middlesex graduate show 2011-Louise Johnson
Louise Johnson opted for a spotty approach in oversized shirt form.

But. Not one website between them. Gah. I hope to do a bit of teaching at Middlesex University next year so here’s hoping I get a chance to talk a bit about the importance of an online presence. I have a feeling that I am going to be writing about this a lot when reviewing the graduate shows this year. Again.

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Amelia’s Magazine | ELCAF 2014 review

ELCAF 2014-oval space

A few weeks I popped along to the third ELCAF held at the Oval Space, which is a trendy new venue in a semi derelict part of Bethnal Green between Hackney Road and the canal. There were abundant creative types enjoying the late afternoon sunshine on the long balcony which overlooks one of the rusting gas towers, and inside a chaotic and slightly bawdy atmosphere reigned. Here’s what I saw:

ELCAF 2014-studio hato
Studio Hato invited attendees to play comic strip consequences in the entrance hallway.

ELCAF 2014-magic capes
Lesley Barnes fashion illustration
Thereza Rowe Hearts ELCAF
Near the entrance I discovered two old Amelia’s Magazine friends sharing a table and a publishing imprint, Magic Capes. I love Lesley Barnes’ new range of fashion illustrations for the V&A, and am looking forward to reading Thereza Rowe’s Hearts book with Snarfle soon.

ELCAF 2014-isabel greenberg
Corn Dollies by Isabel Greenberg featured on a print and these cute badges.

ELCAF 2014
I was drawn like a magnet to Madalena Matoso’s amazing swimming pool print on the Planeta Tangerina stand.

ELCAF 2014-mythical creatures
There are some fantastic contributors to this Mythical Creatures zine, including Bonbi Forest’s Lee May Foster-Wilson.

ELCAF Katherina Manolessou
I love Katherina Manolessou’s reworking of the toddler’s favourite tune Zoom Zoom Zoom, featuring a fluffy red monkey and other lovely creatures.

ELCAF 2014-Otto Graphic
I was really taken by work from Otto Graphic, an illustrator and screen printer who is influenced by the Constructivists and Polish poster art.

ELCAF 2014-Inuit
Inuit is an Italian bookshop and printworks, selling knitted lungs and cacti alongside beautiful risoprints.

ELCAF 2014-el famoso
El Famoso
It was great to meet the El Famoso brothers Rich and Chris Fairhead, who work together on their illustrations – read about their recent exhibition here.

ELCAF 2014-Day Job
Day Job activity book
Next door it was a pleasure to meet the Day Job girls, who very kindly gifted me their Activity Book (above) to share with Snarfle.

Benjamin Wright badges
Benjamin Wright’s wonderful laser cut badges featured Darth Vadar and a Ninja Turtle.

ELCAF 2014-Sam Taylor
ELCAF 2014-ELCAF 2014-Sam Taylor and co
Sam Taylor and co were particularly boisterous when I stopped by, perhaps a given when you take a closer look at the styles on their stand.

ELCAF 2014-Brolly Lolly
The Brolly Lolly collective is comprised of MA graduates from the Cambridge School of Art, presumably not including the small and very industrious helper on hand – I loved these strange plant prints on a zine by Melissa Castrillon.

ELCAF 2014-matthew horse
Wonderful fruit and vegetable prints are by the inimitable Matthew the Horse.

ELCAF 2014-Babak Ganjei
And finally, but by no means least, it was ace to catch up with Babak Ganjei, who continues to turn his talents to eccentric comic strips (you may remember I featured one of his early stories in the print version of Amelia’s Magazine way back). Roll on ELCAF 2015!

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