Amelia’s Magazine | High Noon: Arts University Bournemouth Illustration Degree Show 2014 Review

Florence Zealey high noon
Illustrators from Arts University Bournemouth held their graduate show at the spacious Embassy Tea Gallery in central London. The High Noon poster and catalogue featured an eye-catching set of two contrasting hands, each bearing a watch. It was a wonderful chance to see the work of so many Amelia’s Magazine contributors alongside their fellow students.

High Noon Tom Manning
Planets and space dust will always grab my attention, spray painted by Tom Manning.

High Noon Bailey & Minchin children in wild outfits
Bailey & Minchin collaborated on a series of photos featuring children in wild outfits. A great vision of childhood!

High Noon Emma Sears
These layered papercut narrative scenes by Emma Sears feature a great use of colour.

High Noon Marianna Madriz chickens
High Noon Marianna Madriz
These chickens by Marianna Madriz have such great personality. I also bought her lovely tale of leaving home & returning to find it still the best – inspired by her Venezuelan homeland.

High Noon Florence Zealey
A couple of figures are discovered hiding in the greenery, by Florence Zealey.

High Noon Philip Baile
Philip Bailey used plain white paper to create this fantastical Beautifier sculpture.

High Noon Crystal Budd knit
Knit squares by Crystal Budd feature enigmatic landscapes.

High Noon Laura Borne
These delicate ink wash & textile designs are by Laura Borne.

High Noon embroidered room by Claire Edwardes
So clever, this embroidered room hangs daintily mid air. By Claire Edwardes.

High Noon Lovely Soo
Eyeballs and dancing legs creep across the wall in this fantastical offering by Sooyeon Kim.

High Noon Maia Fjord
High Noon Maia Fjord and Olivia Sharpe
Mikkel is the friendly imaginary star of Maia Fjord’s comic book, sewn into a cuddly toy by Olivia Sharpe.

High Noon Emma Honess letter
High Noon dolls Emma Honess
High Noon Emma Honess
Birds and flowers, beetles and moths, feature on this beautifully illustrated G by Emma Honess. She had also honed her sewing skills, making some wonderful dolls that were for sale. I couldn’t resist a blonde one for my blonde boy!

You can see more of the students’ work on the High Noon website.

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