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Mojo Cosmetics-Titan-lipstick-valentine

I was sent this amazing lipstick awhile ago, and only rediscovered it lurking at the bottom of a box when I was *trying* to have a tidy up. (don’t ask me how that went okay) When I turfed it out I have to admit that I was thoroughly confused by what I found. Buried in a large box there was a case that looked more like a bullet than a lipstick holder. Inside, nowt, nada, empty… but a further rootle around unearthed a separate lipstick and a long string of metal beads or ’silver pearls’.

Mojo Cosmetics-Titan-lipstick

Further investigation (the press release long since lost) revealed that these components were destined to be united, the ruby red lipstick slotting neatly into the casing, and the beads strung through the rung to create a necklace effect, though the lipstick can also be attached to your keyring or purse. The bullet container can be refilled with several lush shades of lipstick, or a concealer.

Now normally I would think something like this a completely unnecessary addition to my life (if highly covetable), but there’s something almost, dare I say it, sensible, about making a lipstick case that can be refilled. Or at least it would make sense if I never bought another lipstick in my entire life. The casing is designed to offer maximum protection, promising never to come apart in the bottom of your bag (oh yes, I know that one alright) and protecting the lipstick nestled within from floods, storms and earthquakes. Okay, I made that bit up, but the ‘aerospace grade alloy’ casing does claim to stop the lipstick from melting, which would otherwise surely be a danger nestled so close to one’s warm bosom. I must confess that I haven’t tried the Titan out yet cos it just looks so pretty all shiny and new, but I shall report back once I’ve plucked up the courage to once again rock that bright red lip vibe that I loved so much as a teenager.

Mojo Cosmetics-Titan-lipstick-necklace

When I revisited the Mojo Cosmetics website today I also discovered that they have recently added a few more items to what was an incredibly slim range. Of one lipstick. They now offer some stackable metal tins containing creamy eye powders and luxury nail varnish to match the lipstick range and which claims to make your nails stronger. I like the sound of that – my nails are incredibly weak and much as I like to wear nail varnish, if I use a cheap variety it will inevitably wreak havoc. (My new year’s resolution last year was to make more effort to wear some of the lovely nail varnishes I’ve collected over the years, but I had to give up after a month or so when my nails started to yellow and drop off. Like an old witch. Well maybe not that bad, but nearly.)

If you can get past the overeager use of flash on the Mojo Cosmetics website, you can enjoy the bold military styled ad campaign – an inspired move in this era of austerity chic. The lipstick is already a favourite of American bloggers but it is possible to pick up one in the UK and I’d say that a blood red Titan lipstick might make the ideal imaginative Valentine’s present. I’m sure quite a few girls would agree.

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