Amelia’s Magazine | Bubble London January 2014 – Kidswear and Babywear Show Report

Ruff and Huddle tie dye sweat shirt

Last weekend I decided it was high time I found out more about the world of kidswear, so I made my first trip to Bubble London, a major childrenswear fashion trade show that takes place at the Business Design Centre twice a year. There were a huge number of brands on display, so I scooted around as fast as I could, catching up with old favourites and discovering new charms aplenty. Here’s my run down of exciting kidswear, Amelia’s Magazine style. More than a few of these will be available directly from my website when we relaunch; I can’t wait.

Ruff and Huddle sweatsuit girls

Ruff & Huddle came into being just last year, and unsurprisingly they are attracting loads of attention: think cool urban kidswear, with many of the designs put together in collaboration with street artists and illustrators including Zakee Shariff. This was an impressively large new collection, encompassing coats, sweats, embroidered pieces, onesies, tees and much more. Aren’t these two girls in their topknots and matching tie- dye sweatsuits just too damn cool?

Slugs and Snails tights - penguins

It was brilliant to meet Kathleen of Slugs & Snails, the Irish boys’ tights brand that she set up to cater to her own boy’s needs. Just before Christmas she had another boy (so well behaved, he happily lay in his cot as we talked) and has somehow managed to add a number of brilliant new designs to her tights collection as well. I particularly love this penguin design, but you will also find a puzzle design, octopi, umbrellas and more. Slugs & Snails offers the perfect combination of practicality and pattern, so it’s no surprise that I dress Snarfle in their tights every day during the winter. I really can’t get enough of this brand and am very excited that they will feature on the new website’s market place: read my interview with Kathleen Redmond here.

Raspberry Plum kidswear

It was also a pleasure to meet Jenny Mortimer of Kyna Boutique – an online store which stocks some of the best organic baby wear brands around. She was at Bubble London to catch up with some of her brands and judge the Rising Star award: this went to new brand Raspberry Plum by RCA graduate Aleksandra Stasic. The label specialises in the kind of unique tailoring that would not look out of place in an adult wardrobe.

Matthew Bromley print

I must have missed the Anorak Magazine creative sessions but I fell in love with this risograph print on the wall. When I could not locate a credit several people on social media were able to inform me that it’s by Matthew Bromley. Gotta love those dinosaur vibes.

Smafolk kidswear - owl print

Smafolk kidswear print - tractors

Smafolk hanger animals

I am so upset it is not easier to buy Småfolk kidswear in the UK. Thanks to The Killing and The Bridge the Danes have inadvertently pushed a minimalist grey aesthetic on the world, but they are just as good at vivacious brights. I adore the liveliness of their all over prints; even the Småfolk animal hangers rock. Yet again I have to thank my friends on social media for recommendations to buy from these websites if you live in the UK: Juicy Tots, Bebaboo and Emilea.

Mini Melissa cat shoes

I’ve been a Melissa fan for many a year, and have now discovered there are Mini Melissa shoes for little people: with cat faces.

Wild Things dresses, placement patch -house

I want to live in this house! This placement patch print comes on the front of a yellow dress from the new print range by Wild Things dressmaker Kirsty Hartley. Despite operating entirely from a shop on Etsy this brand has deservedly been gaining lots of attention. Truly magical kidswear.

Le Bluu moon and robot print - kidswear

This robot and moon design features on a sweatshirt design from Le Bluu, a Spanish brand focused on the application of new environmentally friendly technologies in garment design. Think futuristic dye techniques, light up panels, sound responsive designs and more!

Holly and Beau colour change anoraks - kidswear

Another Bubble London discovery was the brand new launch collection from the Norwich based graduate siblings behind Holly and Beau. The rockets and spaceships on these anoraks take on colours in the rain. What an incredibly cute and practical idea.

There is now a huge variety of kidswear available on the market and whilst I think it’s madness to spend silly money on ridiculously expensive clothing for children who will quickly outgrow it (ahem, big name designer labels) I’m all for supporting the more reasonably priced independent brands. Why not buy a few key pieces from nice labels as your child grows, thereby spending on quality rather than quantity? I’d also like to recommend our very own local kidswear label, Oh Baby London, based on Brick Lane. Lovely designs, organic materials, and built to last.

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