Amelia’s Magazine | Bloody Gray: London Fashion Week A/W 2013 Presentation Review

Bloody Gray AW2013 by Gareth A Hopkins - Tom Van Der Borght
Tom Van Der Borght by Gareth A Hopkins

There was an epic queue for the Bloody Gray presentation in the Portico Rooms, presumably due to overenthusiastic distribution of the very attractive invites by Yasmina Hamaidia, I did the old go away and come back trick. Like they told me to. And walked in with no queue at all 20 minutes later. As can become the case when things claim to be ground breaking, there was a thin line between interesting and juvenile that, to my mind, some of the designers on show at Bloody Gray landed the wrong side of. Some of that ground has been broken many times before. But then far be it from me to discourage people from trying to be interesting of course, and interesting it definitely was.

bloody gray - lfw aw13 - Martina Spetlova 2

First to catch my eye in the main space were the creepy powder-wigged moving statues of Jayne Pierson‘s live art and digital display. They had white tights on over their shoes. And they looked as if they were going to crawl out of a Regency dolls house in the night and strangle me. Excellent.

bloody gray - lfw aw13 - JAYNE PIERSON 3

bloody gray - lfw aw13 - JAYNE PIERSON
Jayne Pierson‘s slow moving models.

jane bowler - lfw aw 2013 - amelias magazine

Jane Bowler, a fan of sustainable fashion and user of innovative inexpensive plastics, combined tessellating coloured squares in both her exciting dresses and shoes.

Sylwia-Szyszka- lfw aw 2013 - amelias magazine - Jane Bowler 1Sylwia-Szyszka- lfw aw 2013 - amelias magazine - Jane Bowler 2

Jane Bowler by Sylwia Szyszka

bloody gray - lfw aw13 - Tom Van Der Borght

I liked Tom Van Der Borght‘s theatrical setup with strip lights (obviously to make his models difficult to photograph); his garishly painted figures strike an entertaining line between tribal intimidation and colourful clownish clubland cuteness. The outfits themselves artfully combined obfuscating shapes, colour splatters and horses. It was an unusual, colourful and highly bizarre.

Sylwia-Szyszka - lfw aw 2013 - Tom Van der Borght
Tom Van Der Borght by Sylwia Szyszka

bloody gray - lfw aw13 - bas koster 2
bloody gray - lfw aw13 - bas koster
Bas Kosters

Dutch designer (among other things) Bas Kosters had filled his The Rebellious Shadow room with zombified fashion warriors, a horse headed man and such insightful slogans as YES NO and WHY. Why indeed Bas, definitely in the interesting/juvenile territory… but then what should we expect from the man who’s known for his leggings and dresses printed with photographs of penises.

Sylwia-Szyszka - lfw aw 2013 - bas kosters
Bas Kosters by Sylwia Szyszka

bloody gray - lfw aw13 - barbara alan
I’m pretty sure this is Barbara Alan, presumably explaining to someone why she has chosen to display her collection on pink posti-it notes. Her literature that came in the goody bag has one of my favourite phrases of ridiculous fashion waffle I’ve ever read: ‘Breaking from tradition by using innovation to give everything a uniqueness and an individuality.’ My GCSE art students couldn’t do better.

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