Amelia’s Magazine | Pick Me Up London 2015 Review

Pick Me Up 2015 review
I’ve introduced you to the best new graphic artists as showcased by Pick Me Up Selects, now here’s my pick of the rest of the show, where collectives and print studios have the chance to show their wares. I don’t know if it was a conscious decision to focus on a fresh selection of talent this year, but it was great to discover new graphic art from collectives as far flung as Australia.

Pick Me Up 2015 risotto studio
These beautiful abstract 80s influenced risograph prints are by Gabriella Marcella for the Glasgow based Risotto Studio.

Pick Me Up 2015 Cassie Brock Supergraph
Supergraph is Australia’s very own contemporary graphic art fair and this year they were in attendance at Pick Me Up London to showcase the best work from artists down under. It was great to discover such wonderful new talent on our own shores! Here are some of my favourite pieces. Above, marvellous nature inspired abstract work by Cassie Brock.

Pick Me Up 2015 Supergraph
Crazy cactus hanging plant pot by Julie Newton.

Pick Me Up 2015 Maria Montes
Bloody Maria Maria Montes – the perfect hangover cure writ large.

Pick Me Up 2015 Pete Cromer
Horse and pebbles with personality. Ace work by Australian artist Pete Cromer.

Pick Me Up 2015 Sope Studio
Pick Me Up 2015 Sope Studio silver
Pick Me Up 2015 sope studio tiles
Sope Studio is comprised of four designers, working to support each other’s working process. I loved their take on the ubiquitous pineapple and the use of metallic inks, especially on some fab graphic tiles that visitors were able to print with themselves.

Pick Me Up 2015 not another bill
Pick Me Up 2015 not another bill hangings
Not Another Bill is an innovative service that allows users to subscribe to monthly curated boxes of beautifully made goodies.

Pick Me Up 2015 la tigre
Pick Me Up 2015 la tigre habitat
La Tigre is an Italian graphic design studio – for Pick Me Up they had put together La Tigre Habitat series, a beautiful collection of postmodern images featuring colourful graphic shapes.

Pick Me Up 2015 Niles Collective
Pick Me Up 2015 Niles Collective larry bird
Pick Me Up 2015 Niles collective drawing
Pick Me Up 2015 Niles Collective trees
Niles Collective showcased work on a haphazard wall that meant I did not get all the artist’s individual names, but I loved a great deal of it.

Pick Me Up 2015 niles collective flowers
I do so love a hydrangea!

Pick Me Up 2015 Niles collective elliot
Happy house! From Elliot Kruszynski.

Pick Me Up 2015 Pocko wall
Pocko develops and nurtures creative talent: here was their fabulous wall.

Pick Me Up 2015 Andrew Holder
I also liked this magical work by Andrew Holder.

Pick Me Up 2015 Studio Fludd Gelatology
Pick Me Up 2015 Studio Fludd Gelatology 2
The Italian based Studio Fludd is a multi-disciplinary designer collective operating since 2008. Gelatology was inspired by the many forms of ice cream, a truly delicious affair with a distinct 80s twist.

Pick Me Up 2015 Studio Fludd volcano
Pick Me Up 2015 Paulo Berra Studio Fludd
Also on show were geology inspired works, such as this fold out book (bottom image) by Paulo Berra.

Pick Me Up 2015 Hato Press
It was too hot to stay long in the Hato Press room (I really felt for the collectives based in the upper Embankment galleries – why can’t Somerset House provide more relief from the stifling heat?!) But I liked this octopus.

Pick Me Up 2015 Lazy Oaf
The 80s have been bubbling under for a few years now, but the fun times of this decade were a major influence throughout this year’s Pick Me Up, particularly in the playful pastel themed set design of the Lazy Oaf room.

Pick Me Up 2015 blink art
I loved the rainbow filled fun room inspired by scratch art from Blink Art.

Pick Me Up 2015 Layzell Brothers blink art
Layzell Brothers: Rainbro.

Pick Me Up 2015 blink art robert hunter
Marble Giant by Robert Hunter.

Pick Me Up 2015 moth collective
There were some delightful prints available to buy for a very reasonable price from the animation based Moth Collective.

Pick Me Up 2015 will harvey peckham print
The Peckham Print Studio have set up a working studio in Somerset House, with plenty of live collaborations on the schedule. Lots of awesome artwork on the walls too, such as this 80s influenced abstract by Will Harvey.

Pick Me Up 2015 peckham marcello vehlo
And the last one from this year’s Pick Me Up… by Marcello Velho.

All of these images were first shared on my instagram feed. Pick Me Up 2015 continues until 4th May at Somerset House, more details here. Read my other review of this year’s show here.

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