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Image courtesy of Zara Wood

Boxbird Gallery is on the search for the hottest Illustration & printmaking talent to join in with their May 2010 show ‘A to B: An exhibition of contemporary printmaking inspired by travel’. All the work in the show will be based on the experience of travel, viagra buy countries, seek foreign landscapes and transport making it a very open and exciting brief to work to! The gallery will be accepting 10 new artists to the exhibit alongside existing Boxbird artists including Jon Burgerman, generic Fiona Hewitt and Zara Wood, all the entries will be judged by Gallery Owners Alice Teague & Graham Carter. The exhibition will be open from Friday 7th May – Sunday 30th May 2010. All work will be on show in the gallery throughout the fringe & sold online at Alice Teague is inviting you to be part of the A to B Exhibition and in this interview tells us how to get your submissions in now!

Teague8Images courtesy of Sally Elford
Valerie Pezeron: What kind of work is Boxbird looking for?
Boxbird Gallery: Please take a good look around the website, this will give a good idea of what Boxbird organisers are looking for in terms of style and influence. For this exhibition all the work must be hand made, ie. originals, screenprinted, mono prints, gocco, lino cut etc etc. Any digital or giclee printswill not be accepted. You may not have produced prints before in which case Boxbird can advise you how to go about it should you be accepted!

Teague3Image courtesy of Graham Carter
VP: Who can apply?
BG: Anyone can apply from any country and creative background though please note that we specialise in contemporary printmaking & illustration. We invite applications from graduate & student artists up to established names.

Teague4Image courtesy of Lee Baker
VP: How do Amelia’s readers apply?
BG: All applications must be accompanied by an application form which can be obtained by emailing Entries without the correct paper work will not be accepted. You will need to send with your completed application form no more than 3 examples of your work. Please ensure these examples are in the style of which you would produce the final work for the show should you be accepted. Important information! DO NOT SEND ORIGINAL WORK – IT WILL NOT BE RETURNED. A digital print-out is fine. Your examples do not have to be to the brief, existing pieces from your portfolio will be suitable at this stage.

Teague5Image courtesy of Cheryl Taylor
VP: When do we all need to get our applications in?
BG: All applications must be delivered by post no later than 30th JANUARY 2010. Email applications will not be accepted & any applications arriving past that date also wont.

Teague6Image courtesy of Mibo
VP: What will happen after that?
BG: All the applications will be judged by the gallery owners Alice Teague & Graham Carter. Once we have made our final 10 choices the successful applicants will be contacted by phone. Unsuccessful applicants will be contacted by post.

Teague7Image courtesy of Ellen Giggenbach

VP: So ok, let’s say “Yay! I have been accepted!” What happens next?

BG: If you are accepted you will receive the full brief, deadlines and show details by email.Please note that being accepted into this exhibition does not guarantee continued representation by the gallery. Pass it on!If you know someone who might like to apply to be part of this exhibition please forward this article and tell them to get in touch! Thank you for taking the time to apply, and we wish you the best of luck!

Call Alice Teague, the gallery owner on 01273 734295 or email her at, and let’s get the ball rolling! I will definitely apply. What about you?

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