Amelia’s Magazine | The Golden Thread Awards at Fashion Philosophy Fashion Week Poland A/W 2011 in Łódź

?ód? Fashion Week AW 2011

As with all the shows at Fashion Week Poland, price The Golden Thread Awards show began with a booming announcement somewhat akin to the call to board an interstellar spacecraft: Please take your seats now, information pills the mission to Mars is about to commence. That or a catwalk show.

?ód? Fashion Week AW 2011 streetstyle

Fashion Week Poland was not hot on front row goodie bags… but The Golden Thread did as good as it said on the tin: waiting on our seats were small plastic bags of sewing thread, viagra sale handy for all those crafty projects. The Golden Thread, otherwise known in Polish as Z?ota Nitka, is responsible for launching the most talented fashion design graduates into the public realm – it counts amongst its winners the well known design duo Paprocki & Brzozowski.

Golden Thread Award Fashion Week Poland AW 2011

French fashion celebrity Marcellous staged a fabulous late entrance in a fuchsia pink suit and purple ostrich brogues, carrying aloft his angel-winged Jack Russell Phaedra. Phaedra is herself a celebrity and had her very own doggy fashion week pass. Marcellous was trailed by a camera crew who obscured our view somewhat as the local dignitaries all rose for a bow, which I found most amusing.

?ód? Fashion Week AW 2011 Marcellous and Phaedra
Marcellous & Phaedra dressed down on another day.

?ód? Fashion Week AW 2011 Phaedra Amelia
Phaedra, the best behaved dog ever, on my lap.

Also on our seats was what looked curiously like a posh wine list – a line up of the competing entries for The Golden Thread award in black and jewelled red: I’d like a glass of Anya with my catwalk please.

Golden Thread Award Fashion Week Poland AW 2011 Marcellous

After a series of mainly Polish announcements the lengthy catwalk show began. This was separated into two sections: Pret a Porter and Premiere Vision – the sort of couture section, though I would have struggled to define the two apart myself. Two bum-numbing hours later Marcellous was hauled onto the catwalk to present a gift from Kenzo Takada and then we arose for a break… which mainly consisted of heading for the free Stock vodka bar in the VIP lounge upstairs.

Golden Thread Award Fashion Week Poland AW 2011

Then, round two, we had the awards ceremony, again conducted mainly in Polish so I could only really hazard a guess at what was going on. How’s this for a summary: lots of awards were basically given to the same few designers, who struggled to balance their gifts in their arms.

Monika Jaworska Golden Thread Fashion Week Poland AW 2011
Monika Jaworska‘s Modus Vivendi collection which won the Pret-a-porter division at The Golden Thread Awards, AW 2011

Agnieszka Kowalska Golden Thread Fashion Week Poland AW 2011
Agnieszka Kowalska, winner of the Premiere Vision category at The Golden Thread Awards. A/W 2011

The major prize Pret a Porter went to Monika Jaworska for her Modus Vivendi collection… sweet enough but not my favourite by a long shot. In the Premiere Vision category Agnieska Kowalska was a worthy winner for her flouncy tea-stained collection Sza?apot, definitely one of the strongest on the catwalk. If I’d been choosing winners both Dominika Piekutowska Swed and Paulina Matuszelanska would definitely have figured in there somewhere.

Dominika Piekutowska Swed Golden Thread Fashion Week Poland AW 2011
Dominika Piekutowska Swed.

Paulina Matuszelanska Golden Thread Fashion Week Poland AW 2011
Paulina Matuszelanska.

I’d say check out The Golden Thread award website for more information, but as with many designers in Poland the website for the award does not appear to be a priority – it’s pretty basic to say the least. Business-like, it might even be fair to say. Hardly inspiring stuff given the nature of the award, which is a wonderful kickstart for creative young Polish fashion designers.

Coming up: a run down of each show, with my analysis of Polish fashion trends…

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Amelia’s Magazine | Earth Listings: Events


She burps between songs, treat website often forgets the words, more about and sings about wet dreams and peanut butter (Skippy, the crunchy one) – sort of a young Kimya Dawson suffused with Parisian prowess. Soko headlined at the Borderline this Friday for an evening of folk/anti-folk? put on by Platforms Magazine. The Melodica, Melody and Me were there to support – I know the words to all their songs by now but more on them later, their Christmas party on the 22nd of December is a date to keep – as were Jay Jay Pistolet and Planet Earth. She commanded most of them to the stage at various points throughout the set to join in, saying flamboyantly, “um, they’ve never played this before but they’ll pick it up” (repeat out loud in a French accent), and though rough round the edges, it seemed to work, and that’s all part of the charm anyway, no?


You wouldn’t want her to drive your car (not that I have one), but there is something irresistible about her chaotic demure: the more child-like her deliverance, the more charming and hilarious her quirky and brazen lyrics (I’m thinking of “My Wet Dreams” here). She commanded silence and rapturous applause, and her name is surely carved into the hearts of the somewhat young crowd that gathered to the 15 + event.

I found myself humming “I will never love you more” on the bike-ride home, the place where all good songs are mulled over. She’s playing tomorrow night (if you read this now). Expect to leave a small piece of your heart behind.

As the congregation of indie-nerd-folk-checked-shirt-bearded types flocked into the church pews hidden from the bustle of London’s West End, dosage echoes and chattering excitement rang through the nave. Behind a gilded wooden screen, I could see Andrew Bird, wrapped up in wax jacket and scarf, stretching and performing breathing exercises that bring back painful memories of my grade six singing teacher’s living room…

Self entitled ‘multi-instrumentalist’, Chicago based singer-songwriter and classically trained violinist, Bird is the ultimate in US hippy offspring. Musically trained in the Suzuki method from the age of four, Bird makes you want to pack your unborn children with rice cakes and shovel them off to the nearest music school.

He treats us to a spiritual injection of vocal, violin and guitar looped and tangled together, wrapping you up in a smooth melodic blanket. The unforgiving church acoustics are not for the faint at heart. But Bird effortlessly maintains musical perfection throughout the performance. What he lacks as a guitarist he more than makes up for as violinist, vocalist, lyricist and all round musical prodigy.

New album heavy, with only two “oldies”- ‘Armchair Apocrypha’s’ ‘Plasticities’ and the glorious ‘Scythian Empires’, there’s much to be excited about in forthcoming album ‘Noble Beast’, particularly the soulful and reflective ‘Effigy’ and the harmonious ‘Natural Disaster’. A more contemplative Andrew Bird, with the notable absence of infamous ‘Dr Strings’, he had the audience in rapture. Indeed, the deliciously raw cover of ‘Some of These Days’ rang from the altar as though he was making his way back to some celestial home.

If you fancy a lump in your throat, ethereal wonder, and sheer disappointment that you will never EVER be this talented…sit back…and enjoy the Andrew Bird experience.

If you’re planning on going to any of these events, site or have something you want to write an article about for the Earth Blog, cialis 40mg email us at!

Calling All Ethical Fashion Designers!
“For all budding designers out there, the chance has come for your finest handiwork to be unveiled to the public with the world’s first ‘virtual wardrobe’ for re-worked recycled clothes at
Selected items uploaded to the Virtual Wardrobe will go down the catwalk in a London fashion event. The show will take place on World Aids Day in front of a judging panel headed by Ben de Lisi and hosted by Miquita Oliver…”
The Fashion Favours project aims to highlight the issues surrounding throwaway fashion and change the image of volunteering while raising money for charity.
For more information visit
dress pictured above: ‘Beautiful Heritage Dress’ /London Fashion Favours Workshop

Christmas Arts, Craft & Design Fair in Stokey
Abney Public Hall, 73a Stoke Newington Church Street, N16 OAS
Saturday 29th & Sunday 30th November

Handmade and Organic Christmas Treats!
for more info e-mail:
Entry is free!

Festive Green Fayre
National Waterfront Museum, Maritime Quarter, Swansea, SA1 3RD
Sunday 30 Nov 2008

Time: 10am – 4pm, Entry is free!
There will be 50 stalls offering recycled, fairtrade, organic, and renewable energy products, local handmade gifts, green books and much much more! Another opportunity to purchase some unique Christmas gifts!
Also at the event will be information and campaign stalls where you can find out about recycling in your area and volunteer with local conservation groups!
This year the Fayre will also host the launch of the latest Undercurrents production, “On The Push – A Surfers Guide To Climate Change” (for more info visit On the Push is an inspiring story about how Anne Gallagher, an ordinary surfer girl from Wales, learns about the serious threat of climate change and how a surfer can help protect the marine environment. Film showings will be held throughout the day.
Contacts: Hannah Adkins, The Environment Centre, Swansea. 01792 480200

Christmas Without Cruelty Fair
Sunday 30th November 2008, 10am -5pm
Kensington Town Hall, Hornton Street, London, W8 7NX
The Christmas Without Cruelty Fair will be a fun day out for all the family, with more than 85 stands selling animal-friendly and ethically produced Christmas gifts, plus a Children’s workshop and Press-Ups Competition. All profits to charities, campaign groups and ethical trader who are tying to make a positive-difference in the world. Goods on sale include vegan chocolates, cruelty-free toiletries and cosmetics, non-leather shoes and boots, cards and gifts.
An auction with all the goodies pictured above is also taking place at the Fair. These include a pair of Stella McCartney Sunglasses in a signed case and a dress and signed book by Marie Helvin.
for more info e-mail:


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Amelia’s Magazine | Uniqlo UT Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat T-shirts fashion illustration competition

Uniqlo Keith Haring tshirt red
Uniqlo UT today launch a new range of UT T-shirts bearing the iconic imagery of New York artists Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat. Keith Haring was one of the greatest pop artists of the 1980s, well known for his joyful graphic artworks featuring instantly recognisable symbols such as the Radiant Baby. His dancing figures surrounded with bursts of movement were a reflection of the energetic underground scene, and the socio-political subtext that bubbles beneath his deceptively bright images fits well with the current climate. Jean-Michel Basquiat took a far more chaotic approach to image creation, combining figurative painting, abstract brushstrokes, words and pictograms to describe his view of society. His spontaneous impressionist style combined with primitivist elements continues to be a big influence on creatives today.

Uniqlo Keith Haring tshirt green
Uniqlo Keith Haring tshirt yellow
UT T-shirts by Keith Haring.

Uniqlo Jean-Michel Basquiat tshirt car
Uniqlo Jean-Michel Basquiat tshirt cream
UT T-shirts by Jean-Michel Basquiat.

And now for the exciting part: we would like you to style your choice of T-shirt on a man in a bespoke fashion illustration for us. All submissions will be showcased on my website once a winner has been chosen by myself and Uniqlo and announced on the 6th May. Selected submissions will also be showcased and credited across Uniqlo’s social channels in May and one artist picked by Uniqlo and Amelia’s Magazine will win 2 x return tickets from London to Paris on the Eurostar (up to the value of £200 and to be booked by the end of June) and 2 x tickets to the Keith Haring exhibition at the Musee D’Art Moderne. Above and below are some of my favourite T-shirt designs but you can find the whole range of Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat T-shirts on the Uniqlo website, so please work with whichever style tickles your fancy.

Uniqlo Keith Haring tshirt beige
Uniqlo Keith Haring tshirt little man
UT T-shirts by Keith Haring.

To celebrate the launch of this latest range of Uniqlo UT T-shirts there will be a unique UT POP-UP! LON event open from Friday 19th April until Saturday 27th April at The Hoxton Gallery. Expect art installations from artists Damian Weighill and Dan Freeman, as well as a pop up store selling limited edition UT collection and related events. Together with Vice Magazine, Uniqlo UT presents two weekends dedicated to ART and MUSIC. I particularly like the sound of the Secret UT Cinema on Friday 19th April, where visitors will be able to see a private screening of a documentary on the life of Keith Haring. On Saturday 20th April influential artists will lead an ARTSHOP creative session. Visitors to UT POP-UP! LON will be invited to step into the UT CAMERA Photo Booth and shoot a looping video portrait on Uniqlo‘s new UT CAMERA smartphone app: the best will be projected onto the walls of the venue and there will be prizes galore for the best themed videos. Customers and fans can apply for exclusive limited passes to the private events taking place in the UT POP-UP! LON via

Uniqlo Jean-Michel Basquiat tshirt green
Uniqlo Jean-Michel Basquiat tshirt orange
UT T-shirts by Jean-Michel Basquiat.


TECHNICAL DETAILS: Submissions must include a visual reference to at least one of the Keith Haring or Jean-Michel Basquiat Uniqlo T-shirts (above). Artists can incorporate images of the actual T-shirts in their artworks or create illustrated interpretations of these.

SIZE & LABELLING: Your design should be submitted in a jpg format of A4 size, 297 x 210 mm. Please make sure you include UNIQLO and your name in the label.

RESOLUTION: Please create your artwork at a resolution of 300 dpi, but please only send me a 72 dpi version to avoid huge emails. If a larger resolution is needed we will let you know at a later date so keep your original safe!

SENDING IN YOUR DESIGN: Send your design to to me on an email clearly headed UNIQLO ART any time before the closing date.

CLOSING DATE: Closing date for entries is Sunday 28th April. The winner may be invited to take part in follow-up promotional activity.

Uniqlo Jean-Michel Basquiat tshirt
UT T-shirt by Jean-Michel Basquiat.

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Amelia’s Magazine | What Does Colour Mean To You? Submit Your Story For A Chance To Make A Film And Win £250

This is Orange by Sarah Edmonds
This is Orange by Sarah Edmonds.

A recent chat with friends led to a discussion about what colour we intrinsically ‘were’. Fascinatingly we all agreed on the colours that came to mind, as if subconsciously they were obvious to us all. Colour is absolutely intrinsic to the way we feel, the way we look and the way we act. And for illustrators and artists it plays an enormous part in the creation of work. Of course many of us see colours differently (a huge amount of men, for instance, suffer some form of colour blindness) and colours also mean different things to different people. Why, for instance, do I love bright red and green, but dislike orange brown? I find it absolutely fascinating.

Now a major lifestyle brand is planning to collect stories of how people have been positively impacted by colour. They would like to know what your relationship is with a particular colour, what three words you would associate with it, and what kind of details from your life, your culture and your home have played a part in your opinion of that colour. To get involved you can submit your story as words, photography and video: the most compelling one will be filmed by leading film makers Blair & Oliver and edited into a short documentary about how colour has affected lives. If you submit the best story you’ll win £250.

What better way to get you inspired than a series of illustrations exploring what colour means to some of my contributors. To take part in this open callout send your stories to along with your contact details. The deadline for submission is 1st March 2013.

Green by Cissy Hu. When I see green, my eyelashes will become a forest. The creatures of imagination will come out and play. Everything goes lively above the lake of heart (the eyes).

The Colour Pink by Christine Charnock
The Colour Pink by Christine Charnock. The colour pink has so many beautiful and versatile shades – from vibrant and bold, to calming and subdued. In the natural world, the colour pink is present in many fascinating forms. The sky of a sunset, flora and fauna, and the flamingo bird are particularly memorable and beautiful examples. Pink always seems to create a positive, uplifting and cheerful vibe, and this is one of the reasons why I adore this colour.

green is such a relaxing colour by Joanna Boyle
Green is such a relaxing colour by Joanna Boyle. My favourite time of year is spring time, when everything starts to get green after months of rain and cold. I associate the colour green with feeling calm and refreshed. As a result I love visiting green houses and like to keep lots of plants in my flat!

Turquoise Planet by Laura Redburn
Turquoise Planet by Laura Redburn. I absolutely love all colours, and colour is my world. Turquoise is my favourite, though. It both gives me energy and keeps me calm. I like to always have this colour around me because it also helps me feel creative but not overwhelmed. I feel as if there’s something magical about it that other colours don’t possess. To me it’s representative of earth and life.

Yellow Portrait of Silvia Pezzati by Rosa Crepax, Illustrated Moodboard
Yellow Portrait of Silvia Pezzati by Rosa Crepax, Illustrated Moodboard. My friend Silvia is the ‘yellowest’ person I know. Yellow is a very happy colour, I’ve always associated it with sunshine, cheerfulness and intellectual creativity. She is enthusiastic about everything, warm, bright and she actually smiles sun!

Green by Gemma Hampton
Green by Gemma Hampton. Green is my favourite colour. To me, it represents growth and freedom. As a keen gardener, I am forever fascinated when planting a seed and watching it spring into life, growing stronger and healthier by the day. I enjoy studying this process of development and feel a deep sense of satisfaction in the knowledge that I am nurturing this new life. 

Red by Gemma Cotterell
Red by Gemma Cotterell. I chose to illustrate red shown as a ‘mothers love’ – to me the colour projects power, warmth, love, strength, passion, and permanence. The beating heart is life itself, protected unconditionally by the flowering cactus, which symbolises maternal love.

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Amelia’s Magazine | Open Brief: Design a Watch for Swatch Art Rules TTR World Snowboard Tour Competition 2012

Swatch Art Rules
Announcing a very exciting open brief that illustrators might want to check out: the Swatch Art Rules design competition is open to artists across the world, and offers a brilliant opportunity, not only to get your work emblazoned across an iconic watch, but also to travel to Los Angeles for the prize giving, and then to New York for two weeks on an all expenses paid holiday for two people (yes please!)

Cristales by Marco Fragozo Mejia of Afghanistan.

Shapeshifter, by Ricardo Santos of Portugal.

For the third time the competition is held in conjunction with the TTR World Snowboard Tour and the winning design will be featured on the 2012-13 trophy as well as on the matching Swatch Tour Watch, which will be distributed worldwide. The TTR trophy is one of the most coveted awards in the world of freestyle snowboarding, and is presented to the champions live on stage at all the biggest events in the sport.

Swatch Momentous Celebration by Peter Cheok of Malaysia
Momentous Celebration by Peter Cheok of Malaysia.

Swatch tour watch - things for live by Eduard Ganahi of Austria
Things for Life by Eduard Ganahi of Austria.

This year the theme for the watch is Progression and Style, which are both key elements of snowboarding. The jury of snowboarding experts is joined by Romain Colin, otherwise known as Fubiz – the acclaimed French blogger whom I met during my trip to Venice with Swatch late last year – who will judge the final designs alongside the supremely knowledgeable president of Swatch, Madame Emch. The top three nominees will also be invited to Los Angeles during May 2012, on a trip of a lifetime to discover which design will be unveiled as overall winner. I was also invited to LA to cover the event, but I am gutted because I will be too busy with my new baby to come along. I cannot tell you how jealous I will be! And I hope that at least one of my readers will be one of the lucky ones to make this trip.

SWATCH_Pixel Attitude by Joyce Liew of Singapore
Pixel Attitude by Joyce Liew of Singapore.

Ice and Fire by Marco Magni of Italy.

It’s possibly a little known fact that I am a keen snowboarder – I spent three seasons working in the Austrian Alps during my 20s, and returned a few winters ago to snowboard the slopes of Val d’Isere. It’s one of my great loves – oh how I miss whooshing down those immense powder runs on a beautiful crisp morning – but even if you aren’t a snowboarder yourself this is a great opportunity to get involved with a fabulous brief that will give the winner worldwide exposure.

Swatch_TTR_Trophy_Design_surface pressure by benjamin brewis of the UK
Surface Pressure by Benjamin Brewis of the UK.

swatch-Colorhood by Marili Nikoli of Greece
Colorhood by Marili Nikoli of Greece.

I’ve included a few of the current entries here for your perusal – to see more examples of the entries that have already been received check out this link. You have just a few weeks in which to submit your designs, for the competition closes on March 27th 2012. If you are submitting some artwork then please also send your submissions to me (not just to me though, that would be a bad idea!) as I’d like to upload my favourites in a future blog post for all my readers to enjoy. I look forward to seeing your work online, and hopefully on the winning Swatch Tour Watch.

YouTube Preview Image
Watch a video about the choosing of the winning design in 2011 here. Last year Chi Fong Leong (a Central Saint Martins student) won, so what are you waiting for? Find out all you need to know at the Swatch Art Rules website.

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Amelia’s Magazine | Nobrow Press Flickr competition: People I’ve Never Met & Conversations I’ve Never Had

Nobrow No.1 Gods & Monsters
Nobrow No.1 Gods & Monsters
Nobrow No.1 Gods & Monsters

Last year Nobrow Press caught my attention with their first book, ampoule Gods & Monsters, a beautiful limited edition affair deliciously screen-printed in just blue and black. Featuring contributions from a range of illustrators it was ferried straight to the counter of the Design Museum shop. A rare thing indeed, as I don’t often buy new design books.

Gods & Monsters by Bjorn Rune Lie
Gods & Monsters by Bjorn Rune Lie

Gods & Monsters by Ben Newman
Gods & Monsters by Ben Newman who has been featured in Amelia’s Magazine.

By Alex Spiro
By Alex Spiro

Working from their Shoreditch studio illustrator Alex Spiro and short film director Sam Arthur have been most prolific in the last few months, quickly releasing their more colourful second volume The Jungle (which I’ve sadly not scraped enough cash to buy yet, though I stroke it lovingly whenever I see it in a shop) and reprinting another lovely book by the cover artist Blex BolexAbecederia.

Nobrow 2 - The Jungle
Nobrow 2 – The Jungle

Abecederia by BlexBolex
Abecederia by BlexBolex

They have also printed People I’ve Never Met & Conversations I’ve Never Had by illustrator Nick White and decided that the subject matter was so interesting that they would open it up to the wider illustration world. Which is where you, dear illustrator (or dear person who most probably has illustrator friends that you really should go and tell about this opportunity right now), have the opportunity to be part of the next Nobrow publication.

People I've Never Met & Conversations I've Never Had by Nick White
People I’ve Never Met & Conversations I’ve Never Had by Nick White

You are asked to submit one image of a person you’ve never met, and another image that illustrates a conversation you’ve never had. These images can be a drawing, photograph, collage, etching – whatever you would like really. The best designs will be put together in a beautiful book, printed in cmyk on uncoated stock and perfect bound in an edition of 500-1000. What a fabulous opportunity to get your work included in what is bound to be a stunning project.

BUT you don’t have long – your two images must be submitted to the Nobrow boys by 15th February 2010, mere days away. To do so upload them to this flickr group, where you can also check out the competition and get inspired. I particularly like the work of Onionmilk, KatsAsleep, Doris Freigofas, Sam Brewster and Jack Teagle, whose work you can see below. Images should measure ?115mm x 145mm at 350dpi (1585px x 1998px)

Get ready, get set, GO!

Jack Teagle for Nobrow Press
Jack Teagle for Nobrow Press
Jack Teagle for Nobrow Press

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Amelia’s Magazine | Foto8: The HOST With The Most

Featuring competitions in the already overly competitive world that is Art may seem somewhat crude to say the least. But in fact it’s through these well supported and sponsored prizes that new and underexposed artists and creative mediums gain a platform and a voice, information pills page and a fairly fair and just route for career progression out of the studios and into the spotlight. It’s also a darn good excuse to curate a fine exhibition of very talented folk, hospital and in a collaborative sense get together with a common thread, clinic be it the format, subject matter or genre, and share opinions, ideas and approaches. I call to the stand Foto8 and their annual Photographic Prize an exhibition of which opens with a right knees up of a party this weekend in London.


Joerg Brueggermann (2009 Entry)

Foto8, in their own words, is ‘a space to share, comment and debate photography. The site exists to bridge the divide between photographers, authors and their audience through interactive displays and a constant stream of new works and resources’. Based on the belief that documentary photography has a vital role to play in contemporary society, Foto8′s ethos firmly pushes the medium as a valued tool for communication and self education about the world around us and the lesser understood worlds of others.


Abbie Traylor-Smith (2009 Entry)

The London based website has regular postings of reviews, commentaries, interviews and picture stories as well as photographic events and news items, and serves as an outlet for the biannually published 8 magazine, which can be previewed, ordered and subscribed to from there. Now up to issue 25 the magazine blurs and tests the boundaries between photography, journalism and art and represents ‘the very best in design and print, following a graphic format that uses the medium of the printed page to its fullest.’


Robert Hackman (2009 Entry)

The Gallery that will house this spectacular show was established by director of Foto8 Jon Levy along with Adrian Evans, the director of Panos Pictures, and celebrates it’s fourth birthday this year. HOST is dedicated to the specialised promotion and exploration of photojournalism and documentary photography, ‘from classical black and white reportage to contemporary mixed media’. They pioneer both new and traditional methods of manipulating the gallery setting with innovation and passion. The gallery proudly boasts a highly-respected exhibition schedule, complimented by an on-going program of face-to-face encounters with photography and film, including screenings, talks and regular book club meetings.


Clemence de Limburg (2009 Entry)

From around 2300 images submitted from 44 different countries from as far afield as Thailand and Turkey, just over 100 carefully selected images will make up the final display at this year’s Foto 8 Summer Show at London’s HOST Gallery. As well as each entry appearing in the show’s published book, each photograph will be for sale to the public from the opening night and throughout the exhibition, and of course each and every exhibit will be in with the chance to win either the ‘Best in Show’ category or the ‘People’s Choice’, both highly sort after and respected prizes in the industry.


Dougie Wallace (2008 Winner of ‘Best in Show’)


Guido Castagnoli (2008 Winner of ‘People’s Choice’)

Whereas the Best in Show is awarded by an elite team of experts in the field, including The Times’ Director of Photography Graham Wood and the V&A’s Head of Images Andrea Stern, and entails a £1500 reward, the People’s Choice will be determined by public visitors to the show and in many respects is a more coveted title, given that each exhibitor’s work must speak to those with perhaps a less trained eye for artistic and technical merit, and must rely on more personal and emotional responses from the everyday spectator.


Domenico Pugliese (2009 Entry)

The brief for prospective entrants was simple. They seek images that challenge and engage, convey stories and raise questions. They state that they ‘encourage free expression’ and ‘new ways of seeing and telling’, also adding that they value photography ‘that conveys feeling as much as fact.’ The entry requirements allow for up to three submitted images per person, and the submissions look set to be as diverse and varied as 2008′s collections were.


Rachel Bevis (2009 Entry)

Being the biased art appreciators that we are, there is already a winner of an entry in our opinion, an image that stands out for us and will be certainly receiving the ‘Amelia’s Choice’ award at the opening on Friday evening. ‘Marie’ by semi-professional London based photographer Rachel Bevis commands our attention and holds our gaze. At first seeming to be a mono-chrome image of a lone figure at night, on second appreciation is actually a wintery street scene in which a female is immersed in falling snow. Mysterious, evocative and powerful this photograph is one we cannot tire of looking at. Best of luck Miss Bevis.

Who will you be exercising your democratic rights and voting for?

Foto8 Summer Show
HOST Gallery
1 Honduras Street
London, EC1Y 0TH

24th July: Opening Night Party
6:30pm – 11:30pm

Tickets: £5 in advance, £8 on the door
Tickets available to buy here

24th July – 5th September
Opening times:
Mon-Fri 10am-6pm
Sat 11am-4pm


Kurt Tong (2009 Entry)

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Amelia’s Magazine | Gabby Young Tour Poster Design Competition Winners

gabby young uk tour posters competition winners

Gabby Young has always been a big fan of collaborating, cialis 40mg hence her popular ‘Become an Animal’ scheme. Her forthcoming UK tour is appropriately named, patient the ‘All Together Now’ tour, in homage to her wonderful song ‘We’re all in this together’.

Artwork by Katelan van Foisy

Artwork by Sandra Dieckmann

Gabby recently came up with the fantastic idea of pooling her fans’ creativity in an artwork competition, with the best entries becoming posters for the different dates of her tour. With the help of Amelia’s magazine who promoted the competition, Gabby was overwhelmed with entries, and here you can see the winners- many of whom are Amelia’s Magazine regulars; see if you can recognise any illustrators!

Artwork by  Claire Sells

At each event 10 limited edition prints of each poster will be on sale alongside other Gabberdashery merchandise which includes everything from Rosa Bloom’s bustles and lace gloves, to feather headbands and vintage inspired jewellery from Crème Nouveau, organic beauty products and Merrimaking animal hoods.Expect more goodies by Love from Hetty and Dave, Hatastic, and many more.Everything is handmade here in the UK, so get yourself along to a gig to do some early Christmas shopping and support your local craftspeople!

Artwork by Soraya Tengan

Artwork by Betty Rasberry

Artwork by Yoyo

Artwork by Rob White

Artwork by Kat Flint

Artwork by Samantha Zaza

Artwork by Andrea Peterson

Artwork by Michelle Urval Nyren

Artwork by Stephanie Thuillet

Artwork by Emily Cox

Artwork by ‘Estelle’

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Amelia’s Magazine | Gabby Young Tour Poster Design Competition Winners

Gabby Young has always been a big fan of collaborating, hence her popular ‘Become an Animal’ scheme. Her forthcoming UK tour is appropriately named, the ‘All Together Now’ tour, in homage to her wonderful song ‘We’re all in this together’.

Artwork by Katelan van Foisy

Artwork by Sandra Dieckmann

Gabby recently came up with the fantastic idea of pooling her fans’ creativity in an artwork competition, with the best entries becoming posters for the different dates of her tour. With the help of Amelia’s magazine who promoted the competition, Gabby was overwhelmed with entries, and here you can see the winners- many of whom are Amelia’s Magazine regulars; see if you can recognise any illustrators!

Artwork by  Claire Sells

At each event 10 limited edition prints of each poster will be on sale alongside other Gabberdashery merchandise which includes everything from Rosa Bloom’s bustles and lace gloves, to feather headbands and vintage inspired jewellery from Crème Nouveau, organic beauty products and Merrimaking animal hoods.Expect more goodies by Love from Hetty and Dave, Hatastic, and many more.Everything is handmade here in the UK, so get yourself along to a gig to do some early Christmas shopping and support your local craftspeople!

Artwork by Soraya Tengan

Artwork by Betty Rasberry

Artwork by Yoyo

Artwork by Rob White

Artwork by Kat Flint

Artwork by Samantha Zaza

Artwork by Andrea Peterson

Artwork by Michelle Urval Nyren

Artwork by Stephanie Thuillet

Artwork by Emily Cox

Artwork by ‘Estelle’

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Amelia’s Magazine | Biscuiteers Iced Baby Biscuits & The Great Biscuiteers Ice-Off! Illustrated Biscuit Competition

Snarfle Monkey biscuiteers newborn baby
A few weeks ago I was sent some celebratory newborn baby biscuits by my good friends at the Biscuiteers. They arrived in a lovely decorated tin with one very special biscuit on the top layer bearing my boy’s name in delicate iced whirls. Underneath there were three more trays of yummy baby themed biscuits – woollen booties, rattles, babygros, building blocks, a teddy or two and a pram. For a good few weeks I daren’t touch the biscuits… they just looked too pretty to snaffle down in one fell swoop, but in the past few days – short of other snacks in the house – I have succumbed to their crisp sugary goodness. I haven’t yet tackled the very special named pram but I do baulk at preserving it as one other Biscuiteers fan has done. Given my hoarding tendencies I’ll be saving enough baby paraphernalia as it is!

Snarfle Monkey biscuiteers newborn baby
Cassie at Biscuiteers explained to me what brought about this New Baby biscuit range:
When the Biscuiteers began in 2007, we planned our launch collections around the big gifting occasions, and found that the birth of a new baby was one of the most important and significant reasons for people to gift. Our new baby biscuit tins New Kid on the Block’, ‘Baby Girl and Baby Boy are some of our most popular collections. We find people want to send something that will make the new parents smile, but also act as a keepsake for the child’s birth. In 2009 we launched personalised versions of our baby range, and often get lovely feedback from recipients who have kept the biscuits, most recently from a new Dad who varnished them to display in a photo frame! Last year we launched a new range of Baby chocolates and cakes which also offer a personalised element for the sender.

New Kid on the Block biscuiteers
New Kid on the Block biscuit tin.

In other Biscuiteers related news: I am one of the judges for their brand new icing competition! Are you an avid biscuit icer? Then you need to be involved in The Great Biscuiteers Ice-Off! Inspired by all the photos sent in by readers of their Biscuiteers Book of Iced Biscuits, Biscuiteers are offering three winners the chance to visit the Biscuiteers Bakery for an exclusive icing session. The best images will be uploaded onto their website gallery and entering is super easy, via everyone’s favourite social media outlets: Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, of course. Find out all the information you need to know here. I’ll be judging the entries alongside an esteemed panel of judges. And I really want to see some exciting illustrated biscuits that break away from iced norms!


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