Amelia’s Magazine | The 2012 Inaugural Lush Prize Awards Dinner: £250,000 towards the end of Animal Testing

Anti Animal Testing By James McCourt
Anti Animal Testing by James McCourt.

On Thursday 15th November Lush held their inaugural Lush Prize at a warehouse venue in the heart of Shoreditch, and I was there. During the afternoon Mothers Meeting invited us to a tea party for kids, complete with luscious cakes by Lily Vanilli for the mummies and plates of healthy snack food for the kiddies.

lush prize lily vanilli November
Snarfle Lush prize mothers meeting party November 2012
Snarfle Lush prize mothers meeting party November 2012
The older ones were invited to make brilliant animal masks with Margot Bowman in celebration of the Lush #animalperson campaign, whilst our wee ones babbled at each other and noshed on each other’s heads.

Lush Prize awards November 2012-
Then it was home to put Snarfle to bed before heading out once more for the prize giving dinner, a delicious vegan affair catered for by Tom’s Feast, and made entirely out of food that would otherwise go to waste.

Tom's Feast Lush Prize November 2012-
Tom's Feast Lush Prize November 2012-
Tom's Feast Lush Prize November 2012-
I particularly enjoyed a bright green foraged salad, complete with pineapple weed… aka wild chamomile. Take a look at Tom’s blog if you really want to make your mouth water.

Rowena Bird, Kelly Lush Prize November
By a stroke of luck I happened to sit next to the gorgeous Rowena Bird, co-founder of Lush, who we interviewed many a moon ago for the print version of Amelia’s Magazine. We talked about her new make up range for Lush, Emotional Brilliance, which is based on colour psychology: spin the wheel and find out what colours jump out at you. I also met an inspiring lady with an intriguing project, Lucy Gilliam and the New Dawn Traders. Her mission? To get tall ships back on the seas to transport large cargos in carbon free style. What an amazing idea and one I’d never thought about – apparently the technology is there and now it’s all about the will (as ever with these things). Also at my table was the film maker responsible for the viral ad campaign designed to promote the Lush Prize, Josef Valentino. Watch it here.

YouTube Preview Image
The space was conceived as a high tech homage to forward thinking science by Something & Son and Inition, and each table featured an iPad with which to view specially designed cards placed on our plates – through these we experienced augmented reality, as the chaotic graphic patterns took shape to make hearts, feet and lungs. Using fingers we were able to dismantle these, as if performing our very own human vivisections.

Inition augmented reality lush prize November 2012
The Lush Prize is a dauntingly ambitious project designed to highlight the ongoing use of animals in cosmetics testing, with a total prize fund of £250,000. It aims to promote and support all the exciting new developments which will hopefully rid our world of this outdated mode of experimentation. As Lush says ‘In a parallel universe not very far away, some of the world’s leading scientists and engineers are working towards a future where computers and molecular biology have replaced animals in laboratory tests.We reported on the new REACH act (which makes extensive animal testing mandatory by law) way back in 2009 but sadly this is a battle which still needs to be fought: thank god Lush have stepped back in to bring the spotlight back on animal testing.

Animals Against Testing by Annie Rickard Straus
Animals Against Testing by Annie Rickard Straus.

Perhaps even more worrying are the Chinese regulations which require researchers to retest every single product that arrives from the West. I was really disgusted to learn that several well known brands have removed their Against Animal Testing logos since entering the Chinese market. All for the sake of profit. Naturally Lush is boycotting China at present.

Lush Prize boxing hare
“Ask experimenters why they experiment on animals, and the answer is: ‘because they are like us.’ Ask experimenters why it is morally okay to experiment on animals, and the answer is: ‘because the animals are not like us.’ Animal experimentation rests on a logical contradiction.” Charles R. Nagel.

But back to the Lush Prize – the winners had travelled from all over the world to receive one half of a boxing bronze hare (created by ceramist Nichola Theakston) and a large amount of cash, designed to aid them in their work putting an end to unnecessary animal testing. Prizes were awarded for Science, Training, Lobbying, Public Awareness and to post doctoral students. The recipients included Hiromi Kamekura from the Japan Anti-Vivisecton Association, which has been doggedly raising awareness of animal testing by cosmetics giant Shiseido. Winners also came from India, Italy, the USA, Canada and Russia, for this is a truly global fight. It’s brilliant that Mark and Mo Constantine of Lush are so passionate about the things they care about, regularly stumping up cash to help others create the better world they strive and wish for. If only wish more companies were as bold and principled in their decisions.

For a far more detailed analysis of the science behind the awards visit Lucy’s in depth blog here. A full list of the prize winners can be found here. It’s well worth revisiting our analysis of REACH too. I’m not a great one for endorsing petitions as I am not convinced they work, but there are quite a few out there against animal testing: you could lend your signature to this one. And finally, check out the Fighting Animal Testing website.

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Amelia’s Magazine | Pick Me Up Graphic Arts Festival 2013: A Review of Illustration Collectives

Pick Me Up London 2013 review- day job victoria willmott
Bird by Victoria Willmott.

In the upstairs section of the Embankment Galleries at Pick Me Up are housed a plethora of hand-picked collectives, some of which have had a presence in previous years, some of which are new for 2013. The section begins with a superb display by Day Job, a collaboration between ten recent Camberwell graduates who share a studio in Peckham, South London, some of whom I recognised.

Pick Me Up London 2013 review- Charlotte Mei
Charlotte Mei‘s idiosyncratic pottery was a stand out feature at her graduate show: for Pick Me Up she has created a whole fleet of cars, characterful naked ladies in contorted positions, a pizza with strange toppings and a host of other animals. Brilliant stuff!

Pick Me Up London 2013 review-Charlene Man
I loved all of the prints by Charlene Man, and I was also tempted by her pastel painted wooden blocks for Snarfle, but feared he might chew the patterns off.

Pick Me Up London 2013 review - human after all tshirt
Pick Me Up London 2013 review - Human After All
Human After All is the latest brainwave from Danny Miller and friends. As promotion for their newly launched creative agency they are hosting a space where you can construct your own #facestamp, to be applied to a t-shirt, with eye-catching results.

Pick Me Up London 2013 review-zombie collective maggie li
Pick Me Up London 2013 review- frann preston gannon

Zombie Collective is five illustrators: their interactive cog machine is a splendid addition to the gallery, spitting out gifts for lucky punters. Maggie Li‘s beautiful house print really caught my eye, as did this politely sleeping fox by Frann Preston-Gannon. Also for sale, some sweet acrylic treats.

Pick Me Up London 2013 review- print club london
Print Club London are hosting the main room with a chance to help create a ‘living wallpaper’ drawn by the likes of Fred Butler and Margot Bowman. It looks like the just the place to hang out with the kids: give Snarfle a few years and we’ll be there!

Pick Me Up London 2013 review- nelly duff dan hillier
Pick Me Up London 2013 review- nelly duff sweet toof
Pick Me Up London 2013 review- various and gould nellyduff
Columbia Road‘s Nelly Duff gallery have created perhaps the most spectacular room, where artworks and specially commissioned wall decals on a ‘flower show’ theme combine to stunning effect. Of particular note: Dan Hillier‘s foil blocked lady, curlicued skulls courtesy of Sweet Toof, and a skull print by Various and Gould (seen above in situ on a doorway just off Brick Lane).

Pick Me Up London 2013 review- soma gallery peskimo
Back for a second year running Soma Gallery are showcasing a wide selection of prints by long running collaborators such as Peskimo and Tom Frost, as well as newbies such as Telegramme Studio and Hazel Nicholls. I particularly loved these 3D wooden gum ball artworks by Peskimo.

Pick Me Up London 2013 review-el famoso
Unlimited Collective is a print company based in Brighton. Taking pride of place in their busy space is a huge yellow tattooed man, complete with hipster moustache. All over tattoos continue to be the badge of the uber cool, but if you’re too chicken to go the whole hog yourself then artwork by El Famoso might be just the ticket instead.

Jessie Ford black bear on bike
I was so taken by a black bear on a tiny tricycle by Jessie Ford that I bought one on a whim – it will go up in Snarfle‘s room: something more to growl at.

Pick Me Up London 2013 review- helen musselwhite
Pick Me Up London 2013 review-Emily Robertson
Pick Me Up London 2013 review-matt saunders
Pick Me Up London 2013 review- lesley barnes
Handsome Frank is an illustration agency that has done a great job of snapping up brilliant up and coming illustrators, including many that have featured in these pages (Lesley Barnes, Tim McDonagh, Sarah Maycock). Some of my favourite works on display at their interactive stand include a stunning paper gatehouse by Helen Musselwhite, a curious character by Emily Robertson, sleeping log gremlins by Matt Saunders and a wonderful knight on a horse by Lesley Barnes.

Read my review of Pick Me Up Selects here, and if you are unable to check out Pick Me Up in person make sure you check out all the talent above online. Full listing information here.

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Amelia’s Magazine | A review of the 2013 Startup Showcase from the School for Creative Startups

David Bowie cushion - Circus Matt Manson
This weekend the School for Creative Startups returned to Somerset House to celebrate the work of their graduates with a full programme of talks and workshops focused on ways to start up and successfully run a creative business. I was really impressed with the variety of companies on display in the ‘pop up marketplace’ – most of whom have just finished the year long business training course led by School for Creative Startups founder Doug Richard, a former Dragon’s Den contributor and serial entrepreneur. Here’s my pick of the talent on show:

Circus Matt Manson scarf David Bowie
Circus Brixton have a stall entirely constructed out of cardboard in the newly invigorated Brixton Market: their timely David Bowie collaboration with illustrator Matt Manson comes on cushions and scarves.

Biplane Press Letterpress and growth ruler
I spoke at length to Pia from Biplane Press, who has been building up her bespoke Letterpress business as her two kids get older. Her beautiful wall display showed off the variety and quality of her stationery commissions, and her handmade growth chart ruler is unsurprisingly one of her best sellers.

Cocoa Hernando chocolate
Cocoa Hernando is the creation of Paul Tomlinson, who dreamt up the idea for a chocolate brand featuring the most exciting flavours from around the world during a trip around India. This travel theme inspired his superb presentation – gorgeously illustrated packets of chocolate strapped into old suitcases. The chocolate itself was absolutely delicious, particularly the awesome Masala Chai flavour.

emilythepemily Emily Boyd illustrator
Emilythepemily is Emily Boyd, an illustrator from Bristol. I like her characterful surface designs.

Minus Sun embroidered resin jewellery
Minus Sun creates pretty resin jewels that contain tiny fragments of embroidery.

Survival Arts Bumblebee art competition
Survival Arts is a brilliant concept to raise awareness of lesser known species facing extinction, by instigating art workshops and competitions that will lead to the creation of products that will help to raise money for that animal (or insect, or amphibian). This is an idea I’ve long been interested in so it’s great to see it being into practice by founders Dr Suzy Paisley-Day (a conservation biologist) and Kate Coleman. Their first textile design has been created in the style of The Butterfly Ball, and features a British bee that has already gone extinct. They are currently running a competition to celebrate the homecoming of the short-haired bumblebee – find out more info here.

Lili and Ida moon fairies necklace
Lili & Ida combines dainty laser cut jewellery with jersey fashion pieces that feature detachable straps inspired by vintage hinges. Aren’t these fairies on a moon cute?

Margot Bowman creature head
Designer Margot Bowman is involved with a multitude of projects. I liked her colourful painted creature.

Inky Shades anteater lampshade
Fancy something a little bit unusual for your interior? How about these delightful illustrated lampshades by Inky Shades. I have a particular penchant for this peachy anteater in a bowler hat.

Kate Mawby knitwear stand
Kate Mawby knitted cushions
Interiors knit designer Kate Mawby really impressed with a sharply styled stand piled up with knitted cushions and throws. She had also made good use of technology and incentive to do some market research: answer an online questionnaire and stand the chance to win a cushion.

Frilly by Lily daisy citrine ring
Jewellery brand Frilly by Lily has branched out from upcycled vintage pieces to create these pretty new daisy citrine rings. Lily is keeping an emphasis on ethical sourcing and manufacturing, so these latest collections will contain on average 50% recycled materials. Good to know!

Hunk Home startup showcase flowers
Beautiful flowers to brighten a miserable March weekend, put together in a fetching display by Hunk Home.

It was really refreshing to find so many different types of creative business on offer in one place and I hope to see plenty more from the brands who were on show in the coming years. Find out more about the School for Creative Startups on their website.

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