Amelia’s Magazine | Easter Art: Bunnies and Hares and Eggs and Chocolate and Spring Vibes in the Air at last!

Eostre by Sara Netherway
Eostre by Sara Netherway.

I love this time of year: juicy green buds on the trees, flowers unfurling, finally a small sign of warmer weather. And familiar Easter traditions such as bunnies, decorated eggs and eating far too much chocolate. My latest open brief asked for submissions on the theme of Easter and what it means to you…

Sara Netherway (above)
For the Easter open call I’ve been inspired the goddess of the dawn Eostre. I’ve drawn her as a hare, who is taking care of the new spring life in the form of a baby. The image is drawn in pen and scanned with hand drawn textures, then brought together in photoshop with digital colour added. 

Egg Hunt by CarlyWatts
Carly Watts: Egg Hunt
Easter is one of my favourite times of year, I love giving and receiving pretty chocolate eggs (or bunnies) and eating hot cross buns. When I was younger I used to adore having an easter egg hunt in the garden, so I decided to base my illustration around that. I’ve chosen a really fresh and happy colour palette inspired by spring and the warmer weather arriving with cute Easter animals hiding amongst the flowers and leaves. I wanted to create a poster that would not look out of places in a child’s room, or perhaps sent as an Easter postcard!.

Easter Art for Amelia's Magazine by Carol Kearns
Carol Kearns
When I was a child, Easter meant looking forward to chocolate eggs. My favourite was always the Smarties one. Now at Easter I always bake this chocolate cake. It’s deliciously moist and chocolatey and, made with cocoa and evaporated milk, it reminds me of my childhood – particularly when it is decorated with Smarties! The illustration is made with Caran D’Ache Prismalo Aquarelle watersoluble pencils and so the very making of image harks back to my childhood when I would have been using ‘crayons’ rather than the watercolour paints I more usually use now. I’ve included some of my vintage china in the arrangement and, at this season of symbols, I’ve also included my Pantone mugs in my favourite colours to represent my profession as a designer and illustrator.

Lorna Scobie
Easter makes me think of rabbits.
Rather than planning an image before I start, I paint as ideas come into my head, which I hope makes the illustration feel more alive. I drew this piece in my sketchbook when I was on holiday, staying in a forest in Germany, where I felt very close to nature. I intended to draw just the one rabbit but once I started they just kept multiplying! I have lots of different sketchbooks for different things, and this illustration is in a sketchbook that I just use for drawing lots and lots of animals. When it’s full, I hope it will be quite a menagerie!
Lucy Dillamore
My illustration is an accumulation of all my favourite aspects of Easter imagery; spring, nature, animals, happiness, flowers and bright colours! I love looking at vintage greetings cards and this is also a big inspiration to this work; especially through the colors. I’m currently experimenting with hand drawn line coloured in on photoshop which is the process behind this piece. Happy Easter!

Leap - JennyKadis
Jenny Kadis: Leap
For me, Easter celebrations are all about the welcoming of warmer weather and the marking of a new season. My bunny ballerina is full of the joys of Spring!

Fiona Scoble_A hop a skip and a jump (1)
Fiona Scoble: A Hop, a Skip and a Jump!
Easter arrives just as nature goes up a gear, it’s the perfect moment to celebrate new and renewed life. Everything is busy – flowers unfurling, nests neatly arranged – in a frantic joyful race, which is what these leaping hares are all about!  I painted them in watercolour, laying down the initial form from sketches over a lightbox, then building up detail with a fine brush.  

easter eggs Kat hassan
Kat Hassan
Easter eggs, symbolic of the original meaning of easter, a time of renewal and new birth, a celebration of life and new beginnings.

Jana Doubkova
I have studied everything possible at Fine Art College and Uni in Prague for 13years (classic drawing, sculpture and new media) and ended up realizing that I cant live without pencil in my hand. Later I added the watercolour for simply having not enough of enjoyable work on every single picture I was creating. Plus the colour – so important! So here I am! Seeing and drawing after beauty in everything surrounding me, especially fairies & kitties, fashion & tea. Feeling so comfortable living in London with all the galleries and museums and cafes on banksides! I work, without surprise, as an Illustrator for magazines and event companies.

Kiki Kalahari
I tried bringing a bit of a modern and urban flair to the classic Easter imagery, but wanted to retain a sense of the freshness and hopeful feeling that comes with impending spring, hence this fashionable bunny enjoying the first rays of sunlight in the city. Happy Easter!

Easter Art Fashion Spring Collection by Kasia Dudziuk
Kasia Dudziuk
What I love about Easter is all the fresh Spring colours. I’m inspired by Daffodils, Tulips and many other flowers start to appear in the parks and gardens. Clothing shops start selling lots of pretty floral printed dresses and pastel colour accessories. People start to be outside more, sitting outside at a cafe, doing the gardening, walking around in wide rim hats. But of course there are also lots of beautifully decorated chocolate eggs, Spring chicks and baby animals around. In my illustration I wanted to show all the wonderful elements of Easter.

Suzanne Carpenter
I make vector pictures, prints and patterns influenced by folk art and fabrics and foraging round in jumble sales and playing eye spy  and day dreaming and doodling and drawing and dipping my toe and poking my nose in cloud cuckoo land. Sometimes I pick up a pen, point a camera, create a collage and sometimes I get distracted for years and years and years. And often I run out of time – but not this time – this time I’ve got 17 mins left to submit. I’m early. That is unusual.

illuminate-Mayumi Mori
Mayumi Mori: Illuminate
This depicts how sunshine makes people to take their coats and scarves off, as if they were plants emerging in the spring. To me, Easter is about hope, new starts and changes. I have made this image for an online illustration project called 52 Words A Year, which I run with two other illustrators, Leni Kauffman and Oliver O’keeffe.

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