Amelia’s Magazine | Drawlloween Artist: Dave Quiggle


I love this work by California based illustrator Dave Quiggle, discovered via the Drawlloween hashtag which has been running all month (a great way to discover some talented artists who love this time of year as much as I do!)




Candlelight Creep

His website describes him thus:
Dave Quiggle offers both creative whimsy and intellectual depth in equal measure, executing concepts culled from a small-town upbringing filled with monster magazines, comic books and cartoons. His work strikes a chord of electric connectivity for likeminded folks seeking an escape from realism through the language of vintage animation, Americana and otherworldly illustration. Quiggle is best known in the music realm and underground subculture. His designs and illustrations have been utilized on posters, packaging and merchandise for Joey Ramone, Michael Jackson, Sick Of It All and Johnny Cupcakes. The SoCal resident and Erie, PA native’s work has also been featured in gallery shows centered around Pee Wee Herman (who personally loved Quiggle’s contribution enough to Tweet about it), TV’s Arrested Development and Fringe.

Find more of his art to buy here, and follow him on instagram here. Follow the Drawlloween twitter feed here.

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Amelia’s Magazine | Drawlloween Artist Discovery: James Mason Art

Whenever I check out the Drawlloween hashtag I keep coming back to James Mason – a designer and illustrator based in Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA. I love the way he has stuck to such a tight style and colour palette for his Halloween themed pictures, which look amazing viewed on instagram altogether.


Follow James Mason Art on instagram here and Facebook here.

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Amelia’s Magazine | Drawlloween Artist Discovery: Lydia Jean Art

And here’s my final Drawlloween 2016 discovery: Illustrator and dog enthusiast Lydia Jean created this cute series. I love the way she has settled on such a sparse colour palette, which works really well with her simple lines. She sells “Dope Illustrations Handmade with Love” on Etsy here, and I believe these images will be available as prints shortly.

Follow Lydia Jean on instagram, Facebook and twitter.


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Amelia’s Magazine | Drawlloween Artist Discovery: Sam Dunn

Black Cat.

My next Drawlloween discovery is East London based artist Sam Dunn, represented by Blink Art. I totally love her Weenzine III which is a special fanzine she has created around the Drawlloween concept that comes with a lovely Trick or Treat patch and a pin. Want one! Order yours here.





About Sam Dunn:
She grew up in the northern town of Hartlepool and studied at Cleveland College of Art and Design, where she began creating Gig posters and T-shirts for both local and national bands. She continued to do this throughout her time at Central Saint Martins, graduating in 2011 with a first class honours in Graphic Design and Illustration. Now she designs for a huge range of clients which includes Adidas, Becks, Little White Lies, The British Heart Foundation and Women’s Aid.

Weenzine III.

I found Sam Dunn on instagram, follow her here.

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Amelia’s Magazine | Drawlloween Artist Discovery: Sonia Lazo

Phantom Friday

Sonia Lazo hails from El Salvador and is the latest artist I have discovered via the Drawlloween hashtag on instagram. From an online interview with Adobe I have learned that she dreamed of becoming a marine biologist before deciding to pursue illustration, incorporating her love of nature and its relationship with the spirit world. She loves to showcase her process on instagram and Facebook and often incorporates animation into her colourful art.

Superstition Sunday

Witchcraft Wednesday

Slimy Swamps, Foggy Bogs

Baturday Dance Off

Sonia Lazo creates brilliant characters such as her mournful cat, sad because no one will take him in because he is bad luck on Superstition Sunday, or her bats competing in a dance off. Enjoy!

You can buy her art on Etsy here and follow her on Facebook at Sonia Lazo, where she posts wonderful videos of how she creates her work. Follow her on twitter here and instagram here. Read a fantastic interview here.

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