Amelia’s Magazine | Pygmy Cloud Christmas Video: How do you make Grumpy Pygmy Bear smile?

Pygmy Cloud makes plush toys, stationery & home accessories for children and adults alike. The brand is run by design duo Diana Stainton and Dave Smith, who make their hand-crafted products in London, where they are frequently inspired by bears, beards and the great British weather. Their whimsical goodies make the perfect gift and they were kind enough to give us the exclusive on their wonderful animated Christmas video, featuring the characters Pygmy Bear and the Woodsman, below. Yes, it really is that time of year folks!

How do you make Grumpy Pygmy Bear smile?
For the past year, we have been working hard to redesign our plush toys to make them more characterful and playful. Sometimes we really do think they have a life of their own. On the day of our Christmas photoshoot, we popped out to get some lunch and what did we come back to find? Pygmy Bear and the Woodsman had been up to mischief yet again! Taking selfies, mooning at the camera – honestly, these guys are a naughty bunch! But what we also found is how kind the Woodsman can be. Pygmy Bear is often so very grumpy. We’ve tried everything to cheer him up: jelly beans, a fair ground slide, hot air balloon ride – nothing has worked! We even built him his very own treehouse and invited fellow designer And Smile’s panda to play and gave him ice cream – we couldn’t turn that frown upside down! Though, the Woodsman obviously knows the trick to cheer up Grumpy Pygmy Bears. This is a question we often ask ourselves here at Pygmy Cloud HQ “How do you make Grumpy Pygmy Bear smile?” Whilst looking through our photoshoot images, here is what we discovered the Woodsman had secretly captured on the camera…

Here are a few behind the scenes snaps from the Christmas photoshoot and the making of the stop frame animation:

Creating the festive woodland Pygmy Cloud habit out of paper.

Behind the scenes of the shoot – before we got crazy with the snow!

Bringing the plush toys to life in post production.

Visit Pygmy Cloud online here.

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Amelia’s Magazine | Pygmy Cloud: Cloud Coffee Table Set

Cloud coffee table set by Pygmy Cloud
Cloud Coffee Table Set by Pygmy Cloud

The latest project we have been working on is our Cloud Coffee Table Set. We have been busy designing the set for the past few months and I am very to happy to say that we recently launched the tables at Made in Clerkenwell a couple of weeks ago in May 2015.

Originally I designed them as a treat to myself. We bought our first home two years ago in Walthamstow – a cosy little two bed Victorian terrace a stone’s throw away from the quaint Walthamstow Village. Since moving in, I have been obsessed with decorating the place – filling it with handmade homewares from independent designers found at craft markets such as Crafty Fox and online market places such as Etsy. After searching for coffee table for our living room and not finding one I liked, a little idea popped into my head – why not design my own?

I designed the set of cloud shaped nesting tables with the help of my friend, Matthew Whiteley, who is on a furniture making course. He did a great job creating the prototype for me and it was really exciting to see my idea come to life.

I was so pleased with the outcome, I posted a picture of the cloud tables in my living room on my Instagram (@pygmycloud). They had such a great response, I decided to make a small run to sell in my online shop! They are now available to order, but be quick – there will initially be a small run of just 5 single tables and 5 nesting tables.

Cloud-Coffee-table-set-by-Pygmy-Cloud 2
You can find the tables on my website here, and see behind the scenes at Pygmy Cloud HQ on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook.

Or come see the tables in person at the Pygmy Cloud Open Studio in May – June, part of the E17 Art Trail. More info here.

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