Amelia’s Magazine | Exhibition: Miasmas at the ASC Gallery

Category: Art

Sigrid Holmwood Peasant Dance
Peasant Dance by Sigrid Holmwood.

The ASC Gallery is a brand new space in a nine story building that was once part of the South Bank University. It houses over 150 artists and the public gallery is being launched with an exhibition, Miasmas, curated by Darren O'Brien and Peter Flack.

Miasmas means noxious atmosphere or influence, sometimes thought to come from swamps. It has no one clear meaning, and nor do the artists connect easily in this exhibition. From the bright painterly work of Sigrid Holmwood to the splintered landscapes of Richard Galpin, the kitsch of Christina Niederberger and the sculpture work of Becks Canvas winner Tom Price, this is an eclectic mix that should prove interesting viewing.

Richard Galpin Splinter XIII
Splinter XIII by Richard Galpin.

The gallery is open from Monday to Saturday and Miasmas runs until the 30th November; find more information at the ASC Gallery website. Other artists include Maurizio Anzeri, Alex Baggaley, Andy Harper, Helen Maurer and Darren O’Brien.