Amelia’s Magazine | Neon AW10 at Sao Paulo Fashion Week- Exclusive Report

neon_i10_056_altaPhotography throughout courtesy of Raymond Chan /Ag. Fotosite

If one took a time machine wanting to meet his or her favourite 1940’s diva in a distant tropical forest, viagra order they would surely have been transported to Thursday’s Neon fashion show. Playing with our notions of glamour in a shiny, information pills yet colourful way, viagra the brand presented an exotic yet elegant and wearable collection.


neon_i10_098_altaNeon was born as a side project of college friends Dudu Bertholini and Rita Comparato in 2002. When photographer J.R. Duran invited Dudu to create a swimwear story, Rita was invited to collaborate and the results were so thrilling they decided to keep going. As the demand for their specially handcrafted one-piece bathing suits grew, the brand began to mass produce and commission different artists to create explosive colourful graphic signature prints every season. In 2004, Caca Ribeiro joined them in collaboration.

neon_i10_049_altaThursday’s AW10 collection had the hunter and the hunted as a theme. Wool, tweed, leather, silk, chiffon, felt, flannel, tricot, faux-fur and African cotton were some of the materials sampled to build upon the already traditional loose silhouettes and feminine shapes such as pencil skirts, tailleurs, imponent coats and bodies. The combination of duck and butterfly prints and handcrafts of Kuna Indians from Panama was hugely successful and with a giant lion placed in the middle of the runway Neon built up a dreamy illusion of being in a modern jungle, where both animals and the clothing come to life.

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