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Confidence Models, pharmacy in conjunction with Random Magazine, viagra 40mg hosted a LFW after-party on Saturday night, to showcase three up-and-coming designers who had graduated this year.
Hosted at the Hoxton Pony, Shoreditch’s latest (s)wanky late bar, at first it seemed like it was going to be a bit of a non-event. I arrived early to stand a better chance of getting in – the dress code was pretty strict – and once in there I managed to fight my way past the other seven people and get to the free cocktails.
Pretty quickly though, the venue filled up nicely with very fashionable, incredibly good looking types. With the berry cocktails flowing and a good few faces to look at, the event was shaping up to be a good ‘un.


Almost out of nowhere appeared two frighteningly tall models wearing fantastic graphic-print outfits. One, a maxi-dress with billowing sleeves, featured bold colours of red and blue with a childlike bird illustration. The other was a hooded jump-suit featuring a similar style of illustration and even more playful colours.

I caught up with the designer – the squeezable Pauline Nakiwala, respendent in a sequinned number and fluro eye-shadow. A recent Ravensbourne graduate, she was delighted to be featured at the event.


“I draw inspiration from my childhood,” she told me. “I love playful illustrations and bright colours.” I agree. I express that it’s great to see designers who are so confident with colour. “I love colour!” she shouts. I ask her what she plans to do next. “I don’t know, it’s tough,” she relents. I agree, again. “I’d like to continue working with print. I’d love to design prints for an established designer.” I ask her who. “Vivienne Westwood would be a dream!” she exhales.
Pauline worked with high street designers during her degree. “I think I got more experience by working at that level,” she explains. Yet again, I agree, and I offer that when I was interning, the value of experience at smaller publications was so much more rewarding. “It may sound strange,” she finishes, “but I’d love to work in buying to. I’d love to be responsible for what’s stocked where.” She’s definitely one to watch in the future.

Two other designers were to be featured – Marko Mitanovski (Vogue’s ‘One to Watch’) and Jasper Garvida (winner of Project Runway 2008). I was informed that they would appear much, much later. After a gruelling day of shows and presentations, the thought of staying out any longer was terrifying. I was sorry to miss them, if Nakiwala’s collection was anything to go by.

Photographs by Matt Bramford

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