Amelia’s Magazine | Top Drawer at Olympia, January 2015: Review

Top Drawer grows ever bigger each year, and this time around there was a new dedicated fashion section, as well as the Spotted zone curated by Charlotte Abrahams, designed to promote up and coming designers.

It was really great to catch up with jewellery designer Clara Francis, interviewed on this website last year. Clara specialises in the old fashioned art of beading, using the technique to create wonderful and unusual statement necklaces, tiaras and earrings.

Just Trade specialise in jewellery made using ethical materials by artisans. These animal pendants are made out of Tagua nut from Ecuador.

I loved the new neon embroidered wash bags by Sew Lomax.

At spotted I found Kent based designer Nancy Nicholson, who makes wonderful retro inspired DIY embroidery kits, some pieces inspired by he work of her mother Joan Nicholson. Love them.

Alfred & Wilde designer Simon Mitchell makes amazing graphic printed homewares, and has recently collaborated with Wolf & Moon to make these new perspex jewellery designs inspired by his love of the Platonic Solids.

These great interactive cards are from Colourcutie, which was launched by designer Anna Rumsby in 2014.

In the greetings card and stationery section of Top Drawer I was drawn to the subtle graphic designs of Ola Studio by Katy Goutefangea, who I first discovered in 2013 during London Design Week. Her lay flat notebooks are a genius idea.

Finally, this eco friendly bamboo fibre plate is from the Anatomical Range by new label Jay, a gift brand designed to appeal to men but just as good for us ladies, from Cubic.

Sadly I did not locate the Wrap Magazine stand which so impressed me last year. Oh yes, and I never even made it to Craft. Hopefully next time!

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