Amelia’s Magazine | Tonight I am an Owl, Hannah Waldron Exhibition

‘Tonight I am an Owl’ showcases a selection of Hannah Waldron’s illustrations which transport you to her bitter sweet dream world.

You will discover sleepy creatures peering out at you, wispy floating landscapes and an assortment of other pensive musings.


Strolling into the Old Shoreditch Station from a rather rainy Shoreditch day, I felt I should be drinking a cup of coco. And so I did.

The illustrations are formed from myriads of sinuous lines and frillings of little wedges and diamonds that allude to introvert reveries.

It’s all rather pleasant-and being pleasant is a bold thing for an artist to do, as opposed to making a straight dive for the-shudder-’gritty’. More importantly in this case it’s a pleasantness that had been well executed. There’s something endearingly absent-minded and honest about it all.




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