Amelia’s Magazine | Rock Paper Scissors: Camberwell College of Arts Illustration Graduate Show 2015

Anna Skeels
My final review of the graduate illustrations shows is for Rock Paper Scissors, the stand alone show of Camberwell College of Art students held at Hoxton Arches last week. Lovely loose painterly pieces (above) from Anna Skeels were inspired by a Tove Jannson short story called The Woman Who Borrowed Memories.

Joseph Killick
This strange animal is by Joseph Killick, for a project based on the John Tradescants, Lambeth collectors of rare oddities.

Percy Edgeler
Percie Edgeler made abstract collaged patterns to go with a zine project.

Katt Hardy
I absolutely loved this decorative ‘Story Screen‘ by Katt Hardy, who applies her illustrative skills to interior design.

Alex Gamsu Jenkins 2
Alex Gamsu Jenkins
This crop is part of a vast tableaux featuring life in Croydon and Penge, an astonishing and oddly beautiful work by Alex Gamsu Jenkins, whose work I would love to see submitted for my brand new colouring book open brief.

Nana Takeuchi
Nana Takeuchi 2
Nana Takeuchi 3
Nana Takeuchi presented beautifully drawn tribal costumes and pot creatures.

Hayley Ford
Hayley Ford 2

Finally, these Jurassic era papermâché dinosaurs in neon colours by Hayley Ford attracted loads of likes when I posted them on instagram. What fun!

All of these images first appeared on my own my instagram feed: follow me there to catch my discoveries as I make them!

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