Amelia’s Magazine | Review: City and Guilds of London Art School Fine Art Degree Show 2015

Tuesday Riddell water city guilds
Tuesday Riddell.

Visiting my accunpuncturist last weekend before the New Designers show I chanced upon the fine art degree show from City & Guilds students, tucked away in a quiet Kennington street. I’m glad I took a nose around as there was some interesting art to be found.

Rene Gonzalez-Pino City Guilds
This is part of a massive work by Rene Gonzalez-Pino, inspired by great scientists.

Diane Chappalley City Guilds
Diane Chappalley pink city guilds
Diane Chappalley creates enigmatic abstract oil paintings: stimulating strange recognitions.

Georgia keeling city guilds
A print by Georgia Keeling reminds me of blood vessels.

Nickolas York-Simpson city guilds
The marriage of old prints and new iconography lives on in the work of Nicholas York-Simpson. His Disasters of Modern Society series is based on conversations with friends and strangers about our deepest anxieties and fears.

Tuesday Riddell city guilds
Tuesday Riddell city guilds trunk
My favourite find was the stunning work by Tuesday Riddell, tucked away in a garret room reached via a spiral staircase. She paints intense lush landscapes, thick with flora and oozing other worldliness. Think magical golden tree trunks and swirling waters, painted onto mirrors to heighten the feeling of falling into another realm.

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