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Frieze Art Fair 2011 review-David Altmejd
Next in my round up of Frieze Art Fair 2011 trends: examples of the spiritual, buy more about tribal and animist inspired art that dominates the current global art scene. Proof, decease if ever if it was needed, of a struggle with meaning in our consumer driven world.

Frieze Art Fair 2011 review-David Altmejd
One of the first things I saw were these weird heads by David Altmejd, which mix elements of tribal and ancient cultures with recognisably modern features (love the ponytail).

Frieze Art Fair 2011 review-David Brian Smith
Frieze Art Fair 2011 review-David Brian Smith
David Brian Smith‘s Great Expectations – We Were Silhouettes went for a quasi Christian angle – the lone man amongst his psychedelic sheep. At Carl Freedman Gallery.

Frieze Art Fair 2011 review-Evgeny Antufiev
Russian artist Evgeny Antufiev worked with stitched textiles to create these strange beasts, crossing the alien with the tribal. At Regina Gallery.

Frieze Art Fair 2011 review-Stas Volyazlovsky
Fellow Russian artist Stas Volyazlovsky crossed the esoteric with the political in his huge textile art.

Frieze Art Fair 2011 review-Georg Kargl Gallery
I don’t know who created this but it caught my eye at the Georg Kargl Gallery, Vienna: a strange floating head.

Frieze Art Fair 2011 review-Isa Genzken
At Hauser & Wirth Isa Genzken showed Geburt (Birth) – a disturbing quasi human mannequin prostrate on the floor.

Frieze Art Fair 2011 review-Broadway 1602 New York
Broadway 1602 New York was home to this equally odd dolls’ house, complete with eye stuck in vagina and silver penis seeping beads. Nice.

Frieze Art Fair 2011 review-Patrick Jackson
Two bearded men in repose by Patrick Jackson at the Francois Ghebaly Gallery, LA. Religious ecstasy, or something more sinister?

Frieze Art Fair 2011 review-Andra Ursata
Shown in my previous blogAndra Ursata‘s flattened woman, Ramiken Crucible.

Frieze Art Fair 2011 review-The Breeder Athens
Also loved this collaged wall decal – artist unknown. Decorating the stand for The Breeder Athens.

Frieze Art Fair 2011 review-391
Also at The Breeder, this is a section of a huge painting. Hanging clowns and others, for who knows what indiscretion. Disturbing but also strangely beautiful.

Frieze Art Fair 2011 review-Rodrigo Torres
Rodrigo Torres planted his contemplative goat man at the junction of a busy thoroughfare.

Frieze Art Fair 2011 review-Zhang Xiaogang
Asian artists are grossly under represented at Frieze. Zhang Xiaogang‘s neon baby lay on a slab in a mirrored artwork – a sacrificial reflection perhaps?

Frieze Art Fair 2011 review-Raqib Shaw
Raqib Shaw produced intricate decorative pieces that featured dragon mermaids, multi headed snakes and mysterious orbs.

Frieze Art Fair 2011 review-Mark Alexander detail
All Watched Over by Machines of Infinite Loving Grace by Mark Alexander took a more painterly approach with an intricate oil that was clearly influenced by Hieronymus Bosch.

Viewing this art in the context of Frieze, one can’t help but wonder where exactly all this soul searching will lead…

Take a peak at my round up of typographic trends and also read my full review of Frieze 2011.

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