Amelia’s Magazine | Free Range Graduate Shows 2012: UCA Maidstone Graphic Media and Visual Communication Review

alex dickson UCA Maidstone graduate show 2012
Infographic by Alex Dickson.

Has anyone else noticed the rise and rise of the infographic? These visually impactful ways of sharing potentially boring data were particularly prevalent at the UCA Maidstone show, which combined graphic design and visual communication disciplines. My favourite finds are below:

Infographics_anthony boyle
UCA maidstone
Anthony Boyle used bright graphics with a retro feel to compare the needs and wants of consumers.

Roisin Carr rosie lee tea
Roisin Carr used delicate pastel colours for her Rosie Lee branded tea packaging – bound to appeal to the many young tea drinkers with a love of all things vintage.

UCA Maidstone graduate show 2012
alex dickson UCA Maidstone graduate show 2012
alex dickson UCA Maidstone graduate show 2012
Alex Dickson was inspired by the recent protests to tackle economic disparity using eye-catching infographics.

UCA Maidstone graduate show 2012
Ruby Cooke UCA Maidstone graduate show 2012
Ruby Cooke‘s love of the print process was evident in screenprinted t-shirts which layered stencilled layered images that warranted a second look – hands wrapped around an apple, a heart, a tooth looked curiously like the leaves of a Swiss cheese plant!

 UCA Maidstone graduate show 2012
I was very intrigued by minimalistic work by Oistros Dimitriou, who represented the destruction of his Cypriot cultural heritage with delicately ripped maps on panels of white paper. My photo does not do his beautiful work justice.

luke stallwood
Luke Stallwood used fanciful circus type to create theatre poster inspired graphics in a series entitled The Observation of Unintentional Idiocy: things we wish we hadn’t said…

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