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Art Car Boot Fair queue

The Art Car Boot Fair is a great leveller… a place where the big names on the British contemporary art scene share a packed car park with many more up and coming artists. And packed it certainly was this year, making this a less than ideal place to hang out with a tired toddler (yes, people really did sleep outside in order to secure a place in the queue). So I swept round with great speed, and as usual discovered that the lesser known artists were producing some of the most inspiring work. Here’s a round up of the stuff I liked best.

David Fenwick art car boot fair

This stand was manned by two young chaps in very dapper threads, artist David Fenwick and his cohort Damian Chandler. When I tried to find out more I was given short shrift and sent away with an information sheet that explained they would only sell paintings “if DD Gallery deem you fit for acquisition”. I suspect I would not have passed muster. This is exactly what you expect at the Art Car Boot Fair – a good dose of arrogance combined with humour – it’s not an atmosphere everyone will feel comfortable in.

Joseph Gibson art car boot fair

Next door artist, printmaker, carpenter and photographer Joseph Gibson was selling stacked and tied blocks of wood. There’s one innovative way of dealing with offcuts.

Art Car Boot Fair Pam Hogg

Along the way Pam Hogg was once more holding court.

Bob and Roberta Smith art car boot fair

The Instant Van Gogh, art car boot fair

Bob and Roberta Smith had a large placard atop his vehicle, all the better to flog his numerous typographic works. He was later discovered swapping artwork with a slightly dishevelled Instant Van Gogh.

Surf Mama matchboxes art car boot fair

Wilma Johnson surf mama book signing

It was good to see Wilma Johnson back for a second year and I am excited to read the paperback version of Surf Mama, published last week. Here she is signing my book… just look at the tassels, the hair, the jewels… and what a story, I’ve already started reading it.

Renegade Craft art car boot fair

I always love the curious characters on plates by Carrie Reichardt, renegade potter. Upcycling with a great sense of humour!

Matt Brown art car boot fair

Super smiley faces by Matt Brown display a slightly sinister air up close.

Art car boot fair prints

Icons of the silver screen: prints by Marty Thornton hanging off a van.

Chadwick sculpture art car boot fair

This neon kinetic mobile was blowing merrily in the breeze. It was created by the eccentric chap behind the Chadwick Oven, for making pizzas.

Art Car Boot Fair 2014-James Unsworth

James Unsworth had created a stand designed to emulate his web page and promote his Ninja Turtle Sex Museum series, and some rather fabulous Tiki ceramic skull mugs.

Cultural Product 1, Frances Richardson, Art car boot fair

I made a special trip back to the fair later in the day to ensure I got a good photo of Cultural Product 1 by Frances Richardson (my iphone is close to death and many of my first batch did not come out). This ceramics series was inspired by heritage tomatoes and each has a different tactile quality.

Disastronaut, Herrick Gallery, art car boot fair

I loved these upcycled flower paintings which have acquired enigmatic faces thanks to DJ/designer/artist Disastronaut, aka Jeffrey Louis-Reed, showing with the Herrick Gallery.

Cliff Pearcey Ukipper

This year Cliff Pearcey was inspired by the sea, producing a host of whimsical boats and fish from reclaimed wood and other oddments. We could not resist a couple of fish and acquired a UKipper fridge magnet too.

Theatre Of Dolls, art car boot fair

On my return I found these oddly wonderful prints by Theatre Of Dolls, a creative partnership between performance artists Frida Alvinzi and Raisa Veikkola.

Silvia Ziranek necklace, art car boot fair

I discovered these literal baubles by Silvia Ziranek just as the fair was closing. A colourful accessory from a colourful artist who has collaborated with Tatty Devine.

I must confess that I am hooked… and really hoping to catch the Folkestone edition of the Art Car Boot Fair, coming up on the 30th of August.

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