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Thus Owls by Lindsay Lombard

Thus Owls by Lindsay Lombard.

In a romantic transatlantic tale of deja-vu Erika and Simon Angell met on tour whilst with other bands, and soon melded together as husband and wife and as Thus Owls. As Long As We Try A Little is their first single from the upcoming album, Turning Rocks, which features Erika’s striking vocals and Simon’s woozy guitars. The album was inspired by the tiny island in Sweden where Erika grew up, and the colour of Montreal, and this track is a beautiful example of their laid back melodic sound. Here they describe the making of the video.

This is a night time song. It was born at night and there’s actually a very clear memory of when the melodies and the words came together. It’s a rare thing, the birth is usually a blur to me. Simon had written these beautiful chord changes which I fell in love with instantly so I knew this song had to be special. As Long As We Try A Little is also a really good introduction to Thus Owls, for the mood and the form of it, so it was an obvious choice to make a visual representation of this song. It tends to be the song people keep singing after listening through the new album.

Thus Owls by Florence Zealey

Thus Owls by Florence Zealey.

It’s kind of tricky to put pictures to such a naked and abstract song though. You don’t want the visuals to steal too much attention, even though the purpose is to bring another expression that enhances the experience all together. How do you do that? We decided to ask Joseph Yarmush from the band Suuns who we knew had made some slow and abstract visuals for other songs that we’d liked. His mind and ideas clicked with ours right away when discussing the plot over our kitchen table. We wanted to work with old, life-experienced faces and a somewhat haunting and mysterious feel. The record is treating stories from the past and overall it’s a little bit like a generational diary so when Joe suggested we work with the two brothers, Phil and Pierre Tétrault, we felt that it was a nice fit and a great beginning to the story. He added some pictures of the moon and some colored smoke bombs to this slow moving story about two men, on some kind of mission which isn’t that clear and left to the observer to interpret.

Thus Owls - photo by Caroline Desilets

Thus Owls, photo by Caroline Desilets.

Let me tell you, it was a cold one when we shot this video! You don’t have to spend much time outside in the Montréal winter to freak out, so we were deeply impressed and grateful to Phil and Pierre, who walked around in those thin black shirts without complaining once. We are very happy with the result, it’s odd and weird in the way we imagined it to be and it puts that new perspective on the song without walking all over it. We hope you like it as much as we do!

Thus Owls play at the Shoreditch Ace Hotel on 4th March 2014, and the album Turning Rocks comes out on Secret City Records in April.

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