Amelia’s Magazine | Artist Beccy McCray introduces her new poster series Make Friends With Food In 5 Easy Steps

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Artist Beccy McCray has created a new poster series titled Make Friends With Food In 5 Easy Steps… fun images that challenge our perceptions of food waste.

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I explore playful, socially engaged art and design using a diverse approach that includes intervention, installation, participation, print, paint or whatever media necessary to create imaginative acts of resistance and more human moments in the world.

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Through my work I seek to break down boundaries between art, activism and every day life, ultimately aiming to spread joy and inspire positive change, using creativity to raise awareness of environmental issues and social ideals.

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I’m also slightly obsessed with food – not just eating it but sourcing, growing, making and composting it …and I do like to play with my food too..!

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My latest series of self-initiated posters, ‘Make Friends With Food In 5 Easy Steps‘, is a fun call to arms and a friendly reminder of some of the simple sustainable actions we can all take when sourcing and disposing of our food. Using 3D type made from sugar cubes, sandwich crusts and live mustard sprouts amongst other things, I’ve spelled out playful solutions such as ‘Small Is Sweet – Steer Clear Of Supermarkets‘, ‘Eat More Biscuits – Bid Adieu To Beef‘, and ‘Grow Stuff – Give Packaged Products A Miss‘.

You can see more of Beccy McCray‘s work on her website here.

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