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According to experts, caffeine is good for cellulite. No, not the liquid form that we throw down our necks, quite the contrary, but the lycra form that we pull up our legs. I mean tights. Skinkiss kindly sent us a pack of Revolutionary Caffeine Slimming tights “It has been shown that wearing them on a daily basis can reduce thigh measurements by up to 2 cm” the packaging read. Despite this promise there was barely a fight amongst the Team Amelia’s girls over who tried them out. Eventually the garments were designated to three reluctant testers; we were in need of some new tights anyway.


I’ve heard of caffeine in cosmetic products but never in a pair of tights, so I was inevitably curious. The mild hint of coffee released from the foil fresh packaging enclosing the tights came as no surprise to me. It was a surprise however, that they appeared perfectly normal; no Bridget Jones waistband, bizarre gusset or divided buttock panelling.

So to answer the big imposing question here- “did they work?” Surprisingly, they didn’t. If the truth were told we didn’t exactly give them a decent trial. The experiment was accompanied with an extreme diet of biscuits and mountains of grated cheese and of course this hasn’t been a fair experiment; you’d actually need some cellulite for it to be fair!

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